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****Accidental Pairings****


It is always a great moment when two plants or even several make for an interesting planting scheme, usually accidental in my case……here are a few from around the garden today…..

In this case the ornamental birds match the lovely painted fern…..

Weigela and Ceanothus…….

Berberis and Spiraea.

Wallflower and Galatites….

Stipa Euphorbia, poppy Carex and later on a bright orange rose…in yellow container…

Acer and Azalea…..with pink Crinodendron….

Melianthus, with the dark seed pods of Honesty, and the large grass Cosmopolitan making an appearance..

Sambucus Black Tower with large Thalictrum for their dark foliage…against yellow variegated foliage.

Acer Orange Dream with Sorbaria sem….

Yellow trollius with fern, and yellow and dark brown grass..

I hope you enjoyed looking at our garden and the many different planting combinations…what has been your most successful planting scheme……..
By the way has anyone noticed there are lots of these pollen beetles around this year?…..there will no doubt be many more if these two have their way!!!!

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what lovely "accidents".
the beetles look like blue mint beetles or alder leaf beetles of fuchsia flea beetles going by their size. [they look to be 5-7mm] Pollen beetles are usually black and about 2mm in length.

I cant decide which grouping I like the best they are all so pretty.

7 May, 2019


The Berberis and Spiraea is my favourite. Love those birds with the painted fern. :)

7 May, 2019


Since you ask, Dotty, not so much a “plant pair” but I love putting together shades of the same colour ... e.g. dark blue with light blue, pale pink with deep pink etc. Your Acer Orange dream with Sobaria sem is my favourite (and I remember liking your green grasses with gold grasses too) 🙂

7 May, 2019


I do like an interesting combination, be it foliage or flowers, colour or form. You have some lovely pairings.

7 May, 2019


I like the Ceanothus with the Weigela but the Berberis and Spirea are in joint first place. (Love the beetles too...)

7 May, 2019


Accidental or not you have some really good combinations Dotty, I don't use plans or colour schemes as such, have tried in a vague sort of way over the years but then something pops up in the wrong place, lol.. however I am thrilled when I get it right...
Berberis and the Spiraea are my favourites..

7 May, 2019


All your plants blend together nicely. No I've not seen any of those beetles.

7 May, 2019


They look beautiful. Sometimes we do things we are not completely aware of but with hide sight look great.

8 May, 2019


Linda that is certainly true of me......luckily most seem to work well!
Dawn many thanks, apparently there were hundreds last year, they like bright colours, and oil seed rape naturally!
Lincs I do try to co-ordinate certain colours if at all possible..
Stera that seems to be the most popular pairing {Berberis and Spiraea}
Thanks Sue, hopefully you might get to see them we are doing a pop up for the NGS on the 16th June....with Little Owls in Lee on The Solent.
Sheila I have used that combination different shades of the same colours it can be most effective....
Karen that seems to be the most popular, yes I like the birds a TK buy some years ago!
Seaburn, the beetles are black, and about 2mm in length! apparently last year certain places were inundated with them, just wish they would find somewhere else to invade!
Thanks everyone for your comments.....

8 May, 2019


Lovely combinations there the one I love is Wallflower and Galatites.

8 May, 2019


Nice colour combinations. It's as if you've planned it all.

I have those shiny beetles in my garden every year. I blame them (maybe wrongly) for holes appearing in the leaves of my plants.

9 May, 2019


I love all of them! Haven't got any of those beetles in my garden. The rain isn't half slashing down & the sky's as black as ink, have got the light on (3pm)!

9 May, 2019


Its not all accidental Dd I think you've acquired a good 'eye' for putting colours & plants together probably without even realizing it after many trials & tribulations over the years . they look great ....

9 May, 2019


thats good that they are the pollen beetle but on my computer they are the most amazing metallic blue. the oilseed rape is drawing them in to our area.
look forward to more blogs from your lovely garden.

9 May, 2019


Amazing .... Thoroughly enjoyed your blog Dd2. Wonderful combinations of beautiful leaves and coloured petals. Your garden is a picture!

9 May, 2019


Lovely garden pics! Pretty colour combinations. I’ve never heard of a crinodendrum! I’m probably the only one. Looks a really nice strong colour.

9 May, 2019


Kate it is sometimes called the lantern tree, our red one is just about to open.....but I am chuffed to to bits with this pink version.......
Hi Alanb, good to see you......thank you, pleased you enjoyed the garden planting schemes....
Seaburn, obviously my photo was not brilliant, they seem to have now disappeared!! off to the fields I would imagine! glad you enjoyed the blog!
Amy you really are too kind, I do enjoy that side of things, but the majority is accidental! have rain!! we had a miserable little shower the other day, and now its hot!! pleased you like my pairings.....
Hywel...glad we are not the only ones with those beetles, sometimes the leafcutter bee is responsible for making holes in the plants...the colour combinations dont always work, just showing the successful ones lol!
Thanks 3pence, that combo was certainly accidental, the Galactites hadnt been seen in our garden for years!! came with us from the Midlands, a gift from a lovely lady who later died from cancer, then last year 3 appeared!! make of that what you will!!

10 May, 2019


Thank you DD! I’ll keep my eyes open for one!

11 May, 2019


Long live accidental pairings!

14 May, 2019


Thanks Balcony......(。♡‿♡。)

17 May, 2019


Lovely pairings Dd, I've got gillenia and Aruncus Horatio next to each other and noticed how pretty it looks this year :-))

3 Jul, 2019


Daylily that's a perfect pairing.....

3 Jul, 2019


Thanks Dd :-))

3 Jul, 2019

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