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Good to see you back, Sanbaz, and you have my heartfelt sympathy for your sad losses. We recently lost our younger son, so I know how hard it is. Your garden is looking lovely, and hopefully it is bringing some comfort to you, and that you’re finding painting therapeutic too.

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Thank you, it also emits a very sweet fragrance.

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Thanks Alan. I really appreciate it in winter when everything else is grey & brown. It's prone to spider mites but plenty of sun & air circulation keeps it clean. It can handle the worst of winters and the hottest of summers.


Your plants look as if the rain has been just what they wanted! Everything looks lovely and there is colour everywhere. I agree with you about the difficulty of keeping up with the dead heading and in the case of our garden the weeds!!
Glad you have got your hebes back.


A sort of sawfly Thrup?

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It is my favourite white rose.

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You have created a beautiful garden which has a real sense of peace.

I am sorry to read about the sad things that have recently happened but feel sure that the lovely garden you have created will help and comfort you.

Looking forward to seeing your paintings too.

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It may be that cinnamon powder gets into ants joints & spoils their plans? I may be completely daft but if ants are a nuisance it's worth a try?


Your right, it is similar to my creamy pink one.




It looks lovely Homebird you ve done a grand job.


The nicest Alsro, I think, the foliage sets it off beautifully.


A lovely colour.


My favourite Geranium, but not in flower. I know where it should be, must check.


Mine now has no splish!


Love your fairy she is pretty.


Like the yellowish foliage.


Looks like a Clear Wig great capture.

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On photo - Allium seedhead..


The cuttings always seem to be better than the older plants, cause I forget to cut them back and they get a bit woody. Yours look good.

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Looks a bit wider this year, better to set off the plants.

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Give a lovely effect so pretty.


Lovely flowers.

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What a wonderful display.

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Nice salmon pink colour too.

On photo - Wild Daylily


Such a pretty flower.

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That's a beauty and a great colour.

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Gorgeous great colours.


Looks wonderful Dawn the lilies set it off a treat.

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That's a retty one like strawberry and cream.


Fabulous paintings Brian love them all :)

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Beautiful photos such lovely birds and nice to see your still painting Brian :)

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Thankyou Meadow I will x


Very interesting and I would think quite unusual.


Lovely colour Paul, especially as it's evergreen.


Love the dark bronzes and the pale blues together in the green borders and the third photo down with the lawns is special. :)


It certainly is,San, also gardening good to talk to you again..hope you stay around.x


Whereas mine has just come into flower this week.


It certainly is. What a beautiful soft colour.


Patricia is lovely. Mine have matured this year and I'm getting a lovely display now. They have taken time. I think because of the poor drainage in the clay soil in that raised bed. It's so frustrating because the rest of the garden has beautiful black loam.


Here in Bracknell, we often remark "our garden is good enough to open just now." The looking back, we realise we DID open on that day in the past so now we are getting the benefits.
Congratulations on making it to 'the trowel' - an heirloom for Ivy maybe?


You have been under a deluge that's for sure. Hope it gets a lot drier and brighter very soon Sue!


Whoa! Stunning photos Dawn. So much colour and so much yet to come. Gorgeous, well done!


One of my favourite plants. Mine aren't flowering yet.


Yes Im sure we will, it's lovely being on here again I must do it more often :)

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Iv been painting quite alot out of gardening due to health and other family things but iv been getting back into the garden more which makes me happy.
Love to paint it's therapy lol


Slugs/snails. I think they've killed mine - they had a good try last year but it won through in the end


I suppose our flames of passion get soggy as we get older?
How does this compare with 'Totally Tangerine'?


This seems to be flower of the moment