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Beautiful. I love ferns & the little splashes of colour set here & there are lovely.A very restful place to sit or wander around.


I intentionally plant cream Calendula and yellow Hellebores, but generally favour purples, blues, pinks and white (and love lilac!). But a tall yellow Aquilegia appeared unexpectedly last year and it did add a definite zing 🙂.

You’re right about yellow leaves - I love my Philadelphus Aurea and the Carex (Bowles golden sedge) ... great contrast.


I like yellow too.I have a biggish bush of that golden holly.
It has been nice & bright out there all winter.


So many different happy plants ... and I love that chair!


Excellent collection of your wildlife pictures Paulinthemix.
Could not choose my favorite. Like them all.

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You'll have pots and pots of scented loveliness.

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I had to,look back Mossy and yes, I remembered this. Beautiful wall, did your neighbours still keep the fence or did they go for the far more attractive other side of your wall..:))
Well, hasn't your garden grown into its space and how beautiful it is, you must be so proud Mossy. Have you still been opening for the NGS?
So pleased your back with GoY, I for one can't wait to see more of your garden. I did wonder if the hanging spheres in your garden now are bird nesters?


Yes, it is a 1000 pieces, as was the floral, tea one. I have never done a 2000 piece one, Klahanie. I haven't broken it up. I think that it would be rather nice framed. I will have to decide. For the moment it will stay where it is, on a board,on the floor. I don't have a lot of space. Thank you all for looking.


That is a lovely painting, Meadowland.


Very well done. I can barely draw a stick figure.

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Well done, Feverfew.
I did something similar just recently. It was 2000 piece . I've found puzzles of these kind of paintings challenging as well.


Wow Mossy! What a stunning garden, I love it!
Beautiful pots and palms, tree ferns and so lush. It looks to be a very exciting garden with something to explore around every corner and down every step.
An Enchanted Garden for sure...


You can prune the wayward branch just above the collar like you stated, but don't add any sealant or dressing of any kind. Just let it heal itself naturally. The cold weather is enough to keep it sterile until it naturally forms a callous over the wound.


go to this link and click on "download" button and follow the instruction.

Hope you will be back soon.

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Thank you Amy,and Shirley,I shall be sad when it's finished flowering,but feel it won't last much longer,but what a joy it has been .My little Robin will be keeping one of my other Houseplants company,after all,a Robin isn't just
for Christmas ! Sorry,I couldn't resist !... It must be the side effects of the Vaccine I had last week ! :o)

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A fantastic retreat Mossy. I always admired it in the past. So much interest in there. I am glad that you are posting again.


ours has been cold and dying last few weeks then lively later , no idea what's happening ? Hibernation ??

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some Hamsters are like that. Over the years we have had a couple like that and others totally nocturnal. Our last one, Tinker, came out at both ends of the day.

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What an artist's eye and plant knowledge you have, Mossy! I am in awe. I wouldn't know where to begin to try and achieve the cool, leafy effect you've created.


Amy I/we have the pre war styled 1952 BSA B31 too. so they will look the same. I have trouble kicking it off sadly but it is lovely to ride.


what a lush and verdant garden. absolutely beautiful


I'd leave the lichen as it is a sign of clean air and doesn't feed on the tree.


Yes all our snow disappeared overnight. Relatively mild today so I actually did some gardening, and was rewarded by the wonderful surprise of seeing two buds and a flower on my Daphne which has never flowered before!

Also a plant arrived from Hayloft, so now I’m definitely feeling that Spring isn’t too far away 🙂.


Thanks a lot. There is also some lichens growing on. Some say it's bad, others say they're harmless. Should I rip them off?


Thanks Yorks, Siris and Paul: I will send your 'positive vibes' out when I am planting them.


There's sure to be someone, Amy!

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Well, Shirley, the wouldn't cheer anybody up. I keep thinking there must be something positive going on in the country that they could report as well as all the Covid stuff.
I think it must be worse for those living alone, or cooped-up with toddlers in high-rises.
It's hard to make the mental effort to try and think positively every day!


Thanks anyway Anjet ,some other bright spark might know :o)

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Thanks Anget, I messaged her earlier today and she sounded quite despondent with the weather, Covid restrictions etc. but there's little I can say to help her right now . . . :o(


Julia, a fair few members are having/have had this problem these past few days and it seems those of us who were using Microsoft Edge have now downloaded Firefox ( a free browser) which has sorted the issue.

Take a look at Hywel's blog from today and read through the comments to see if Firefox will work for you. Hope it does!

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Sorry, Amy, I'm no expert and only use emojis on my phone! We're an all-Mac family.

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How fabulous is that? So pretty . . . :o)

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Thanks Balcony . . . regards Shirley !!! :o))


That's an iconic bike! Lots of chrome and rugged.


A lovely little drawing Hb .. well done ..

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Anjet I've managed to install a spell check on Firefox but can't use ' emoji's ' on GOY which I could on Microsoft Edge is it possible to have them installed or not , I hope you don't mind me asking you sound like an expert or your husband is .. Thanks ..

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I had the same problem Hywel and have downloaded Firefox , if you follow the above instructions you'll be fine ,if I can do it anyone can x

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I'm sure they do I expect yours has its own little quirks , my husband had a Triumph thunderbird Motor bike when I met him eons ago , it's a wonder we survived .. he later did up a 1946 BSA B31 350CC motor bike which he passed on to our son-in-law who still has it ...


Don't we all Paul , our granddaughter arrived back in NY last week after having to spend a couple of weeks in Mexico to quarantine before being allowed to enter ,she works from her apartment ... she says its a ghost town

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wow that must be something. It's almost like they have a personality of there own.


Yes we go Paul its held near the beach I doubt if it will be this year ,I think I had some photos I'll have to look for them ... mile upon mile of nothing but treasured cars all proudly shown off ,gleaming spotless and looked after immaculately..


oh yeh I think I've seen that. I hope this stupid covid thing goes away soon. The city is like a ghost town now. So many shops and businesses are gone now.

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Thanks David it was a cheap sale buy left on the shelf ,I guess nobody knew what it was ... no worries Yorks they do look very much alike at this stage ....

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Wow, that must be wonderful to see Amy. Do you ever go? At that time gas was like 29¢/gallon.


Paul I agree Haha roll on some nice weather lets get the firepit on the go ,I'm drooling at the thought of smores :o))

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Thank's David can you use emoji's on Firefox ? i've installed the spell check ..
I still have Microsoft edge and Google which are both useless for GOY as not showing the photos ,internet does but is a fiddle to use also i read internet is finishing this year ... ..

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I'm glad you have that resolved Amy. Such a weird thing! lol Now we can get on to more important things - like smores!

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Just realised that what I thought were berries (perhaps "thought" is the wrong word here) are flowerbuds after all.
What a wally.

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I've only ever used Firefox, and have had no problems with photos (so far....)

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