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On photo - Close-up


Lovely plant.


Nice one. There is also a variegated with purple flowers, better contrast I think than the variegated with white flowers.


Mine is less pink and more "coral" colour Anget and unfortunately it does not keep its colour and fades to almost beige in time. Still in tight bud now. Very showy and lovely when it first opens.


You are lucky that you can buy so cheap. I do not have that luxury on this Island. I am paying high prices and am annoyed when plant dies.


That is Vogel.


I think it will help, I'll keep an eye on all three and treat as necessary.


We inherited this plant. It is a big show here in spring and we love it Anget. My OH's favourite. Ours is just coming to bloom.


Good luck with your magnolia Cariad18. Plants grown in pots do not get that big.
Your magnolia is very pretty Julia. It just got frost bite this year. It happens . We get that occasionally too.

On photo - Magnolia Susan


We live in forested area on 8acres of land Cariad18, so yes, very peaceful.

Thank you Linda. We love our birds :-)


Thank you both...Chris,there are so many of this colour and flower shape,I wish I knew the name.

On photo - Unnamed Clematis.


Thank you all for your nice comments.

On photo - Close-up


I agree with you Cariad18.


A favourite colour of mine in flowers.


I really like the colour of this one and it has done really well for you.

On photo - Unnamed Clematis.


How lovely...keep us updated about their growth.

On photo - More acers.


Dear Anget and Sheila - I will definitely pass on your best wishes to her.



I think we have about 20 different varieties, lots very small from supermarkets. We are grouping them on the patio so that it doesn't look so much like a runway! I am bound to lose a number of them but enjoy them while they last! Trouble is, OH likes them too. This is more than enough, Meadow.

On photo - More acers.


May I ask how many in total?..Are you dotting them around or having small grouping areas?

On photo - More acers.


Hope the iron solution will help, Siris.


Thank you! X

On blog - Visiting Stourhead


I do as well,Chris...she must have help with that huge garden.

On blog - TV series.


I'm not sure the problem is being caused by aphids, even if the aphids are cherry blackfly - that usually makes the leaves curl and those leaves may fall, but does not affect fruiting. There is likely another cause, so observation of what exactly happens at various stages seems necessary - for instance, is the tree healthy in terms of the trunk, branches, shoots and foliage? does it set blossom okay? do fruitlets start to form shortly afterwards? If it does, when precisely does the fruit start to shrink and shrivel and does it have any symptoms on those fruitlets beforehand, that sort of thing...


I would go for Enkianthus campanulatus. Can't identify the variety though.


Stunning colour.


I agree with you about the important things. At least in our own gardens we can try to make a difference. I remember decades ago discovering Chris Baines book on wildlife gardening and I recently acquired the Butterfly Bros. book which is full of great ideas. We have kept our new gate high off the ground as we have regular evening visits from the hedgehog(s) and keep scrapes under the fences for them to come and go, too. The cat is a bit bemused when she meets them!

On photo - Water Vole


So pretty, love the colour too.

On photo - Unnamed Clematis.


Such a beautifully rich colour.


Thank you Shelia. I’ve never seen a Dunnock before, they are very interesting to watch :)

On photo - Water Vole


:) no problem

On photo - Verbascum


Yes indeed :-)


Really lovely and a place for the birds too.


So much detail in the flowers. Beautiful.

On photo - Close-up


Thanks Kate , interesting , I'm sure it must make a fabulous wind break ...


Oh my goodness, poor Rose. Thank you for letting us know, and please do pass on my best wishes.


That all sounds brilliant Cal. Blackbirds, dunnocks and robins entertain us every day, using the bird bath for a good shower … their enthusiastic fluttering always makes us smile 🙂.

On photo - Water Vole


Give her my best.


OK Cal, but it is quite immature so far … lovely leaves though!


Thanks, all. I'm warming to it now!


That's kind.

On photo - Verbascum



On photo - Close-up


How large is the tree? If reachable just squish the aphids with your fingers

How bird friendly is your garden? I have blue tits which are forever foraging for insects, maybe try to encourage more birds with hiding spots, shrubs & the like?

Check the trunk for ants using the tree as an aphid farm


I really like her programme too and she has such a natural manner as she explains things. She is very helpful and I learn something each time I watch.

On blog - TV series.


Thank you both so very much. I will pass on everything you have said.


Still very beautiful, K..
Mine is minute compared with yours.

On photo - Magnolia Susan


Still beautiful despite the snow. I have this one in my garden too, it’s nice to see how big they can get, mine is in a pot though.

On photo - Magnolia Susan


Looks a very tranquil place to be Klahanie.


Even prettier close up.

On photo - Close-up


It is extremely pretty :)


No it’s for my spent daffodils in my grass under my apple trees. Could I also use it on my geranium?

On question - Sulphate of potash