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Thank you Siris

Thanks for your insightful comment Lincslass. Some really beneficial thoughts for me in there, Love notes from experienced gardeners like yourself.


Thanks Siris :-)


Seems like your weather is very similar to ours Linclass. Nice and sunny today(though windy) and warm tomorrow but cool later in the week and all next week.
Thanks for your npte.

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You’re right Janey … I’ll just look forward to doing the rooftops! I think it will be a good way to REALLY LOOK at the scene, which is what Steve used to persuade me to do when looking at a beautiful view. Your new jigsaw sounds good fun 🙂.


Good work Julia. I hope it thrives for you.

On photo - Actnidia Kolomikta.


Absolutely gorgeous little tree Janey. I love white flowering, early blooming cherry trees also.


very nice Ange


They certainly are Siris, I think it's time we all ate pigeon pie! They've even started eating the new rose growth. Time for a catapult..:))

Sorry Ange about the pre-emptive text! If I was closer, I'd love it..haha. My Jordan's weathered the winter outside, I couldn't pick up the pot!
Now that's a good idea, I've quite a few palms and they do need repotting and feeding, that's my next job!


Whilst we were watching the farmer arrived with the latest lambs and their mums!! I love to listen to them too!


Really beautiful blossom.


Hi Rose, yes, it seems to be coming out for quite a few weeks, it does depend on the weather. It's fully opened for around 10days. The blossoms are scented too, then they turn pinkish as they age. It's only a small you don't need a great deal of room..


I have a similar type red one still to come, Rose. I love that one, too, and she is full of promising fat buds.


We bought specialist camellia feed, Rose, and that has helped a lot. Mind you, my 'Yuletide' has been shy of flowering for 2 years now even with the boost so it may be on last orders. I'm loathe to consign it to the great compost heap in the sky because I do love it. But there are a few other shrubs I have my beady on which may get the old heave-ho soon if they don't perk up. Life's to short to nurse miffy plants (at least mine is!).

On photo - Caught by the frost


I ended up with 2 liquidambers, Janey. The first one arrived with a broken trunk so they replaced it. Shame you're not closer, I would give you one. Yes, my acers have (so far) come through the winter in the g'house. I watered them much less this year. That seems to have helped (fingers crossed). 'Jordan' is a smasher. I bought a moisture meter for my houseplants and discovered I have a tendency to overwater, so have learned a lesson..


Pigeons are such a nuisance. Wish the sky was blue for your pic, it would then be spectacular.


Lovely soft pink.


All my eggshells have been added to my compost bins for years, I don't bother to put them in the oven, I crush them if I remember, often they go in as they are, they break up gradually as I'm turning the compost a job I do regularly, I also found the snails and slugs ignore the sharp edges and slither over them, it amuses me when something that even my grandfather always did is considered the latest new tip....


It is going to look amazing Seaburn and so colourful, according to the long range forecast it's predicted to be better for us from mid April onwards I'm certainly willing it to be perfect on the day....


Dependable little plants aren't they Janey!


That's the only sort of shopping that I like doing, I never rush my visits to GC's or our local nursery, you had a very successful time and have chosen some lovely plants, now you can have fun choosing where to plant them..
I'm gradually moving my hellebores into the bed below the photina, each time I spot a different one flowering elsewhere, I move it into that bed, its a sort of mix and match display, when the leaves start to get bigger and overpower the rest of the planting that is emerging I trim those ones off, after they finish flowering and have seedheads ready to collect, usually around the end of May, I cut them back down to the ground, the seedheads get scattered elsewhere in the hopes they will produce new babies but they actually work better when they have dropped themselves, I've tried sowing them to grow in my g'house without success but will try again this year....I love them as like the Aquilegia's you never know what to expect from the babies....
Your photographs are lovely, spring is definitely showing in your garden Klahanie, enjoy xx


I had both my Snowballs for over thirty years Rose, I'd never seen anything like it before, looked dreadful, the leaves turned skeletal almost overnight, I did try to save them as well but looked so ugly and it wasn't working so they had to go, the douche is just garlic powder with a dash of washing up liquid, that's to help the solution coat the leaves, its also good for the roses, helps protect against blackspot, darn sight cheaper as well, lol...Good luck on Tues, hoping chat with doctor gets you a good result...xx

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Thank you Julia, she was a gift from Mum..:)

Thanks Angel, I do love it, bright autumn colour too.
You've done well with your liquidated! Mine is no more. I don't know what went wrong, but it just didn't grow. My Jordan Acer is opening its buds though, I'm so pleased it's done ok through this winter. How's yours?


