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Spring ending; summer about to start, on the balcony


By balcony


I know I haven’t written a blog on our balcony in a very long time so perhaps this period of transition between the two seasons is the best time to show a little of what has been flowering on the balcony during the spring.

Balcony seen outside from the centre on New Year’s Day 2015:

Balcony seen outside with snow beginning of February 2015:

Balcony as seen from outside a few weeks later:

Balcony as seen from outside on 1st day of spring 2015:

Another view of the Balcony from the outside as seen from the left:

The sharp-eyed amongst you may realise the caption on the photo doesn’t correspond to the right but the left!

This is the very last photo of the balcony in May 2015:

The balcony doesn’t look very good at present – but then periods of transition never do!

You may have noticed my hanging baskets are planted out & hung up again. They don’t look very good either at present but I can’t afford to buy in baskets nor more mature plants to put in them. The baskets each have a couple of trailing Begonias in them & bush Lobelias around the sides. I don’t like hanging Lobelias as they get in my face all the time when I’m doing anything on the balcony. I did put trailing Lobelias in one year but didn’t like them for that reason. These small plants will soon grow & hide most of the baskets they are in.

My computer has broken down & I no longer have access to my photos on its hard drive. ;-(( So I’m posting this from another computer until I can regain my photos. (Not all of them are lost as many have been kept in my G+ account. I just need to locate & download them to another computer.)

I may not be on GoY very much in the foreseeable future but I will log in from my smart phone & make comments but will not be able to put photos on GoY.

This blog has been several days in the making as I started it before my computer went west!

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I just wrote a blog on transition. We think alike I see. I noticed the fence wiring but to what purpose does the vertical wiring that is above the fence serve? Best Regards.

1 Jun, 2015


Sorry to hear about your computer... hope u get it fixed soon.... I do most of my things on here from my galaxy phone... pics and blogs...
yes funny time of year waiting for daffs and bulbs to did down.... im sure your balcony will soonbe looking good, cant beleive we're in june already !!!

1 Jun, 2015


Computers are frustrating I agree - your balcony has a lot happening what is under that plastic sheet in the top left of your picture for the first day of Spring and yes I prefer bush lobelias in my baskets too - have a good day - Jane

1 Jun, 2015


I have just read your blog and looked at your photos. I can see the layout of your balcony now. I had visions of you not being able to get out on your balcony. It must be nice sitting out there; and you have privacy too. Are all those plants in the window waiting to come out? Sham about your computer; I wouldn’t know that to do without mine. I’m going to miss your photos, great blog and photos.

1 Jun, 2015


Thank you for your comments :-))

@Loosestrife: The vertical wires are for climbing plants like Sweetpeas, Morning Glory or the occasional runner bean! I learnt in Spain to use even the vertical space on our balconies! :-))

Thanks, Holly. I find it rather difficult to do everything by phone! The screen just isn't big enough to see pages efficiently. Everything takes too much time & I can do sooo much more in a lot less time on the computer than on the phone.

How can you put photos into your blogs from a phone? This is something I've never tried!I can answer people's comments but I've never tried to upload photos.

@Janelloyd: If you look at the third photo down - all is revealed! It's the most sheltered corner on the balcony & that's where I try to preserve overwintering plants as there just isn't enough room inside our flat.

In the photo you will see the corner is now clear.

@Mariasmasom: There is precious little privacy on our balcony - at least not until midsummer when the plants block out most of the view from the street. That's one of the reasons my wife doesn't like to sit out there.

On sunny days during the summer it can get too hot for comfort & the sunlight can be blazing & hurt your eyes. The balcony faces more or less South-west so gets all the sun going from 11am till sunset.

We have big windows so the light is never blocked out during the summer & during the winter there aren't any permanent plants to block out the light. You can see their absence in the photos from January to May above.

1 Jun, 2015


Great idea. Must make a great privacy screen when fully mature.

1 Jun, 2015


They do if they grow well. As I'm writing this from my phone I have no photos from previous years I could show you.
Anyway the wires need to be straightened out before the Morning Glories get too high! Plenty of time yet as they have only now begun to germinate.

3 Jun, 2015


To put pics in your blog from your phone is just the same as you do on laptop or tablet or computer.. you click on add photos then it will take it you to your pics folder, click on that to open it then choose the pic you want and touch again... I find it easy to do and make the screen bigger while I do it ... hope this helps :)

3 Jun, 2015


Nice to see your balcony changing with the seasons.

But it's not nice when people leave ... :( It makes me feel depressed :(

3 Jun, 2015


Thanks, Holly, I'm trying to write my first blog via my smartphone! Keep a look out for it! I'm about to try adding a photo or two! We'll see how it goes. :-))

7 Jun, 2015


Good luck :))

9 Jun, 2015


At long last my balcony is beginning to come out of the "Doldrums"! :-))

The trailing Begonias & the Lobelia in the hanging baskets have now settled in well & are beginning to flower & starting to fill out a little.

I changed the wires that went from the railing to the ceiling of the balcony yesterday, 12th June. I took all the wires down & replaced them with blue string. It looks so much better now & my Morning Glories will be able to climb them very quickly & easily as will the Sweetpeas.

13 Jun, 2015


I love Morning Glories but found them to be very invasive when planted in the garden. Do you know of any Morning Glories which can be planted in the garden which are known to be not invasive?

13 Jun, 2015


The annual forms of Morning Glories are not invasive. Being annuals they grow, flower, set seed & die in just a few months. If seeds fall to the ground & germinate the following spring they can be hoed away if they are a nuisance. You can also save some seeds for sowing the following spring as well. Though being hybrids they won't come true from seed.

I've been growing them for many, many years & they have never been invasive.

17 Jun, 2015


Thank you very much for your answer Balcony.

17 Jun, 2015

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