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A couple of pages of Amaryllis


By balcony


A couple of pages of Amaryllis

No,not mine this time! Though mine are now flowering & have been for the last two months. No, this is a couple of links to a couple of pages about growing Amaryllis in water – something I’ve never done before! A couple of people have asked me how to go about doing this but as I’d never tried it before I couldn’t give any advice. But after reading these couple of pages I’m sorely tempted to give it a try – some day! For this year I no longer have Amaryllis that haven’t already been repotted & started into growth.

I’ve written this short blog to remind me another day to try this out.

In a week or two I’ll post another blog on my Amaryllis this year & explain why I’ve had to drastically reduce the numbers I have.

Just a couple of photos to “animate” the blog a little!

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that's an interesting method.
mine are producing a bud. this is their 4th year and after their xmas flowers the first year in my care they always seem to flower late april early may. a welcome plant in my view.

17 Apr, 2018


Like orchids our Amaryllis clutter up the place. They do make up for it though when they bloom.

Love the top image.

17 Apr, 2018


Thank you for your comments. ?

Mine also flower for year after year but as I have (had) well over a 100 pots, some with various bulbs in them, it is very difficult to keep track of them.

A few stayed in their original pots this winter & last, they are my Anglo-American hybrids. The very first one to flower for the very first time ever in 2016 has also become the first of them to flower again this year! In fact it is flowering on our living room table at this very moment! ?

Other older hybrids I've grown from seed started to flower before this one.

21 Apr, 2018


Only tried growing these beautiful plants once....and it was a great success, then OH lost the bulb!! hardly surprising if you could see his gh/porch....... absolutely bulging at the seams!.....

23 Apr, 2018


A man after my own heart then! ??

23 Apr, 2018



25 Apr, 2018

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