They certainly do Janey. The flowers seem to be flowering a few weeks earlier than they usually do.....climate change? The Queen Bumblebees have been flying around visiting the flowers to take the pollen and nectar back to their nests ready to build up their colonies.

On photo - Wallflowers


Belated birthday greetings from me also Klahanie, it was when I was out of action, they are lovely photographs but like many I now only like it in the photographs...
The weather is keeping me indoors, raining and set to last all day, even too cold to work in the g'house, complete backwards step, yesterday was sunny, very warm, didn't need a jacket, I've already turned our heating on and decided to have a relaxing day.....

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That's a shame Ange! What did you do to treat it because of yellow leaves as mine is the same?

On photo - Caught by the frost


Great bargain Ange. It is lovely and I love the pink tub it is in.

On photo - Pink camellia


It's beautiful Ange! Mine are still in bud.


It's beautiful Janey! Does the blossom last long?


It certainly is!


That's a beauty, Janey. I really like white-flowered cherries, they go with all the spring colours.
How's your liquidamber doing, by the way. Mine is filling the pot, so decisions need to be made!


So aptly named pretty.Love your lady underneath.


She is perfection in my eyes!


Thanks, ladies. This one was a real find at the price.

On photo - Pink camellia


I have a container of crushed egg shells, I use them around plants but have found the pesky slugs & snails still get to munch in the leaves Grrr!
I'll have a go at putting them round the tomato's this year :o)) x


Yes, Janey. This one caught it when in bud. I thought it was in a good position so could have been worse!

On photo - Caught by the frost


Yes, Linda, the bees must have had a lot to do with it.

I love yellow, Janey, but these come up like weeds! We've given a lot away to a nature group, otherwise they would end up in our green bin! They insinuate through all the borders. I brought the originals from our old garden where they filled our lawn from end to end and looked fabulous.

On photo - Seeding oxlips.


Thanks, all. It's in full flow now, absolutely stunning! I recommend this one Janey.


Out so early Linda, and don't the bees love the early pollen!

On photo - Wallflowers


Ooh, it is A beauty! I haven't had amaryllis for quite a few years. Next Christmas presents definitely!


They're all gorgeous, and exciting to see the red ones! Yellow is the colour of spring isn't it..

On photo - Seeding oxlips.


I love the colour Ange, I hope it does pick up, we've had such heavy frosts haven't we..:(

On photo - Caught by the frost


What a joy, having this in your garden Ange..
It has done very well for you.

On photo - Pink camellia


Wow! Such a pretty one...


I did the same Julia, same colours and now they are beginning to look pretty..


It's a lovely one isn't it Julia, a really pretty shape and to see the leaves beginning to unfurl, well spring is here somewhere!


Such a beautiful painting Sheila. I agree, the sky and river probably will be the hardest! Lovely to be there in your mind whilst your busy though..:) The latest one I have is of seed packets, dozens and dozens of them, I bought it at a charity stall and it will really make my eyes boggle!



That’s very impressive! It’ll probably be well over 30 inches by the end of the rainy season.

Where I live I calculate 17 to 19 inches so far this season. Downtown in the rain shadow is at 13 inches. Some plants are starting to do very poorly with this much rain… most plants love it! I think I may have lost my monkey pod tree. It was so saturated with water and now the branches are dying back. My mango tree has tons of flowers covered with mold or mildew. The leaves are getting affected with anthracnose, also. Yikes! The palms and Angel’s Trumpets are absolutely loving all this rain!

Today it was 77 degrees here and tomorrow lower 70’s, but cool rainy weather returns on Wednesday and Thursday. Ugh!


This one is in a protected position. Maybe that could be the reason. How about yours Kate?


Super flower and lovely colour.


Really lovely. Perhaps the bees crossed the pollen over from the polyanthus.

On photo - Seeding oxlips.