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Our Garden in June 2010


This is a series of photographs showing what the garden looked like on the 1st of June 2010.

The Front Garden. This is what you would see when you parked your car and some of the flowers you could have viewed before coming in through the gate.

Geranium phaeum

Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus

So in through the gate.

One of the many troughs we have.

And another one.
And some of the plants in this area.

Paeonia moloskowitchii

Papaver atlanticum

Salix alpina catkins

Salix arbuscula catkins

Allium possibly saxatile, but not sure,whichever it is rather more invasive than I like.
We will come back to this part of the garden at the end of the tour, so, after perhaps a cup of tea, on with the tour.

The view from the kitchen window. Washing up is no hardship when you can see this.

Looking back towards the house, along the Limestone rock garden.

Amsonia tabermontana

Centaurea montana

Erodium Fran’s Delight

Ptilotrichum spinosum roseum.

Allium giganteum and Viburnum.

Through the trellis and on to the River bed garden

More of the Riverbed. We tried to make a rock garden which looks like a dried up stream.

This is an attempt to grow things in a sand based substrate.

Arenaria montana alba

Sedum rhodiola

Clematis Miss Bateman.

And on into the Hidden Garden with the raised Lily pool.

Clenatis where the label has gone walk about,

The rest of the Hidden Garden.

Iris growing in the pool.

And of course there has to be a Waterlily.

Back out of the Hidden Garden and looking at a Viburnum mariesii.

The flowers of Viburnum mariesii

This is the Vista, looking down towards a Swing Seat.

Turn to your left and you look across the Sedum Scree to the Lollipop lawn and the Yellow Border.

The path down passed the Yellow border on your left.

An Azalea in the Yellow border.

There is a bench just along here, perhaps now would be a good time to sit and rest and look at the view.

To be continued.
After a short rest…
The Sedum scree across a dried up stream, looking at the house.

The wild life pond. Bill the silver tabby joined the staff, with his twin brother,Ben, a year ago as chief mousers, rat catchers, squirrel and rabbit deterrents. He has now also taken on the job as chief guide. Ben prefers to watch from a safe distance.

Iris kaempferi alba

If you follow the path in front of the Yellow border into the Damson Wood, you find this Gazebo, favourite sitting place of the hens.

The path though carries on towards the Summer House.

A quick glance back to where we sat for a rest.

The Boulder bank from the Summer house Patio.

The Shrub bank from the Summer House Patio.

This is a newly made and recently planted up alpine area based on a slate spoil heap which we came across in mid Wales. The slate is stained beautifully with iron so is grey and red/orange.

Roscoea humeana

Clematis montana wilsoni over the Summer house and the trees behind it.

A Viburnum over the top of the Arbor.

So, now we have arrived at the Swing Seat. This is the Pergola leading to the top end of the garden.

The Vista from the Swing seat.

Asphodelus luteus.

Just off to the side of the Pergola is the Iris Garden.

Iris sibirica form

Iris innominata hybrid

So, let us sit for a while on the Swing and enjoy the warmth.
Too easy to sit and snooze, but lrt us go on with the tour. Through the Pergola and a glance to the right along the path between the New Forest and The Prairie.

Or perhaps you prefer to go on a little and look at the Roadside border and the other side of the New forest.

A glance back at the Pergola before moving on.

Weigela possibly foli-purpurea

A little more of the Roadside border and the New forest.

Another Weigela

Geum possibly Princess Juliana

A lovely yellow Tree Paeony

Camassia esculenta

A self seeded Aquilegia with a very flat faced flower

One of our many unnamed Bearded Iris

The Boulder and part of the Field Gate. Ben has come out of hiding.

Looking back along the path between the Prairie and the New Forest. We are in the process of changing the Prairie from grasses etc. into a shrub garden with hopefully a lot less work needing to be done to keep it neat.

A bed for my collection of Silver Saxifrages. All the rocks we have used in the garden have been dug up form the garden.

A distant view of the Boulder and Alison’s Garden. Our eldest daughter bought us 4 metal arches so we made a small garden for them. They are, of course, buried under Clematis now!

More Silver Saxifrages in front of an Akebia quinata

The Gravel garden. There is a raised bed on the left with a Rock garden in front. The rest of the gravel has about 18 home made troughs on it.

This is the old water tank which the previous owners left in the loft

If you go down past the Vegetable garden from the bottom of the Gravel garden you can look through the Arch at the Bridge bed and the wild life pond.

Another of our Bearded Iris

A pure white one with a blue beard

Over the Bridge bed across the Lollipop lawn and back to the bench where we sat so long ago.

And just to prove that this is a productive garden too, here is a view of the Fruit Cage, the Poly tunnel, Fences with Loganberries, Blackberries and Jostaberry. On either side are the Vegetable growing areas.

On the way to the Alpine house we pass this pair of Rock gardens under a Stella Cherry

The Alpine house, left hand side.

The Alpine House, right hand side

The Shade garden. Before the ferns grow, this is filled with Trilliums, Erythroniums and Hepaticas and other early spring flowers.

This is a newish area where we are attempting to gorw some things which need a more sheltered site.

And so to the Greenhouse, the right hand side.

The Greenhouse, left hand side. The cuttings frame

The Cemetary. A series or rasied beds which a friend said looked rather sepulchral when it was first built, hence the name

The Crevice garden. All the rocks here are made from Hypertufa, made by me.

And a few flowers to end with
Lathyrus aureus

Aethionema saxatile

Gensita procumbens


Syringa meyeri Palibin

Sorbus aria

And now we are back where we started, just in time for lunch. Then ,if you are feeling fit, we can go round again and look at all the things you missed.

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Thanks for the tour - loved it! More to come? Can't wait. :-)

6 Jun, 2010


June is always my most colourful month but a bit slow this year,you have lots to keep you occupied looks lovely.

6 Jun, 2010


Wow,your garden is so have some fantastic plants,and love the layout of it.Thanks for showing a photo of Sedum rhodiola.I was given one of these, a couple of years ago,and had no idea of its name,but I do like it...another puzzle solved.:o))

6 Jun, 2010


Enjoyed the tour around. I could spend hours in there in reality :~))

6 Jun, 2010


You have a beautiful garden, well done you.
PS. Your cat is gorgeous, love her markings.

6 Jun, 2010


what a stunning garden. love it lots.

6 Jun, 2010


A fascinating garden.....would like to get lost in in there for a few hours....:-o)))))))

7 Jun, 2010


beautiful garden..cute cats too

7 Jun, 2010


Wow - what a garden. I bet that takes a huge amount of time for upkeep.
What is the total size of the garden ? - and has it been a liftetimes work/acheivement ?

8 Jun, 2010


What a great garden, i love it all !

8 Jun, 2010


Its certainly beautiful,I enjoyed the tour, thankyou........

8 Jun, 2010


Love the Alpine area very nice looks lovely thank you for sharing I enjoyed your tour of your garden

9 Jun, 2010


If we're going round again I'll need you with me or I'll get lost never to be seen again! Wonderful tour, thank you.

9 Jun, 2010


You have a beautiful garden..Obviously a lot of work has gone into it...Beautiful :-0

12 Jun, 2010


Wow, what a garden! Do you have time for anything else?! It's magnificent.
And the Iris are beautiful.

16 Jun, 2010


Thank you for the tour ,you have some fantastic plants,and i love the layout of it.I really enjoyed it

4 Jul, 2010


Lovely, I'm fascinated by the hypertufa crevice garden-how did you make the rocks and where do you get hypertufa from?

6 Sep, 2010

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