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Easter Sunday stroll


By balcony


I went for an Easter Sunday stroll yesterday & I took many photos of the flowers I saw along the way.

This stroll took me out of Huntingdon town centre along the road to the nearest village to the part of Huntingdon where I live. This stroll was about 2 miles long I suppose. The village is called Hartford & over the years as both H’don & Hartford have grown they have merged into one town for all practical purposes. It is difficult to know where they fuse!

This first photo is really the end almost of the Easter Sunday stroll as this was my destination as from this point onwards I started to make my way back home. So this photo is the Welcome to Hartford sign as you come from H’don.

These lovely daffs are growing around the base of the Welcome sign.

As you can see this picture is another close up of a different group of Daffs at the base of the Hartford sign.

My stroll started not very far from here. This is the start of Hartford road really for the purpose of this blog or at least it’s where my stroll really begins, even though it took me nearly 10 mins to get here.

These Daffs are actually growing where Crocuses were flowering just a couple of weeks ago! The grass here is darker & longer than the rest because this grass is never cut till the Daffs leaves are going brown. I have several more photos like these but as they are all quite similar I’ll not put them on here.

This lovely Star Magnolia is the very first Magnolia to open its beautiful flowers.

This photo of Daffs is really in Hartford. I have followed the road alongside of the river for the last 15 minutes. There are big detached houses all along this road. Some of them have beautiful gardens that I like to take photos of occasionally during the year. But this Sunday I didn’t take any photos of them & I thought that for this blog I would limit myself to just showing the beautiful Daffs I saw during my Easter Sunday stroll.

This clump of Daffs, & several more below, are all in front of a Care Home for the Elderly called Hunters Down. Just last year it was reopened after the 60s building of the same name was pulled down & this new one built in its place. As I don’t remember these clumps from previous years I imagine they were planted when the building was finished.

This photo of the raised bed that was built here only a few years ago was so colourful I just had to have a photo of it! It’s much better than a similar raised bed in H’don. This bed is filled with polyanthus.

These lovely Daffs with such a rich orange in their cups were the last I photographed before I stopped taking photos.

These flowering trees last only a couple of weeks & it is easy to miss the opportunity of seeing them. Besides this street is one I’ve only been down a few times as it’s not a part of Hartford/Huntingdon I frequent.

I hope you have enjoyed the sight of these lovely spring flowers that shake away the gloom of a hard winter & invite us to look forward to the ♪♪♪ Hazy,Crazy Days of Summer ♪♪♪ as the song goes.

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its nice to see the council let the bulbs die down. a good display of daffs. i enjoyed your walk too.

5 Apr, 2010


Lots of lovely spring colour.

6 Apr, 2010


what a lovely walk...;-)

6 Apr, 2010


That was a nice walk, thanks for showing us.

6 Apr, 2010


How lovely - you really get a feel for your area - thanks

6 Apr, 2010


glad you had a nice Easter walk to........

6 Apr, 2010


Thank you so much for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the stroll with me! There were so many Daffs to be seen & I hadn't seen them in many years as I was working & never had the time to go that way. Now I'm unemployed I am able to visit places I never could when working.

In a way we also live in this village called Hartford. It is usually thought of as Huntingdon but strictly speaking the road that goes around the big housing estate divides Huntingdon & Hartford. We are on the Hartford side of the road. As I said in the blog above the two places are blurred & it is difficult to know for sure when you are in one or the other!! To all intents & purposes they are just one big town!

In Hartford Village centre there are only 2 or 3 shops clustered together but there are two pubs! There is also a delightful Anglian church by the river. It's quite an idyllic little village with several thatched roof cottages. There are several B&B house in the village & several more along Hartford Road. In fact Hartford Cottage above (2 photos) I think is a B&B.

6 Apr, 2010


What lovely displays of daffs along your walk, the polyanthus display is so bright and cheerful and the Blossom trees simply beautiful, thankls Balcony really enjoyed the walk.

6 Apr, 2010


I'm so glad you enjoyed the stroll as much as I did! :-)

The Daffs always give such a lovely display in spring. Like the first Crocuses the Daffs give you a real boost & just as they are fading out comes the Forsythia to carry the "baton" as it were for a few more weeks! :-)

7 Apr, 2010


loved the stroll is your plot in primrose lane as i see from google there are a lot of plots there amazing pics from google car was able to follow hartford road all the way to mill close
and see all the plots from google earth
from the road i can actually see the large gates with private written on it
amazing modern technology lets one tour the world from home

25 Apr, 2010


Yes, PD, our allotment is in Primrose Lane! But the are two fields of allotments in Primrose Lane! One at either end. Our plot is in the field closed to the cemetery. In fact there are also 2 cemeteries in Primrose Lane as well!

A couple of years ago the District Council appropriated part of the allotments field to build an extension to Primrose Lane Cemetery. My mum's ashes are in there. :-(

26 Apr, 2010

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