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By drc726


Hi Everyone,

I find editing blogs, questions and photos very time consuming and can no longer give it as much time as I did in the past, in the high season it can take 2-3 hours a couple of times a week scrolling through to catch up and I cannot do this now.

Can I please ask you to remember that you can nominate anything you like including your own.

Which would help us editors a lot especially now the gardener are beginning to grow and I would worry less that I have missed some crackers!

Unless the owners have changed it anyone can offer to do this editing as it is entirely voluntary.

Keep safe Denise.

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hi Denise lovely to hear from you. I didn't know that anyone could nominate an article. thank you for that information.

26 Mar, 2021


Hi Drc ... you do great work for GoYpedia.
Thank you.šŸ˜Š.

Several years ago, I contacted GoY Admin. and volunteered, to add to my list of categories which I edit for GoYpedia by taking on some from the long lists of those GoYpedia editors who no longer visit GoY.

BUT the reply to me was that Admin. does not interfere with the workings of GoYpedia. This left me very disillusioned with GoYpedia because there are hundreds of categories where nominations will not be acted upon because the editor for those pages no longer visits GoY, or has left GoY.

Below are some of the editors who have many, many categories for which they are responsible, but they no longer seem to have interest in GoY. GoYpedia editors definitely have a right to leave GoY, but after, say, a year of not being active as a GoYpedia editor, their categories should be offered to other newer, more enthusiastic members.

Some of you might wonder why items you have nominated for a category have not been included... well ... check on who is the editor for those pages, and you'll realise you are sending the nomination to an editor who hasn't been involved in GoY for many years. This whole situation took away a lot of my interest in GoYpedia, and I must admit I now rarely, as an editor, add photos, questions or blogs to GoYpedia. ..but have just added 17 new nominated items today.šŸ˜Š.

If GoY Admin,would like to change their attitude, and allow new editors to take over those 'inactive editor' lists, then I'm sure my enthusiasm for GoYpedia would return.

Drc726 does more work on GoYpedia by far, than anyone else, and is to be thanked and commended for this šŸ˜Š ... but .... she needs support from GoY management, by their agreeing to update the system of awarding categories to editors.

The list below is some of the editors who seem no longer active, and would be better to have their categories handed over to new people. If I've added anyone to this list in error, then my apologies..

Jacque, David, Bluespruce, Amblealice, Moongrower, Sooze, Treesandthings, Mushybanna, Lemondog, KarenSusan63.

26 Mar, 2021


You get a like Denise as a thankyou for all you have done over the years and also to show my delight for seeing you posting, you sure had a tough time last year, I'm hoping you are fighting fit again now..
In all honesty I didn't realise we still had a Goypedia, to my shame I never checked as I thought it had gone skywest and crooked amongst all the troubles so many were experiencing, all back in order now thankfully, I tend to stick with the blogs and questions pages, I'll rectify that now....

26 Mar, 2021


Terra apart from Karen who is not with us now as we know, I bet most of todays active members have never even heard of those members...Its no good me offering to help as I wouldn't even know how to start...

26 Mar, 2021


Just an aside to Denise - I've noticed your continued from the pages and have been wondering if you are now fully recovered from your illness?It is good to see you are still active! I for one had no idea you worked so hard for Goy.
At least four of the editors on your list are strange to me and I've been here for years. Would it be a good idea to have a list of active editors so that we all know who to be grateful for?

26 Mar, 2021


Good luck with that one Stera, I wouldn't even know who to ask, methinks we have to be grateful we're still going strong.. Denise has been working in the background for as long as I can remember, Terra also along with Dave, as far as I'm concerned they get to have all my appreciation, saying that I still thank the Founders, known in the past as Our Boys, without them we wouldn't be here floundering in the dark so to speak, lol.....I often wonder if they have a peek sometimes...

26 Mar, 2021


Hope you are recovering, Denise and keeping well?
I, too, thank you for all your hard work in keeping this wonderful site active.
Iā€™m not sure if I could do anything to help, due to lack of experience and knowledge?

26 Mar, 2021


Hi Drc, didn't realise someone did nominations. What a task it must have been. Well done for your efforts in the past.

26 Mar, 2021


I'm sorry you're having difficulty with this Denise, and I hope you are recovering well from your recent treatment.

I agree with Terratoonie that something needs to be done about the editors. There's no point in Goypedia when no photos are added to it ...
but the admin people don't care. They took AGES to make sure people could see photos on their present browsers and there were many complaints and people leaving before they even tried to do anything.
They've been the same ever since I joined in 2008 and I don't think they will ever improve.
Apparently they are "doing other projects" i.e. can't be bothered ... and they have dumped it on Dave who luckily is kind enough to volunteer.

26 Mar, 2021


I wonder if Dave has any 'authority' to instigate the release of all the many GoYpedia categories held by inactive GoY members...
...these categories amount to several hundred ...
... so, sadly, any nominations to those will not be acted upon, making a mockery of the whole purpose of GoYpedia ...
... over to you, Shedman, please. šŸ˜

27 Mar, 2021


I don't think its a case of can't be bothered Hywel, life changed for them which is understandable, they had to earn a living, support families and suchlike, we've all had to do that, I've always wondered if it would have been better if we'd paid yearly subscriptions, might have been a way of Goy earning its keep or helping a bit, it was suggested many years back, think it was actually Stera who mentioned it when we were having a similar discussion, I know some would definitely not have liked that idea but others probably would have paid, no different than having a magazine subscription really to my way of thinking....At least we are okay at the moment...

27 Mar, 2021


Life changes for everyone Sue but they have NEVER been bothered. That has always been my experience with them. They were the same in 2008, never replied to queries and if they eventually replied they did nothing about it.
And I can't see that paying for a membership would change anything.

27 Mar, 2021


Thanks for the response and don't forget although nominations can be other members your own postings can be nominated by you too and while not all posting subjects has a specific category we do our best to find a good home and sometimes it fits more than one category.
Currently I see that
chalk soil plants
peace lily
poisonous garden plants
sand shade plants
sand sun plants
sandy soil plants
square foot gardening
sunny container plants
zen gardens
do not have editors. As far as I know you just pick some that you like and ask if you can do them but that may have changed its over 12 years since I joined. But be warned I gave up slugs because it attracted troll nominations.
As to dormant member/editors perhaps inactivity on this site for say 18 months means you have to re join and are no longer editing so they would become vacant again?
Keep safe Denise.

28 Mar, 2021


I haven't asked for help for donkeys years, so can't in all fairness say anything about that Hywel, when the photo's disappeared recently I followed the instructions given by some of our members then switched back to Edge when Dave fixed our problems, Firefox is left as a standby though...Was just thinking back to previous discussions about membership, its too late now anyway, too much competition although I've never found one like this....

28 Mar, 2021

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