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October already


So here we are in October already, I am starting to notice a lot of patches in the garden now where the plants have done there bit and have now gone to bed for the next few months.
As we all know it has been a very strange year, but the last year so far has probably been the best our family has had for nearly four years. My wife Kim, had the phone call from her oncologist yesterday regarding her last scan and she was delighted to tell her the cancer is still stable. That is without any chemotherapy for the last ten months, so after over forty cycles of it, her body is getting a bit of a break and a bit of normality, or as much as restrictions allow. I have even managed to get back to sea again much to my bank managers delight.
So onto the garden, I must say that I have been delighted with it this year, especially the dahlia’s, I think they have been awesome and I have already ordered some new variety’s for next year. most of the plants that were planted this year have made an appearance, the only disappointments were the peony’s and the polyanthus tuberose. The peony’s are now on their last warning and did read that the polyanthus were a bit of a slow grower so see what happens next year.
Made a bit more room by digging out the old tree stump, my friend used his chain saw to take it down to soil level then I dug the roots out. My back certainly let me know, that it wasn’t all that pleased with me for being so silly at my age :) :), still ended up with a nice little plot.
The cordyline tree also came down and where the four stumps are there will be a new border going down there, plus some new fence panels, so looks like being a busy winter. Think also need to make a compost heap up , as starting to get on first name terms with the people at the recycling centre.
Here are some photo’s of what has been going on in the garden and yep, do love a dahlia. If you want to know the names of any of the flowers please ask, wont promise the answer will be right but will try.

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Those dahlias are certainly eye-catchers - beautiful. I envy you the phlox; mine have all completely disappeared! The acers are beautiful, too. So happy to hear your good news.
And lots of gardening plans to look forward to in the next few months as well.

14 Oct, 2020


Brilliant news re Kim, it must be a relief for you both.
Lots of beautiful flowers in your garden this year. Don't think I can chose a favourite though.

15 Oct, 2020


What good news in regard to your wife, Davy! Hope she continues to get better! :)

Your Dahlias are really spectacular - I wish I could say the same about mine! I finally cut them down this morning, they had grow tall & lanky & had had very few flowers. Really disappointed with them as I had saved the tubers during the winter & planted them up again in late spring. I grew them from seed (from Gardener's World mag last year) & I think they had more flowers last year than this year. I'm not going to save the tubers for next year.

15 Oct, 2020


Excellent news for your wife, and yourself too! Your photos are delightful.

15 Oct, 2020


thanks a lot, the garden has been a great escape for us during the last years and it has been so rewarding to see how it has come on.

15 Oct, 2020


I'm pleased your wife had good news about her health, it must be a relief for you both.
Your photos are lovely, I particularly like the Dahlias and I hope my new Helianthemum grows into a nice patch like yours.
I hope your back is better now, we do tend to do too much don't we lol

16 Oct, 2020


Well done davey, some great colours you have there, and pleased to hear your good news , the garden is a great place to sooth the soul and escape the strains of life, I am always trying to encourage people with depression and mental health issues to try gardening.

16 Oct, 2020


First of all Davey, I am so pleased on your wife's results. I hope it continues.
Your garden is amazing! Are your dahlias scattered all around your garden or do you have one specific spot for them? Rick, my hubby loves them and they are his favourite flower , so you have prompted me to buy more for next year. Not sure where I will put them as my flower borders are full!
I love the very pale blue one! Do you have its name?
Take care and stay safe. x

17 Oct, 2020


Davey, I’m so pleased to hear Kim’s good news, it wonderful for both of you! When you mentioned 40 cycles of chemo - my goodness, she has really had the hardest time. She’s been under such stress, please give her my best wishes and thoughts.
Your photos are fantastic as usual!!! Your garden must be a gardener’s dream at the moment! Filled with vibrancy and so colourful too. You’ve a really artistic flair too.
I don’t think I’d be able to choose a favourite, as they are all pretty. Saying that, my eye is drawn to the hot orange and pink tones!
Keep and safe and well out at sea!
Best wishes.

17 Oct, 2020


Hi Rose, thanks for that, as for the dahlia's, I just grow the them in one spot, call it me dahlia garden, much to Kim's annoyance, :) :), we are south facing so they do get a lot of sun, the pale dahlia on the white background is Crazy Love, it is a beauty.
Thanks Hywel and Julien, yes the back is ok now until the next time and I so agree with you Julien the garden is a great help when going through a bit of a bad time, I know it has certainly helped us.
Thank you Kate, as with all you lovely people your comments are so much appreciated by the both of us.

17 Oct, 2020


Beautiful photographs of beautiful flowers.
Your garden must be such a safe haven for you both during these very hard few years.
Such good news about Kim .
I wish you both all the very best.

20 Oct, 2020

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