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Thanks, Andrew.
It's definitely in full sun in good composted soil where everything else is thriving... Haven't dreamt of pruning it - it hasn't grown enough in that time to think of doing it! Also, I've grown syriacus before (not this variety) and they've all thrived.


Thanks.....never grown white Dahlias before.....

On photo - Dahlias..


Anget it was an experiment......had no idea what poppies were going to come up...
Amy we were aiming for a wild look!

On photo - The path.....


Amy it is that.......thank Anget......


Thanks ladies......


Anget this took at least a couple of years to settle in....Amy another few days in this heat...and that will be it!

On photo - Hibiscus....


Meadow it is......would like to use it on all the fences.....but haven’t the energy!

On photo - Agapanthus....


It looks so pretty with those colours.

On photo - Hanging basket.


I have similar damage to some hostas whilst others have none at all - mainly the very dark green/blue large leaved ones. I haven't seen any snail/slug trails either and spray them all with a garlic mix once a week. They are hard work but I think worth it. Good luck with them.


Hibiscus need full sun. I never feed mine, but you could try a liquid tomato feed to try and encourage flowers. Also, it blooms in late summer, so don't prune away any new growth as these will carry the flowers. If it needs to be cut back, it should be done in early spring - I prefer to do it before new growth starts so I can see the shape of the bush, but really it shouldn't need any pruning


what about the rose of Sharon group Hypericum species. there are lots with different berry colour and size to choose from.


Lovely shot there Paul. Your Goldfinch is a bit different to the ones we get.

On photo - Goldfinch


I remember them well Anget. We didn't have a t.v. till I was nine and it was when the first itv came on. We used to go and visit grandma to see her "modern black and white" set. We saw the Coronation on it with all the family sat round.



Waddy the temps skyrocketed since that day, its too hot to even contemplate doing anything out there except watering, too much for me now I'm getting old, lol...


Information on this disorder in the link below


If it's not too late, don't give it the seaweed feed - its already got nutrients from the John Innes and the growmore you added - giving more won't be helpful and may be damaging, especially as, having been dug up, the roots need time to regenerate and recover so they won't be transporting nutrients anyway. Just keep it out of the sun and water as necessary.


Really nice and cottagey :o)

On photo - The path.....


It's lovely.

On question - Perennial foxglove?


They look lovely :o)

On photo - Dahlias..


Looking good ,we're finding watering all the pots a full time job in this weather ..

On photo - New border...


Nice and bright !


Mmmm wish I could smell it !


Gosh how lovely ,I was looking at mine yesterday the buds are still very tight no sign of them opening yet ..

On photo - Hibiscus....




It should work. Be sure to fold over the seams twice before sewing, though. Otherwise the thread will tear out too easily.


I wouldn't have thought the rusts and plums would look so well together.

On photo - The path.....


My sort of colour combination. Gorgeous.


My all-time favourite rose.


First, check to see if the twigs are moist and showing green under the skin. If not, it is probably a goner. If so, then allow the compost to dry about a cm deep between soakings, make sure that the pot drains freely, and maybe use a fungicide. Go easy on the feeding until the plant is mostly recovered.


How has this happened. For 2 years mine has just sat still...!

On photo - Hibiscus....


Don't forget The Woodentops, and Larry the Lamb, and Rag, Tag and Bobtail! That dates us.....



Maybe yellow Floribunda type roses, such as 'Julia Child' or 'Sunsprite'?


What am I doing wrong??


Alternate bearing isn't unknown among Hollies, Pennyfarthing, especially if the birds don't eat the previous year's crop. Do you remember if there were any tiny white flowers in among the leaves this spring/early summer? Also the little green berries will be pretty stealthy until they fatten up and turn red this fall--they're easy to miss.

On question - Black holly berries


They seem to be,don't they! that 'urban slate' stain?

On photo - Agapanthus....


Has a lovely, cottage feel,DD.

On photo - New border...


Hope it does well for you Waddy. I would put a bit of compost into the hole and water then put your plant in and give it another water as it's so dry.

On photo - DSC07864 small


I remember them too 3d. In black and white on a large wooden box with a small screen to the t.v. we went into a families home to see that. Muffin the mule and the flowerpot men



Great for wild life it looks huge it reminds me of Bill and Ben with litlle weed in between them it akways looked like a sun flower to me.



Stunning colours.

On photo - Snap dragon


Yes I am sure they might be small but will stand out.


Thank you Hywel 😊

On photo - Fuchsia 'Anabel'


😊 x



On photo - Do Not Disturb !


Awe just a baby really then so sad.

On photo - Dora


Yes the colour is gorgeous its nice to have more.


Beautiful colour.....


Nice one......

On photo - Kalimeris


How lovely.......

On photo - Hemerocallis cross


I do love this series......