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I have seen the light...


After living in the shadow of a huge conifer with a Russian vine growing through it for about 20 years I have now had it felled.

I cannot believe how different my garden looks and the ammount of extra light there is in the house, it is really strange sitting on my bench seeing all that sky.

I have big plans for the top of my garden and can’t wait to get started.

Although having the tree felled and taken away plus a couple of other bushes dug out cost a total of £300 I really think it was money well spent.

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Good for you, more light and of course the new plants will get their share of water and nutrients too.

8 Sep, 2011


Lovely I cannot wait to see what you do with that area:)

8 Sep, 2011


I know exactly what you mean. We had a massive conifer taken out at the bottom of the garden and couldn't believe how much extra light there was. Within a few months, a whole new border appeared without planting - there must have been seeds lying dormant for years, just waiting for light and rain to enable the plants to grow.

8 Sep, 2011


Shame your didn't cut your tree up into logs...I pay a fortune for my logs.

8 Sep, 2011


I know how you feel too - we just had two sycamores removed from near our conservatory and the difference in light was amazing. Enjoy your "new" border!
Grannyb, we did cut ours up into logs but as the wood shed is full we had to give most of them to our son.
sheilar, what plants appeared in the border?

8 Sep, 2011


Job well done. I too have a giant Leylandii tree attached to the fence shading a good part of my garden. The problem is it belongs to my neighbour and cannot fell it.

9 Sep, 2011


Let's see Steragram, it was many years ago. I think there were poppies, aquilegia, nigella and those tall purple plants that the flowers go silver - I think it's honesty and all the nearby ground cover just spread across, mostly saxifrage. Probably more that I can't remember.

9 Sep, 2011


I hate to go on about this but unless you have been living in the shadow so to speak you cannot believe the difference it makes.

My dog has taken to wearing

It is almost like living in a different house and there seems so much space now in what is not a large garden to start with.

9 Sep, 2011


I have three large conifers near my bottom pond, when originally planted, we appreciated the privacy they gave us when sitting down there but they really are too big now and block too much light over the bottom of my garden, I`m trying to make my mind up as to whether to remove them completely or just take the tops out,....

11 Sep, 2011


Go on about it all you like Containerch - all those of us who have come out of the shade are rejoicing with you!

12 Sep, 2011

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