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Lol!!...have a list of all the plants that need moving.


Ideal then!!

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Good idea to wait until autumn. Maples are known bleeders (We love our maple syrup). They won't bleed so much and less pathogens to take advantage when the temps cool down. You can even wait until February.

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None that I know of....we grew it in the Midlands for many years..!


That's perfect then...

On photo - Sedum matrona


Rachel is a lucky girl...its a cracking variety...


Welcomed News Arbuthnot! Very welcomed news!

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Thanks Lindak..


It is K.....what Rose's have you taken out...and why?


Hebe 'Silver Queen'? As it has some silver variegation, then a sunny spot should do.

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Oh dear...they will rot off if they have too much wet!! ....we have planted some in the ground!! as an experiment!! at the top of the far so good!


I expect it was!!

On photo - Gentiana septemfida


Was about to buy this sublime Aeonium...went on to Google Images....nothing like the pleased I never purchased it!!


Thanks both...


Thank you both. Should I do it as soon as flowering is over, say, September? I like the idea of growing some new ones to sell at our Horticultural Society plant sale in May for their funds, so should I tae the cuttings now?
By the way SBG, the yellow foxglove you gave me last year bloomed well and came up again this year with a larger spike but cream rather than yellow.It's been lovely, thanks.

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Ours literally curled up and died!!


Crickets are the same family, I believe, and I saw one today walking along the pavement! So, Bathgate, it looks you and me both are going to see and make changes. Good luck.

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Thanks Bathgate that's good to know I will wait until Autumn as I would have done it now.

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Agree, don't be shy about cutting them. They can handle a harsh pruning and will often rebloom. If I just get tired of looking at it, out it comes roots and all. No regrets.

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This looks very much like my euonymous silver king. They are prone to spider mites so full sun and lots of air circulation -

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I think it would benefit from a light pruning, but do it in the fall. How much to prune? So that I can stand underneath without getting bumped or poked on the head. I'm 6'1" so everything must be pruned at least that high. I want to walk completely around the trunk without leaves brushing me or anything poking my head. This would make the tree more inviting and aesthetically attractive.

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yeh frost will get them, and so will direct sun. These found their 'happy place' in my upstairs back bedroom. Important to remember that they are epiphytes. They need lots of air around the roots, even exposed completely.

On photo - Phalaenopsis Orchid


Yes they are edible when they turn black. You can see a black one upper right. However, the large seed in the middle makes them rather unpleasant but they taste similar to blueberries. I leave it for the birds.


LOL nothing to fear. Occasionally they'll wander into my house and I'll do the same thing - other things as well yikes!

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I have seen a preying mantis Paul in Spain ,it was in our bedroom I picked it up and put it outside , at the time I didn't know what it was .. I was just glad it didn't bite Lol

On photo - Katydid


that is a good point. I hadn't given that much thought. :o)


Thank you Jimmytheone, hubby was looking at toolstation and screwfix last night lol. He said something about this brand. I will have to have a look myself.

Thepoisongarden, can understand that, sometimes I forget that I'm not as young as I once was and feel it in evening and hubby nags me for overdoing it 🤣. Think he was thinking of a cordless one after I went through the cable on the one we have got this spring.


I think the choice between corded and battery has a lot to do with age. I find my battery runs out of go long before the battery on my Challenge 18v hedge trimmer gives up so that's fine for me.


Looks lovely Kate. Probably just too dry for Leucothoe...even though you watered them well.

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Yes Aleyna, but this is mainly because I like to use them as part of a winter potted display on the patio. For this reason I am fond of the dwarf conifers. I currently have six in pots, plus a bigger blue spruce which I haven’t decided on a spot in the ground for yet, and a Christmas tree which is now struggling in the pot and will probably only last one more festive season. That definitely won’t go in the ground. Far too big.


Some of them are looking pock marked now. Too much wet. I’m hoping for drier weather now until they go back indoors.


I had trouble with this variety in the past, but my others have all done well. Kate, they do look terrible during the summer here and I often think they are dying. I think its just that they go dormant during the warm spells. I have lost this variety in the past though.


Me too...lets try to find out! :)

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Lori, most years I am relieved by this time of year. Autumn and winter are never a huge disappointment. Summer nearly always frustrates me because my roses are washed off and I can’t get outside for rain. So I am feeling more optimistic now. Hoping for a dryer, sunnier autumn.


Thanks Kate. Every year I love sedums more! :)


I lost all my phalenopsis to frost. Some of them I had for many years :(
Will try to grow them indoors next year.

On photo - Phalaenopsis Orchid


Are they edible?


For many years I was afraid of praying mantis, believing they were poisonous.
Although I already know they are not, even so I wouldn't be confortable with some crawling my hands.
The picture is good, well captured. :)

On photo - Praying Mantis


Jen, since you mentioned a pole cutter, I have a high hedge and have to use a ladder to reach the top. I have been considering one from Toolstation. The Einhell 900W High Reach Electric Hedge Trimmer GC-HH 9048 is a good price and will cut at an angle so might be worth a look. Has anyone else bought one of these?


I've noticed that you keep the conifers in pots for a while before move it to the ground, is it right?


How interesting. I've never seen a blue geranium before. Thanks for sharing


They are beautiful


in the past with similar salvias I have just trimmed it back with shears/secateurs, to the height I want. then any none flowering stems are put into compost to form roots and new plants. these are kept frost free and planted out next spring.

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Great photo


Thank you Lori.

On photo - White azalea


I remember you saying you were going to try with the Leucothoes,K...there are 3 planted here,have very little attention and in dry areas....all three seem to do is is in a container.


Looks like a dry area,underneath a hedge,Kate...have a similar bed,as you say,trial and error.The Sempervivums,etc,look very settled.

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Seaburngirl never seen a seed pod on Susan ,I think it is a Hybrid which may account for it not having any.


You really get it. It's so opposite winter and cold and rains and stuck in the house. It helps too that summer's here are not hot. 25c I guess is our June- October average.
I'm not sure I want a true sweltering hot and humid full blown tropical climate . Not at my age and constitution-wink.


Thank you so much Amy. I hope the Katydid makes good on its reputation. I have a few praying mantis pics. Should I post a couple for you?

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