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Still waiting


By amy2


Some of you may remember from my previous blog how my husband had to go into hospital as an emergency at the beginning of isolation from Covid 19 ..
The story so far :-
They sent him home after 4 days of being on a drip they inserted c-tubes and he has a stoma bag ,he was told he would need the operation ASAP nobody came anywhere near him to check if he was managing to change and cope with these medical items attached to him , consequentially we had to ring 111 again a couple of times he had an infection which coursed him to go back on antibiotics .
He has had dates twice for the operation each time it has been cancelled the next date is the 13th August lets hope 3rd time is lucky , fingers crossed for that …

Having to keep in isolation we’ve been desperate for fresh air and exercise we are generally fit and active , so have been looking in quiet off the road footpaths for walks ,we’ve found one we love , its quiet so no danger of bumping into people …

This is it :-

Footpath to wood

Entrance to wood

We loved this , I’m guessing someone locally collects firewood ..

A murky looking pond

Old ropes tied round the trees

No signs of life animals or birds ,this was the only flowering plant we saw ..

Very old tree ..

We decided to Google the wood on our return home as it had an eerie feeling ,we found out there had once been a circle of standing stones it had been used by Druids , was it still I wonder ?

My imagination has gone into overdrive .

I’m guessing the Druids tied their victims to the tree ,sacrificed them then used the wheelbarrow to dump their bodies in the pond , the fuchsia has grown showing where blood was spilt .. .

Ok you make up a better ending … Haha

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Absolutely love the old tree & I'm glad you have found a quiet place to walk. It looks very tranquil. I do hope your hubby gets his op done soon. The lock down has been a pain all round, but I guess necessary. Someone should at least have helped you both out re the medical devices he is fitted with. Have ticked like as the photos are nice & liked your Druid story.

27 Jul, 2020


You have missed your way - you should be writing stories! What an exciting wood. The fuchsia take some explaining - how on earth did it get there? Is the tree an oak? Marvellous specimen.

Great that you found the quiet footpath - definitely away from the crowds! Sending best wishes to your poor OH - he is surely having lot to put up with!

I noticed that the big stone is on the east side, so perhaps it was something to do with the sunrise??

27 Jul, 2020


That's tough on your husband - everything seems to have taken a back seat to the requirements of this virus. I wish him all the best for the 13th.
What a lovely walk. I am a believer in spirit of place and some areas have a real atmosphere, I think, which is easily picked up on. I wonder why that is? Your little story made me laugh. I think the tree has a 'face' and it's been watching the Druids having sports days: wheelbarrow races, taking high jumps over the ropes and practicing wild swimming across the pond. The fuchsia is the prize for the winner!

27 Jul, 2020


Loved your story and photos!
and it's so good to find somewhere peaceful to walk in these strange and scary times .

Hoping everything goes well for your hubby .
Stay Safe 🙂

27 Jul, 2020


Amy, please give our best wishes to Tony. does anyone use the trail between to trees for biking? If so, those ropes between the trees could be dangerous. perhaps some
modernday druid is miffed?

27 Jul, 2020


oh I do hope 3rd time lucky for poor Oh and you too of course.
the fuchsia seed will have been dropped by birds as the fruits are edible.

love the old tree too.

27 Jul, 2020


I think waiting lists and cancellations were a problem before the pandemic, Amy. Now, covid has just made the situation much worse, sadly. Is it a urostomy, Amy? I think it’s dreadful he wasn’t given some support, reassurance and education with this. It’s a daunting procedure and specialist nurses should have been there at the onset to relay explanation and care. I just hope this time, things will be sorted and he won’t have another cancellation.
Your pics are very mystical and atmospheric. The history behind the woods is very interesting. Saying that, I wouldn’t hang around the area in the woods with the chained up wheelbarrow too long!! 👻

27 Jul, 2020


Poor Tony.......Lets hope all goes well for him in August it must be such a worry for you keep us posted.
I am pleased that you have found a peaceful walk, love that tree, quite magnificent...
Amy you do have a very vivid imagination!!

27 Jul, 2020


Amy you get a like for finding the lovely woods to take your walks in and for your great imagination.....That tree is fabulous, I love to see trees with character, I hope you gave him a hug.....
I'm so sorry your poor hubby was left to suffer like that, I know we're in a desperate situation but I'm afraid I still think its disgusting that no-one checked on him, I sincerely hope 13th turns out to be a good omen for him..x

27 Jul, 2020


I hope Tony can get his operation soon and I hope he is not in any pain. It's a difficult situation for you both.

I enjoyed your story but what an eery place to go for a walk lol ! :D I don't think I'd go near it. The field in the 1st photo looked nice though, and I think it would be interesting to find out more about the standing stones.

28 Jul, 2020


Thank you all for your lovely comments ,
Stera I brought leaves home form the old tree to identify them they look very much like old English elm but I can't be sure about that.
Anget we could also see a face in the tree.
Lori there isn't bicycle trail in the wood there are brambles growing between the ropes and anther murky pond the other side whoever attempted it would come to a soggy end ..
Kate we appreciate the difficulties at the beginning nobody knew what was going on everybody was being sent home as soon as possible as the safer option he had a badly infected gall bladder , we were left completely in the dark nobody ever called to ask how he was apparently they preferred not to send nurses at that time at the risk of passing on the virus which was understandable , Hopefully the operation will happen this time ..My half brother died after having a stent inserted and then being sent home .. having said that we are full of admiration for the NHS ..
Hywel a professor of geology from Cambridge visited the location to study it in 1871 he found bits of pottery ,portions of half burnt bones plus some oyster shells ..
I'll keep you all up-dated on news of the operation ,fingers crossed please x

28 Jul, 2020


Wishing your OH all the best for his operation, perhaps you should have made an offering while you were in the mystical wood, so the inhabitants looked out for him. The tree is stupendous and gives a glimpse of what England would have been like in the time of the Druids.
More than fingers crossed here for his full recovery.

