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How to get rid of rabbits from the garden


A good way to get rid of rabbits is to put lots of pepper on a lettuce leaf,
place lettuce leaf on a brick, and stand it in the garden,

The rabbit will come along sniff the lettuce , sneeze and bash it’s brains out on the brick,

Try it and let me know how you get on,

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That sounds crual, i know rabbits can do alot of damage in the garden, but i could never do that to them.

25 Jan, 2009


Better not do that on a windy day incase it hapens to you instead of the rabbits. lol

25 Jan, 2009


Several years ago, I had a rabbit suddenly appear in my garden one morning. It was obviously a pet so I checked with all the immediate neighbours but no-one knew who it belonged to. I was worried it would run out on to the road and cause an accident (the road here is a short cut and gets very busy in the rush hour). I rang the RSPCA who said if it was a pet, they didn't want to know. I rang the polce and they didn't want to know either. Eventually, after several phone calls, I got a woman from a local animal rescue come to try and catch it. It ran into a garden three doors away so she knocked on the door and the woman there said, "It's mine - I've been trying to catch it." Well as it had been steadily eating its way through my garden for three months I was not impressed.
Not long after, she moved and took the rabbit with her

25 Jan, 2009


Haha Clarice, would'nt really work, just a joke. i love rabbits along with all animals and gods creations. and firmly believe all things have a right to live,
Hope i have not caused offence.

25 Jan, 2009


Ha ha, Ff - of course it was a joke! I sussed you out. :-)

No offence at all.

I should have tried it out on the rabbit that plagued me last year!

25 Jan, 2009


LOL, FF. I like your could also use cayenne pepper and the rabbit would just run away in search of some water..QUICK!!

26 Jan, 2009


I often have to chase Rabbits out of my garden , i,m willing to try it ..... !

26 Jan, 2009


If you want a human solution to you rabbit problems I suggest you check out

They stock Ultrasonic repellers, non lethal traps and a wild animal repellant that is safe for pets and children.

15 Jul, 2009

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