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Variegated Geraniums


By balcony


I have been growing variegated Geraniums for many years now, well, at least during the 8 years since I returned to the UK from Spain, & I have several that have been growing almost that long on the balcony! I don’t know if they are still the original plants or cuttings any longer!

This strawberry planter has had variegated Geraniums in it for many years!

This one had very strongly variegated leaves & the flowers were the reddest of reds! Sadly it passed away one winter.

This lovely salmon pink one was one of my favorites – I no longer have it. I suppose it died one winter.

One year I planned, not something I’m in the habit of doing mind you, the balcony display so it would be mostly of variegated plants, particularly Geraniums.

I had variegated Geraniums in pots, in aluminum rings, on the balcony railings …

& in the long, white plant troughs below them.

This dainty little plant may well have been my all time favorite amongst the variegated Geraniums!

I had variegated Fuchsias as well that year! One had yellow & white leaves & lovely flowers as well!

Once again I’ve lost this plant. :( It can be quite difficult to keep plants over the winter on a balcony, even when they are in the most protected corner, standing on a table inside a huge plastic bag with an open top. They probably die of damp rather than the cold.

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Your geraniums are gorgeous Balcony! What a shame you lost some over winter :(
I over winter mine as cuttings on the windowsills indoors. I've tried keeping them outside in the plastic mini-greenhouses, but like you say, it's the damp that sees them off....

25 Jun, 2009


I remember I once had a lovely variegated geranium called Mrs Cox. I bought it while on holiday from an old man who was selling plants in the garden of his little cottage. I don't have it now.

25 Jun, 2009


Great blog Balcony - fantastic geraniums. Loved the one with the salmon pink flowers - that was gorgeous. The strawberry planter looks fantastic with the variegated geranium. Sorry to hear you've lost so many.

25 Jun, 2009


They are lovely Balcony I love the salmon one and the first very nice indeed

26 Jun, 2009


I've been lucky enough to work with the Pelgonium (geranium) collection here at Kew and the way to overwinter them is to keep them on the dry side in very well drained soil and no humidity.Keeping them under plastic is not a good idea They can tolerate dry cold quite well but hate damp. They are lovely plants and great value for money even if yuo do lose a few in winter.

26 Jun, 2009


Lovely photos! I think your salmon pink one might be "Frank Hedley" which I had for some years, then lost to frost (single glazed window ledge) but have bought again. The really pretty triclour leaved red flowered one may be "Contrast" which I want to buy one of and my search brought up this page! So I have joined!

I have kept geraniums successfully through winter by drying out completely and stacking the pots on their sides in a shed. This is an old gardeners' tip that I read, and it worked for me. It might work on your balcony if you pack the pots on their sides in a box of straw perhaps for a bit of protection? Or shredded paper? Then you water them in spring and most of them will put out a new shoot or two. Good luck with them anyway!

11 Aug, 2010

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