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Hello again everyone,
First of all can I say thank you for all the lovely welcomes. I’ve been looking at why I cant publish some photos and have now realized that it’s down to the file size. I have now turned down the settings in my camera so I’m good to go.

My cunning plan was to use this concrete mould as this method would give me more flexibility than using paving slabs and hopefully look more attractive once it was weathered I’m continuing to extend it up to the steps to the top lawn. The downside is that it is painfully slow. I can do eight in a day but it’s certainly not a quick solution.

Apologies that my blog is more about construction than gardening so I have included a photo of the pond last summer showing that the fish have been spawning successfully it’s impossible to know accurately how many fish but a guestimate is around three to four hundred goldfish and Koi.
The local pet shop has agreed to take some later this spring.

Enjoy the good weather and happy gardening.

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Wow that pond is superb! You could run quite a good business breeding goldfish and koi and selling them to the pet shop!

Good luck with that paving, it may be slow work but should look good when it's finished.

23 Feb, 2016


Now if I'd have read both blogs before commenting I'd have known you'd sorted out the size of your pics, never mind you got there and thats what counts.
I am mega impressed with your handywork, its time consuming but your cobbled area looks great, the pond is certainly well stocked and I like the planting surrounding it, is the summerhouse near to the pond, must be a lovely place for relaxing when the work is over for the day...

23 Feb, 2016


Hello Lincslass.
I suppose for all you people who have been on here for sometime its all second nature by now but I'm just getting familiar with the way things work lol. In answer to your question I'm afraid that the summerhouse doesn't look directly into the pond although it can be seen from a distance. I intend to make a stone or decking area directly above the pond just big enough to put a small circular table and two chairs on . The kind of thing you see outside French cafes. I know it sounds terribly chic and romantic but it remains to be seen if I actually get round to it, ha ha.
The summerhouse will fulfil many purposes . Somewhere to banish the kids to when they get too noisy, a music room, a wine bar and somewhere to take refuge in when the inevitable shower comes when I am Barbecuing.

23 Feb, 2016


It won't take you long to pick it all up Barney and yes it does become second nature, you are going to be busy then with all your plans, sounds good to me, there's nothing beats relaxing by the pond on a summers evening, lots of us have an arountuit list, its part and parcel of being a gardener, lol.....Stay on Goy for a while and that list just grows ever longer as will your wishlist of plants and shrubs..

24 Feb, 2016


It might be slow but it will be worth it in the end.
I like your pond :)

24 Feb, 2016


Now I've seen this blog I love your pond and all the fish. Bet it gets lots of other inhabitants too, I would spent ages just sat beside it and watching, does it show that I'm just a bit envious? Enjoy it all, and your cobbles may be slow but are very effective :)

27 Feb, 2016


Hi welcome from me have only just spotted you I will watch with interest your progress am adding you to favorites that way I will see all.
I also like the cobblestone effect

5 Mar, 2016


That's a really special pond (Hi, fellow Yorkshireman!)

4 Apr, 2016

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