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I had an unexpected one as well Shirley ,odd times !


A gorgeous colour ,like copper ..

On photo - Cloe up of foliage


Very nice !


What a beautiful selection :o))

On photo - From the garden


Very pretty dainty & colours


I'm envious we had to leave ours behind when we moved ,we had ours in a pit made of 4 2x2ft concrete paving slabs like a box apparently they like their roots to be 'closed' in ... I use to trim ours in the autumn ..


Really good year for colour. Like the seat.


It looks huge they make lovely Christmas decorations ..


Beautiful,Shirley,I love those colours too.:o)


I think this one is much nicer then the plain green one too,Shirley.does it get as big as the green one?


Well, Shirley ..I got my shoe horn out for this Clematis and its now planted against the arch and Libet who used to be on here suggested I twirl it round the arch as it grows so long! I had nowhere ese it could go! So watch this space! Hahaa!

On photo - Clematis tangutica


Which Cornus is it Chris as I have three but none of them with autumn leaves like yours?


I use SBG's method 2, but use dry compost.

My main reason for this is the blooming vine weevils lurking in the crevices, I've found not checking means no roots come the spring

On question - Hi gardeners all


Thanks Chris ...


Glad you like it too Chris ... :o)

On photo - Cloe up of foliage


Good idea Julia ... I can just see a whole lot of Post-it notes stuck around the place! ... :o)

Chris, I am really pleased with it and glad I chose it over the plain green leaved variety.


No Rose,it wasn't me who suggested that particular Clematis..Sorry.


I’m thinking about a crabapple—mallus jelly king—or an amelanchier. It’s a big decision, once I’ve decided, I’ve got it forever!


They are,H,bird.I wouldn't want to be without them.:o)

On photo - Yellow poppy


Rose it is a Cornus, the leaves are fast disappearing now!


That is so pretty.


It really is beautiful.

On photo - Cloe up of foliage


Yes I like it a lot too.


me too :)

On photo - Lupinus


thank you both for the comments


Please don't be mad on me Delonix, but
Big trees in pot is like birds in a cage for me :(


Thank you for the comment Kate, yep, I would like to see it happilly and strongly flowering again. Would even move it back to Novo Hamburgo if necessary.

You are right Balcony, this one always flower in October.


I do cut it down somewhat Meadowland. It does not like to be over watered and rains are coming soon. I stuff some dry maple leafs around every winter. I might have to split it next year. The plumes look nice in a tall vase inside the house later. I have other grasses to mix in as well.


Thanks's very attractive.Does it need cutting down after the summer?


I grow it in a large pot Meadowland so I don't really know. I am sure that the roots escaped but I do not see any bits of it around.


Very delicate,K...are they invasive?


Write it down Shirley..have to do this very oftenx


A dainty colour.


That's a nice size.


Rose, what a confusing time our plants have had this year.


Rose, this hasn't grown much in the years I have had it, but it's a pretty colour evergreen.


Thankyou Ff.
Yes, Wildrose, they are a pleasure to keep.

On photo - Phalaenopsis.


I saw a pot of the red ones yesterday when we went to visit the GC. They were really pot bound and I managed to split it into 4 clumps. :o)

On photo - Pretty in pink


I noticed some orange ones out too today. They are both quite cheerful colours aren’t they?

On photo - Yellow poppy


Thanks very much for your birthday wishes everyone. :o)

On photo - My birthday cacti


I think I will leave this one in and see what happens. I doubt whether I could dig it out without tearing off the roots anyway.


I like this Shirley and will make a note of it to look out for!


Wow! Thats amazing Shirley!


They are the bedding begonias Homebird and were in such a sheltered place that they just appeared again in the summer! Couldn't believe it!


I have done 2 ways in the past.
1. Leave them in their pots but let them dry out and then keep them frost free. then in the spring repot into fresh compost.

2. Take them out of the pots, checking for vine weevils and then pop into sawdust and keep frost free. then in the spring pot up in fresh compost.

On question - Hi gardeners all


Sorry,Rose,will have a look.x


That's also why I prefer the minis over the big hybrids as well. Where we live it's like living in "Hurricane Valley"! Our block of flats is situated at the top of a street that leads down to the river - no more than a five minute walk away. There is a slight rise (can't call it a hill) when coming back up from the river. Probably no more than a few metres but that small difference in height maybe what causes the wind to be more prominent here than in other parts of the town.


It seems happy in this East facing border. I just read that the flower stem should be removed after flowering . . . will I remember to do so though?!!


I've always found that my Amaryllis flowered in early spring if I did nothing that might affect their flowering period. So as October is spring where you live it would be their natural flowering time.


Lovely to see the Dragonflies Paul. It just shows you what tremendous eyesight they have. It never ceases to amaze me how they can live under the water and then emerge into the air, catch their prey and fly.

On photo - Dragonfly