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The August plot- Part one


By balcony


The August plot – Part one

Well here we are already half way through the 8th month of the year! Where did the time go? It has just flown by! It seems it was only a couple of days ago we were planting out the spring plants for our summer crops & now we are in the middle of harvesting them!!!


Here are a few photos of the Cucumbers in the greenhouse:

We have had the equivalent of about one a day for the last month or so! Some days there haven’t been any due to low temps probably, other days we have had 4 – 6 which I’ve picked to take home. The ones grown in the greenhouse have produced more & better quality fruit than those outside. The plants in the GH have been covered in Powdery Mildew for several months (as have the outdoor plants) but they keep on growing & producing more fruit. I give them 5lt of water a day or more! They are growing in 3 growbags, a tomato shares one of the bags!


The Tomato bed has grown a lot during this month. Now the plants are head high & the very first few fruits are starting to turn orange.

You can see the progress in just 2 weeks!

Now the tomatoes are beginning to ripen & here is just one photo – so as not to bore you too much!

I thought I’d introduce a new feature in this blog – I call it:

Find the veg!

Let’s start with an easy photo – just compare the following two photos to see if you can spot the Beetroot, among our “native flora”!

There, that wasn’t hard, was it? Well now that you have “warmed up” try this next one – you may have more difficulty this time!

Ready for another? Here we go then:

Did you enjoy that?

Our “native flora” grows incredibly fast after a drop of rain! It wasn’t through negligence the beds got in that state I only put the seedling out into the beds about 10 days before!

Here is a photo of a miniature Lettuce called “Tom Thumb”. It’s extremely hardy as it coped with all the worst that our last winter could throw at it with no protection whatsoever! I think I will grow some over winter in the greenhouse! I picked a load of them today & we will eat some tomorrow. I also sowed some more seed in the GH.

Here is a photo of Lettuce “Ruboneo” gone to seed!

This was one of the Lettuces I grew from the seeds my wife brought me back from Spain last year. The main head had been eaten but we cut them back to within an inch of the soil & they sprout again. Gerry has been taking the new sproutings for his birds & rabbit but there are many in flower now as each original plant produces 6 or more new shoots.


Though the plants themselves are not getting very big they are producing flowers!

As you can see they have very bright yellow pea-like flowers, now I hope I get some Peanuts from them!


Here is a photo of Gerry’s King Edward main crop potatoes which I dug up as the foliage had gone yellow/brown. Some of the soil was being eroded away from around the tubers thus exposing them to the light.

There must have been well over 10kg there!

aka: Pinto beans, Garbanzo (Chick peas) beans & Lentils

As I got such a good crop from the Pinto beans I sowed last year I’m sowing many more this year in different beds, mainly where potatoes were grown earlier. Although I didn’t get any return from the Garbanzo beans or the Lentils I’m sowing them as green manure. When I pick the beans I shall dig the rest in.

The photo above shows them a couple of weeks after I made a sowing where we had 4 rows of potatoes earlier.

The next photo was taken on 15th August (somehow it escaped from having a caption printed on it!) & shows the Pinto beans that were sown between Gerry’s onions grown from sets. These were harvested a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t germinate very well but now they have made quite a bit of progress & are even flowering now, you may not be able to see the small white pea-like flowers on this photo.

The following picture is of all three legumes which I sowed after taking out Gerry’s Shallots. As the self-sown Sunflowers had made such enormous leaves & are coming to an end now I removed many of the leaves on each plant so as not to have too much shade when the legumes germinate.

Three Sisters’ bed

August has seen this bed come on by leaps & bounds! The photos don’t make this as clear as I would like though:

You can see the runner beans climbing up the canes here. (Note to self, in a future planting use shorter beans!) Unfortunately the Water Melons used as ground cover plants have almost all died off! So there will be no Water Melons from the plot!

The Sweetcorn used as support for the climbing beans have taken off & produced plenty of flowers & it seems the cobs are developing well. I did wonder if the leaves of the beans would hinder the fertilization process but this does not seem to be the case.

Below is a picture taken from the opposite angle to all the other pictures I’ve posted up till now of this bed. The Sweetcorn here didn’t get planted with beans – I didn’t have enough!

I’m going to finish this blog with a couple of photos of flowers plus the shed one – with a difference!

Morning Glory

Where we have the divide between the two half allotments I put in some canes & tied them to the wire between the two iron posts Gerry put in some years ago. I also put a lot of string to give the Sweetpeas something to grip onto earlier in the year. I also grew some Culinary peas there as well.

They have all died & I planted seeds of Morning Glory (Many colours) that I bought when in Spain back in May. They are now in full flower & look absolutely lovely! Here is a picture of them during the middle of the 2nd week of August.

Here is a close up of a few Morning Glory flowers that I took this morning! As you may notice we had a little rain but only a little.

View of the shed

Here is the picture I promised of the shed with a difference! this time it is from outside as from the inside the view down the allotment is blocked by Dwarf Sunflowers, Gladioli & the Raspberry bed!

I apologise if you found the blog longer than usual but even so I could have gone on as there are many things I haven’t included! (Perhaps I could make up an extra blog in a day or two? Let me know what you think!

Until my next blog,
Happy gardening!

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Wow looks like you've had a good year in the allotment. I'm even more impressed at how pretty it looks. I've always thought of allotments and vegetable patches as dull and boring, now I know how wrong I was. Im inspired.

Great blog, looking forward to the next installment.

18 Aug, 2011


Well done to you and Gerry...
lots of work which has borne fruit :o)

18 Aug, 2011


Are some of the flowers companion planting?
You must let us know if you get any peanuts too!

18 Aug, 2011


Absolutely fabulous, well done I really enjoyed this blog!

18 Aug, 2011


You are having a good year despite the weather, I like to see the flowers as well and your gladioli are doing well, mine are very slow this year only had two blooms so far. Your shed is well hidden Balcony you could hide away in there if you so wish lol, peanuts doing ok so far, very interested to see if you do get some nuts..
I also have enjoyed reading your blog, so by all means do another if you have the time....

18 Aug, 2011


Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments! You who ask for the next instalment must be "gluttons for punishment"! LOL! :-D

I promise to keep everyone updated with how the Peanuts are getting on! They are one of my little "experiments"!

Glad you all like the flowers as well. I originally planted Sweet Peas to give some colour & to attract bees. They have now died & the Morning Glory have now grown up at just the right moment to take their place! :-))

The Gladioli Gerry planted some years ago but in a different part of the plot. We decided to move them last year & they have done extremely well!

There is no reason why an allotment should look dull - there are plenty of flowers that can be grown & even the most purist of veg growers would still have flowers form the likes of Runner beans & other plants like Peas & Beans.

18 Aug, 2011


A very interesting blog there. Not too long at all. More please.

19 Aug, 2011


great blog ............ lots to eat yummy !!! and the yellow flowers will take over if you not carefull .................. have them too , but they are a ray of sun ;0)))

27 Aug, 2011


Thanks, Cristina! :-)) Yes, there is lots to eat! Especially if you like runner beans! The plants are producing kilos of beans!

We still haven't been able to identify the yellow flowers but I'm sure they are a species of Helianthum. A relative of the Sunflowers.

BTW, have you seen my new blog on Sunflowers?

28 Aug, 2011

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