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Thats an eye catcher lovely colours.

On photo - Sedum 'Merii'


It looks like a small woody shrub of some kind its a beauty what ever it is.


Lol Paul😊

On photo - Poppy


You have a beautiful garden so its always a pleasure to see more photo's M'land...


Oops !!.. I missed this one M'land, I like both your arches, I certainly don't envy you the painting job, I haven't got the patience for those kind of jobs and I certainly couldn't do them once in situ., I'd have more on me than on the arch. I agree the old one with the roses looks lovely and no doubt the new one will as well, it already looks good amongst the blue veronica's..Lovely photo's of your garden..


nice capture


we have these - so nice they are


wonderful view


I need all mine gutting lol

On photo - Poppy


Yes best to wear gloves Lori
So pleased to hear your transfer bed is doing well.
Yes its maddening is nt it Lori when machines you need at this time of year brake down when you need them most.


Looks like loads going on in your garden Karen, all the activity is really nice just to sit back and watch. As for flowers coming back just posted in a recent blog I have got a Sea mallow plant which nearly got dug up at the end of last year, that was until I saw a few bits of new growth, so let it go and it has now done amazing.


Dorothy is beautiful Linda, Congratulations to the happy parents and to you and hubby, hope it isn't too long before you get your first cuddle,,x


We also had some frosts at the beginning of April which would damage young leaves


I think that being unable to go out and about for such a long time, has actually encouraged us to stop and stare a bit more at what is actually going on in our gardens, we've all had more time for the jobs that always need doing, we've also been conscious of the fact that we needed to keep ourselves occupied for weeks so have not rushed things...Little things as you say bring us joy Karen, lovely blog and photo's...


Its wielding Stera, lol, had to go up and double check to see if I had actually written the wrong word, never had a go at welding although I used to watch my dad many moons ago...


Yes Lori I watch on you tube how they make differebt recipes from Dandelions even the flowers rabbits love the leaves. I can see your Mandy has good taste


I think we all sat in wet this winter past..I didn't know they hated wet - but the bank it's on is pretty dry and sandy - but nowhere was dry last winter was it?
I do cut the Black Lace back quite hard but have never cut the wild one. Will give it a try when the flowers have finished. But it doesn't look very well to me. The sparrows would miss it - its their "private" tree I think. Strange how the whole tribe lives in that corner of the garden and don't normally spend much time anywhere else.

Thank you for the suggestions, and fingers crossed!


I like this its really sweet ...


Its lovely white always catch the light in the garden ...


Congratulations Grandma Linda ,Dorothy is a little beauty , I hope it won't be too long before you're able to give a cuddle and to spoil her :o))


Thats it then Shirley mine doesn't get any sun in the morning , Thanks for the info. I wonder if its to late to move it !!


Thanks, looks very much like it.


Sue my black one is emerging a few inches high , it will be interesting to see if its the same colour ..


Congratulations! She looks beautiful and very content!




Sunburn and maybe drought - we've had so much sun in the last month and temperatures have been very high for May.


Never see a Clematis so dark before.


That's what I think, Owdboggy.


Yes it is Dd , and Parsley at the end :o)


The hammock has just had a new coat of paint, Balcony.
It just goes on and on every year, Hywel.
The Azalea is amazing this year too, best in a long time.


Dd, came from Pollies nursery. She said it would only do well in warm areas.


You are too meticulous with your weeding Dd. People say my garden is lovely, a real cottage garden. Think that's a euphemism for a riot.

On photo - Oenothera




Lovely, one I don't have:-)


What a good idea Dd.

On photo - Allium christophii


Is it a thug Dd, it's taken it's time to get established.


Oh,no....what a shame,DD.....any idea why this has happened?


I can understand your frustration.......I get annoyed regarding the photograph size, it is such a ridiculous size....I shall see you on FB....although I tend to spend more time on Instagram these days......
I would miss storing my plant details .......and all the lovely people on here, it’s like a little family..
Take care, will pop over to Wordpress see your blogs....all the best Angela

On blog - Taking A Break


yes, and people too, 3d. the leaves (when blanched or very young add zing to a salad, the flowers when picked make an interesting wine, and the root dried and roasted makes a tasty and nutritious tea. Our dog, Mandy, used to eat the ones I pulled from the lawn. She lay with the root between her paws... and ate it like Bugs Bunny with a carrot!


according to a mate of mine who helps at the Yorkshire arboretum if they sit in wet for prolonged periods they can drop branches.
so after the wet winters that could be the cause. generally pest free.


It was a rhetorical that Purple Fantasy I can see?


i usually wait until there are 2-4 true leaves, the first leaves are seed leaves and will soon fade and drop off.

in the past when I grew this I sowed the seed directly in the ground. it is hardy and will self seed freely.

On question - Pricking out seedlings


We have a similar colour......


Well done you.....


So wanted some quick growers!

On photo - Acacia retinoides


Heaven forbid.....


Yes I find that they can take as long as three years before they return to their former glory!


the sharp content has made gloves an absolute necessity,3d. I like to get my hands in the dirt, and being an old tip it's probably not too good to get it under my nails, but the transfers are beginning to come along..(it's June already... I'm so far behind.) My lawn mower and weed eater are both on the fritz..and the grass and weeds are getting tall... grrrr.... so frustrating.


brilliant use of the windfall, Amy.


Similar to ours, which is a beautiful thug.......