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Rivers in Cuenca, Spain


By balcony


Rivers in Cuenca, Spain

I thought you might be interested in seeing some photos of the 2 rivers that meet in Cuenca where I lived for a great many years.

I’d already uploaded this photo & several of you have commented on how nice it looks.

Autumn colours over the River Jucar, Cuenca:

Therefore I thought I would make a blog using some of the many photos I took over the years since returning to the UK in 2001

Sunset lighting up Black Poplar trees like fire in Cuenca:

This was another photo of a postcard I uploaded to My Photos & some of you have also commented on it.

Confluence of the Huecar River with the Jucar River

This photo shows the place where the two rivers meet. The Huecar river is much smaller than the Jucar & for much of the time is little more than a stream – until a heavy rain burst swells the “stream” which can quickly become a raging torrent.

All the photos in this blog were taken by me during the trips my wife & I have made to Cuenca – the city where she was born & where we got married & had the last of our 3 children & where I spent the better part of 30 years!

Ducks on the River Jucar in Cuenca:

As can be seen in this photo the Jucar is coloured green when not in flood. But just as the Huecar can become a raging torrent after a heavy thundery downpour so the same happens with the Jucar. As it brings lots of silt down from the hills around the city it becomes a chocolaty brown.

River Huecar at its confluence with the River Jucar (Close up):

Looking down over the River Jucar weir in Cuenca

This photo was taken in the summer when the rivers are normally at their lowest. The weir can disappear completely & the river flows over it as if it weren’t there! If you didn’t know it you wouldn’t imagine there was a weir below.

Jucar River in flood at San Anton bridge:

Huecar River flowing down towards the Jucar River:

Point of confluence of the Huecar & Jucar rivers in Cuenca:

View of River Jucar from Mangana viewing platform in Cuenca:

The first & last photos here are taken from opposite directions – the first one looks UP the river towards the old city & Mangana clock tower, the last one looks DOWN from the viewing platforms built underneath the Mangana clock tower towards the bridge (just in front of the trees lit up by the setting sun) where the first photo was taken from!

As you can see from just these few photos Cuenca is a marvellous place for artists to paint – for those of us who are artistically inclined you can take 100s of marvellous photos!

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Well, after seeing those wonderful photographs I had to Google Cuenca. I've added to my limited Geography as a result. Seems there are "hanging houses" perched over the gorge? What a view they must have though I'm not sure I would want to occupy one of them.

The Autumn colours in the first image are truly startllng!

19 Feb, 2018


Very attractive pics Balcony. I was interested to see there wereno people in any of them! Its a beautiful place.

19 Feb, 2018


In November 2016 we had the opportunity to know Spain, but limited to Barcelona. Thanks for the blog, it was very interesting to see other aspects of this charming country.

20 Feb, 2018


What an interesting place, love your photos of the rivers in different phases.

20 Feb, 2018


Most enlightening Balcony, lucky you to have had a chance to live there....

20 Feb, 2018


I have just realized that I made a small mistake in the last line of my blog - it should have included the negative but I accidentally left it out! It should have said "... for those of us NOT artistically inclined ..."! Changes everything! (I'd previously talked about artists, remember?)

Eirlys: I'm so glad you liked it as well! It really is a spectacular view - one of my better ones I think! At all times of the year the view is spectacular & has been painted probably 1,000s of times & photographed millions!

There certainly are "Hanging Houses", in fact Cuenca is renown for them! They are the tourist attraction "par excellence"! I once put a link to an article on Cuenca in Wikipedia, here it is again:,_Spain

Here is an extract from the article:

"Hanging Houses"

Main article: Hanging Houses of Cuenca

Built over a rock above the Huecar River gorge in the 15th century, Las Casas Colgadas are the only remaining samples of this type of building which was common in this city a long time ago.

Hanging Houses can be considered the most famous civil buildings in Cuenca. They house a restaurant and the Museum of Abstract Arts and they serve as the background of millions of photos made from the bridge of San Pablo."

My wife & I have photos with them in the background & I have a photo my wife took of my mum & me when she came over for our daughter's wedding. That photo sits close to where I'm sitting & writing this!

22 Feb, 2018


Not surprising, Stera, nevertheless I assure you there are around 50,000 people who live in the city & several 1,000 tourists! If you blow up the last but one photo you will see a couple of guys on the bridge!

Aleyna, you have seen a part of Spain that I haven't if you've visited Barcelona! My wife visited it once & was very impressed with the city & the friendliness of the people!

Siris, I tried to find different aspects at different times but all related in someway to the rivers. I've come back to a town here in the UK which is similar in that it also has one big river, the River Great Ouse, as well as a small brook that joins it here as well. Even in flood this brook doesn't carry as much water as the Huecar in Cuenca but the rest of the time the volume of water is probably about the same.

DD, I was indeed lucky to have been able to live there & even luckier to have found a good wife there & have 3 children by her, the last of which was born in the city & the one that looks the most English of the 3!

22 Feb, 2018


Beautiful photos Balc and so interesting, the colours of the Autumn trees are stunning against the cool greys of the town houses.. I love how the Spanish people make beautiful walkways by their rivers, everything is very clean and tidy and well cared for.. Last but one photo is my favourite!

26 Feb, 2018


Yes, I agree with you, Janey!

Your favourite photo doesn't look quite as pristine now as it did when I took that photo - back in 2012! Then I think it was in it's first year but after 5 years (when I last took a photo) it's looking a little worse for wear but still a very nice place.

27 Feb, 2018

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