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Fleurs Sauvage.....


Sounds more dramatic than weeds! I have not done a thing in the garden for about 4 weeks. We had visitors in early June and then I have been in dear old blighty for about 3 weeks helping out with a brand new grand daughter. I kept phoning my husband and asking him how the vegetables looked and he kept saying “they are still green”. So helpful… least he watered them.

The whole garden was a shambles, I could hardly find half the plants, why do weeds thrive under any conditions? Fortunately, we have had very little rain through June/July so they could be worse. But what has happened though, is the ground has set to solid clay so I am having to really struggle with the deep rooted ones. The palm of my hand which I hold the trowel is bruised, it is difficult to use a hoe as I am a bit wayward and always seem to take the plants as well! Still three days of it and it looks much better.

The beetroot are growing well and we are enjoying them roasted and with salads.

The Rainbow Chard is as colourful as it is tasty and a new addition to my garden this year.

The leeks are looking good, although probably a bit smaller than usual for this time of year because of water shortage. We have not used the hose at all, only water from the butt, spot watering. Also I am now completely organic and for the last two years have not used artificial fertilizer or sprayed with any chemicals. The vegetables end up just as large but take a little longer to get going and don’t peak so early! At least that is what I find……could be imagination!

The larger tomatoes are looking good and the smaller yellow and red ones are nearly ready to eat….maybe a week. The swede and parsnips are doing really well and the onions and garlic I planted last winter are starting to die off ready for digging in a couple of weeks. We are cutting and enjoying courgettes, they are great on the BBQ brushed with olive oil.

It looks as though we will get some apples this year from the tree we planted year before last, called Reine de Reinette which are quite similar to Coxs Pippen. The pear is looking less good due to black spot I think, but we shall a few but the plum has no fruit, it had a few early on but all gone. it seems talking to other plum tree owners that it is a bad year for plums!

This is a runner bean called Moonlight, hence the white flowers, first time I’ve tried it, so fingers crossed. My haricot vert (french beans) are going berserk and I should have put bigger canes in they are all over the place never mind, at least it is a good crop.

In the herb garden I planted Nasturtium seeds, don’t they look pretty, especially the verigated leaves and peachy flowers.

Well, it’s far too hot to work in the garden today so I am making piccalilli and pickling a few baby beetroot. Rain is expected tomorrow and although I would rather have sun, on a personal level :-) the garden will appreciate it.

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your runner beans are looking well mine grew to about 10inches and have just sat there since no sign of a flower or anything, they have been watered and talked to (there are times when there answers make more sence than hubbys)but they are being stubbun this year, the rest of your veg looks great . have a victoria plum tree that started out well but hasnt got a single plum on it now

11 Jul, 2011


Hello Vabascum, I was recommended to try "Moonlight" as previous attempts down here with the usual varieties have been sketchy to say the least. It appears they are very resistant to dry spells, and being as it is 35C in the shade today......I planted them in 3 inch pots (2 together) and then put them in the ground in early May. Detroit 2 for the beetroot the others bolt!

11 Jul, 2011


Tres beau votre jardin!

11 Jul, 2011


Oh, I so sympathise! I've been back in the UK for the same reason (new grandson) and... congratulations! :)
My OH said the same...and he did try really hard...but...
I'm left asking just how can things go so wrong in so short a period of time??!

11 Jul, 2011


Merci Michaella :-)

Unfortunately they can down here Karen, especially with a little bit of rain and lots of warmth as we have both found out! I'm shattered!

12 Jul, 2011


Oh, I know...and the really awful thing is...that everything is looking and behaving as though we were well into August - I just don't know what to do for the best!!

12 Jul, 2011


rain forecast today but did we see any??
hot hot and hot and yes i know the bruised hand palm syndrome rather well, and the bruised and swollen wrist one!
My plums are doing well Troddles but not as prolific as last year and the taste is much less intense too.
i grow Reine Claudes and Pruneaux d'Agen.
congrats with your new grand daughter.
i am going to join the club too, i am a granny in waiting and cannt wait to become a fully paid up member.
our grandchild isnt due untill october but i have been hopping over to help out in their garden, whilst my OH did the occasional pointing of the hose at home..

16 Jul, 2011


Congrats on your forthcoming grandmother status Resi. I just thank the gods of technology for Skype as at least I can watch them grow. We get back to the UK about 4 times a year but a lot changes in a week!

My (one and only) plum tree is Reine Claud de Bavey. I am doubley disappointed in the performance because I love plums and have only grown the apple tree for my husband. Still, I will enjoy the pears with a good roquefort!!!

I think we should form a French section to exclusively complain about the hot dry weather, and the hard clayey soil, how about it..... Resi and Karen?

18 Jul, 2011


Hear!hear! lol!

18 Jul, 2011


...mind you - I should have said, 'but not today', lol! - 5th day of cold and wet...had to get my cardi out...

19 Jul, 2011


We spent the weekend near Narbonne and it was very warm and sunny but home again yesterday (2 hours inland) and it is heavy rain and cloud....I might get my cardi out :-D

19 Jul, 2011


heehee! I'm never happy! lol!!!

19 Jul, 2011


yes good idea, and the burocracy and the copying every bit of paper 6 fold, on second thoughts no lets just stick to garden things otherwise we would never be off the comp.
blowing a gale but sunny with it, just got my jeans out again though

19 Jul, 2011



19 Jul, 2011


Stopped raining here as well and blowing a gale, my bead curtain outside just crashed against the glass door and I jumped off my seat lol!!!

19 Jul, 2011


Oh gosh... are you enamoured by french bureaucracy as much as me Resi :-)))

19 Jul, 2011


Ha!...just been to the Prefecture (a whole day out!), to find a 'manque' of one piece of paper (thought we had everything covered this time!)...result - got to go back! lol!!!

19 Jul, 2011 didn't forget your EDF bill to prove you really exist and are an upstanding citizen did you? We normally have to take the contents of our filing cabinet......whatever we are there for..... lol!!

20 Jul, 2011 that! Went to change the addresses on our French driving licences and cartes gris...didn't think we'd need our passports (since they've already got copies of them for the driving licences and our pictures are on them!!!)!

20 Jul, 2011


We brought our uk caravan to France and thought we would re-registered it.......after experiencing just about every office in our departmental town and practically losing the will to live we ended up buying a french one lol......

20 Jul, 2011 French driving licence says that I can only tow a caravan up until 23/11/ idea why...not that I ever intend to do it, lol!

20 Jul, 2011


It's your age, sorry Karen......I have to get a doctors certificate and renew my driving licence every 2 years so I can continue to tow. It's why there are so many motorhomes on the continent.

20 Jul, 2011


Sad...but true! lol!

21 Jul, 2011


Vous avez l'idéal de vie je croix :-)

25 Jul, 2011


True, Bornagain...can't really complain...I love it here! :))

25 Jul, 2011

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