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All along the garden wall,


Ok, lets get silly, A poem as i remember it,

All along the garden wall
silvery and bright
there’s a trail where a snail
wiped his feet last night,

He come’s into the garden
with his house on his back and his eye’s on stalks
and often travells up the path,
out on his little walks,

Er, excuse me little snail, i say
excuse me, beg your pardon,
and i picks him up by his little shell
and tossed him out the garden.

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I've never heard this before but I often carry out the action of the last line! I read somewhere that snails can find their way back again so don't know if it does any good.

16 Jan, 2009


or ... the slug version ?

Among the border where I dug,
All silvery and bright.
There's a trail where a slippery slug
Wiped his feet last night.

He comes into my flower bed
Eats my Campanula plants !
Then when he's truly fully fed,
He does a little dance.

Er, excuse me little slug, I say.
Excuse me , beg your pardon.
Sat Nav says take the Slug Highway
To someone else's garden.

16 Jan, 2009


LOL i really like this ff, after all i think we have all slung a few snails over the garden fence in our time...i have an ally way along the back end of my garden, and last year i slung a great big one over the fence that was just about to make is way to my pansies, and as it went over i heard a loud ow! someone was walking past as i did it lol.. i stayed very quiet and hoped they thought that maybe a bird had dropped it!

16 Jan, 2009


LOL very funny .........

16 Jan, 2009


Very good from both poets, I used to throw some over fence in my younger, softer days but I swear they came back so now I,m afraid I use the soft shoe shuffle instead..........

16 Jan, 2009


Thats a lovely poem Funky, even if its about a garden vandaliser ha ha ha . I wouldnt have been kind enough to throw it over the wall.

16 Jan, 2009


When the house next door to me was empty, I used to throw my snails over the fence. Must remember to stop doing it now someone is living there!

16 Jan, 2009


Excellent poems, who would be a snail, ? hope I dont come back as one you know what they

17 Jan, 2009


LOL. What a great poem FF. You too TT. I used to throw them over the fence into the road where their little houses were smashed and the robins got them... :o)

17 Jan, 2009


I used to put snails in the dustbin and, when I'd cleared out an unused sideway which was full of old bricks, lumps of concrete and sticks, I must have put around 20 of the little devils in the bin. When I then went out to put kitchen rubbish into the bin I saw they had all migrated to the top around the rim and I wondered if they ever got their little brains into gear and worked as a team they could lift the lid and escape!

17 Jan, 2009


LOL. I'm not sure that snails have any brains Nariz.

17 Jan, 2009


They can't have, otherwise they'd avoid the obvious "snail pubs" containing their floating compatriots, anything made of copper, and they'd invent "snailboards" so they could do wheelies out of the way of danger!

17 Jan, 2009


Any snails I find go for a swim in the stream! OR they get thrown over into the field at the back. I haven't asked them if they can swim! LOL.

17 Jan, 2009


LOL...... very funny......

17 Jan, 2009


Sounds like everyone throws them.

17 Jan, 2009


Well, it's either that or squash them, Clarice - and that is just HORRIBLE! The feel and the sound (and the mess!)

17 Jan, 2009


That would be as bad as squashing those huge horrible white grubs you find in the soil. I only did that once as I ended up with squishy goo all over my leg. Yuuuuuuck.

17 Jan, 2009


UGH! Nasty, Gilli. :-{

17 Jan, 2009


It was quite disgusting Spritz. Now I just leave them out in the sun and they dry up if the birds don't get them first. They don't seem to be able to crawl anywhere.

17 Jan, 2009


We have a lot of snails and when its rained they are all over the driveway my husband goes out in the dark and wonders why his shoes are crunching LOL next morning lots of squashed snails!! My friend just stamps on them i either put them in the bin or they fall in the beer traps and die smiling LOL

20 Jan, 2009


My son once invented a snail catapult, that involved my rotary washing line, a length of bungee cord and the top off a washing liquid bottle. It kept him amused for hours!

22 Jan, 2009


Best idea i have heard yet Shirl,

22 Jan, 2009


My chuckle-muscle is aching!

30 Jan, 2009


Ah, yes, Shirleypoppy, but was the person who received the flying snails amused - or how about the poor people who had nervous twitches for weeks because they SAW them 'flying' through the air?

Did they write in to the press about this strange phenomenon?

Can't you just imagine it!

"Dear Sir - while sunbathing in my garden, I observed...etc.

30 Jan, 2009


one word: salt.

25 Feb, 2009


Ha Ha, you heartless person,

25 Feb, 2009



25 Feb, 2009


this is not correct one...

Titled as "The Snail"

All across the garden wall,
Silvery and Bright
There's a line where a snail
Took a walk last night.

It came from the rockery
for something to eat
And that would be his foot mark
if a snail had a feet

Have you ever seen a snail
going for a walk
with his house on his back
and his eyes on stalk

Well, when he has finished
He rolls them in his head
and goes inside his tidy house
and tucks himself in bed.

27 Jun, 2018

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