28 Jul, 2020


That's kind of you Honeysuckle , that's a good idea we plan on going for another walk this afternoon once I've taken my bread out of the oven ,maybe a nice warm slice will do the trick 😁

28 Jul, 2020


I love your story,Amy.and as I already know about Tony's long wait,I know how frustrating it has been for you both,but this newly found walk will have lifted your spirits,which is just what you both need right now,and as for taking a nice warm slice of home made bread,well my dear friend,I think a piece of 'our' Chocolate cake would be very much appreciated ..That might tempt the Druids out into the woods at the darkest hour xx

28 Jul, 2020


What a desperate time for you and your OH. My thoughts are with you.

28 Jul, 2020


What a lovely walk to go on. Spooky, and to let your imagination run wild is great. Fingers crossed for 13th that all goes according to plan. x

28 Jul, 2020


Thanks Sandra ,you've helped to lift our spirits from the word go it has been very much appreciated, 'our' chocolate cake would have been perfect but it will have to be next time I made carrot cake today , Thanks Sue its very kind of you x Thanks Loupylou fingers crossed for it to go ahead this time :o)

28 Jul, 2020


Ah well,it is too good to give to Druids anyway :o)xx

28 Jul, 2020


I’m very satisfied with your Druid interpretations Amy! Don’t think even my mad imagination could top that! On a more serious note, it sounds like you have both been through an extremely tough time. Hope OH gets on better third attempt. Take care. :(

28 Jul, 2020


Great to hear about your find of a quiet pathway through the woods.

29 Jul, 2020


Thanks Karen I'm glad you like it my grandchildren always loved my made-up stories and David its given us a purpose to have somewhere safe to exercise and walk , we're glad we found it ...

29 Jul, 2020


WE can hope that getting out into beautiful places might distract Tony's mind from his problem for a little while. Hospital appointments are all to pot at the moment. I should have had an eye op a year ago. We stayed in for two days yesterday waiting for a call from the doc scheduled for Monday and it came this morning, after we had gone to town for some emergency shopping. No explanation or apology. But to neglect care for someone in Tony's position is dreadful.

29 Jul, 2020


Oh Stera I'm sorry I feel for you its so stressful isn't it . My neighbour has MS she had an appointment at the hospital on Wednesday ,now you know its a mammoth task preparing and taking someone in that situation in a wheelchair to hospital ,when they arrived they were told the appointment had been cancelled no explanation except to say the Doctor was on holiday ,they hadn't rung them to tell them and then had the cheek to turn round and say " well you didn't have to pay for the car park " I'm beginning to wonder what going on They had a parliamentary meeting recently where almost all MP's voted to sell off NHS and to send more jobs out to companies who make a profit , also there was nothing in it to keep point of contact free which means they would introduce insurance we would have to pay for treatment I'm not sure of the details but it isn't what we voted for is it ? .. we voted to keep NHS are they keeping us in the dark ?

30 Jul, 2020


Good grief that's terrible! Who were they planning to sell it to - hopefully not the US, please...

(The phone call was for my OH not about my eye - have heard nothing about that for the past year.

30 Jul, 2020


It looks that way Stera , Google ' Government vote to sell NHS ' ,there's lots to read about it ... .. I feel that we may well be let down ....
I'm sorry to hear you are both being let down for your treatment ,we heard of another operation cancelled today a friend of my daughters ...

30 Jul, 2020


It's August Amy, fingers crossed for Tony, his operation will go ahead this time on the 13th. It's heartbreaking for you both to be turned away like you have and in these conditions we're living in at the moment.

The walk you do looks intriguing, I do love the cornfield open vista, then down into the green mystical woodland, that looks as old as time itself, I imagine you would come across the green man, elves and hobbits skipping through the leaf litter, a joyful but serene back to nature walk. And then the Druids? Standing stones and sacrifices? Just imagine the air is thick with their history, only the trees have been keeping their secrets over the centuries.
Ooh, I wouldn't want to go back way!

1 Aug, 2020


A heartfelt blog. The very best wishes to you both.

2 Aug, 2020


Thanks Janey we have all our fingers crossed for the 13th here , I'm glad you enjoyed the walk I can tell it got your imagination working as well Lol We'll definitely be going back I'll keep my eyes open for any other weird creatures 😉..
Thanks Legion thats kind of you :o))

2 Aug, 2020


It certainly did. I hope next time you venture there, it will be under happier circumstances and it will be Tony's recuperation walk..xx

3 Aug, 2020


I looked up the sale of the NHS & all I could find was old news from before the elections about it. This Coronavirus must have put paid to their plans, or at least put them on hold for the time being.

4 Aug, 2020


I hope your right David and its another case of fake news .
the vote against amendment 17 of the trade bill was last month ...

7 Aug, 2020

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