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Hello to everyone at GoY.
This is my first ever blog so please excuse me if it’s not up to the usual standard.
We aquired this garden three years ago

and like the house was in a very sorry state indeed.
My main priority was getting the house into a decent state so the garden came second and was only given any attention when I was waiting for builders, plasterers plumbers etc to turn up.
The garden was like going back in time to the sixties with numerous conifers, heathers, hydrangeas and leylandii. I decided that to make any sense of the site I needed to strip it back to a blank canvas so I set about with a chain saw and removed most of the conifers which had grown completely out of scale with the size of the garden.

I am now at the point where I can start to actually incorporate some kind of design into the space. I am still torn regarding the pond should it stay or should it go? We have a pair of wild Mallards who consider it to be their home and have become family pets. But I’m sure they will find new accommodation, there is a wetlands centre a short flight away.
We went to the last day of the Hampton Court flower show and were seduced by a garden pavilion on special offer which has now been fitted ( an absolute essential feature when you have grand kids learning to play the Ukulele and Clarinet lol ).
I’m taking each step slowly. I believe in evolution rather than revolution so I tend to buy plants when I see something that I like rather than to fit into any grand plan.
I have tried to add a photo of my latest project which is laying cobblestones using a concrete mould but it seems that the file size is too large. I will take some photos with my old camera and see if that works.
I hope this is of some interest to some of you and I will try another blog if I get the time.
Happy Gardening to all.

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Hi and welcome to GOY. That's some project you've got yourself there! It's good to take your time and not rush everything at once. I look forward to seeing your pavilion, and the progress you make with your garden

22 Feb, 2016


Hi and welcome to GOY. I look forward to following your garden work,good luck.

22 Feb, 2016


My first reaction on seeing your first photo was Wow, how wonderful to inherit such a lovely pond complete with ducks! And a great way for that grand little boy to get into wildlife too. I hope you decide to keep it. You have a great start for building a design round what you have and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

I think a lot of us buy plants that happen to appeal to us and then wonder where to put them - I do anyway! Some like to start with a blank canvas and other like to develop slowly - means you can change your mind without changing everything and having to start again! Keep us posted.

22 Feb, 2016


Welcome to Goy Barney, no need for apologies your blog is very good, a perfect way to introduce yourself and the garden, it seems you are now very busy in the garden, I'd love to have some of your logs they'd be perfect for my little wooded area, (sigh) its only a shady spot under a tree but is coming on nicely, I too hope you keep the pond but at the end of the day its your garden so up to you, lol, looking forward to seeing more, if your photo's are too big you can resize them on computer, thats what I have to do if I forget and use the wrong setting on my camera.
I think the little chap in the first pic is quite taken with the pond as well, looking forward to seeing more of your garden.....

23 Feb, 2016


Blogs are not expected to reach any 'standard' so don't worry about that. Just write what you want. Everyone has different things to say, and say them in different ways.

It's interesting to see a garden developing, and I will look forward to seeing your further photos in due course. Good luck ! You have the spring and summer ahead so I hope you'll be able to make some headway.

I must say I am the same as you in that I buy whatever I like whenever I see it, and then wonder where I'm going to plant it ..... but it usually works out well because my garden hasn't got a design as such :)

23 Feb, 2016


Welcome to GoY. That's a great looking space you've got there. I'm looking forward to seeing how it 'evolves' :-).

I'm trying to create a grand plan of sorts, just to get my borders looking better. But for the most part I'm exactly the same, see a plant, pick it up then work out where to put it lol. It works most of the time lol.

24 Feb, 2016


Welcome to GoY, I am fairly new here too, and I have found it to be friendly and informative. Great pictures and I look forward to hearing more about it too.

26 Feb, 2016


Welcome to GoY. I too think the pond is lovely and will be interested to see how your garden develops over time, whether it stays or not. Seems as if it will be keeping you busy :)

27 Feb, 2016


Pond with small children??? Or is he just a visitor? He is very sweet looking. Nothing I like better than sorting my way through rubble. It is definitely the same as painting for me. I get many ideas, from everywhere, put them down, and then move them around etc. And for me, that is what gardening is all about! So go to it, but be careful when it comes to the big stuff, like the pond and secured trellis. Hard to re-do.... Measure twice, remove once is my motto.

27 Feb, 2016


The garden looks interesting and, if it were me, I'd keep the pond for all the wildlife it contains. You could teach your grandchildren about them.
I also buy plants then have to find a space and I suspect most of us do exactly the same.
Good luck with your project - keep us up to date please.

28 Feb, 2016


Welcome to GOY.
You have a big job but it will be well worth all the work to have the garden how you like it rather than an overgrown version of somebody else's ideal garden.
Pleasecontinue to blog your progress.

28 Feb, 2016


welcome friend,
i see you have been busy. not telling you what to do, but i filled in my pond when the grand-children turned up.

29 Feb, 2016


Special netting is available for ponds that is supposed to be a safety precaution. A safety net, I suppose!

1 Mar, 2016


We made a wooden frame supporting strong netting. It worked well. On a pond your size you'd need a couple of supports across the middle too. It was well worth it as the wildlife could still use it and you could see and feed the fish.

1 Mar, 2016

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