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It could be vine weevil, the adults will nibble the leaf edges, this normally takes place summer into autumn, but if I were you I would lift it out the pot and have a look for signs of the small white grubs tease out some of the roots to check thoroughly, potted plants are quite often affected by vine weevil and if you have them then the roots will be nibbled away resulting in the death of the plant, you would expect this in the spring but due to mild winters I have noted vine weevil grubs in dec,jan and feb in the past few years.


Lol at least they give you a good show to watch.


I thought you'd seen a photo of me when I read the title :o)) glad it turned out to be gold finches. They are such pretty birds aren't they?

Lovely blog Karen and I know what you mean. Our garden is very wet and towards the workshop it is very boggy. fortunately the ground slopes down away from the house.

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this is a A.chinensis and only gets about 1-1.5 ft tall.

Not sure what I am going to do with them all.

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I love the clear blues of this one.


Forsythia 'Gold Tide' is much smaller, no more than three feet tall and wide after 20 years

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Yes, its a weird thing our microclimate here in Dundee environs. I often forget that there is a hundred miles or so of very cold exposed Borderlands between us and England because our weather is so mild. Even Edinburgh seems a lot colder to me and as for Aberdeen (an hour up the road)...bitter! It's all to do with the hills to the North and West of us. They shelter us from the worst of the weather and of course, the firth of Tay (on our side) faces south, so we have that in our favour too. Being coastal makes a huge difference in itself as well. But yes, we are very much an 'oasis' in the North. Its similar on the Moray coast as well. They often get great weather there as well. Much better conditions than Northumbria or the North York moors. :)


Ah...that's the voice of a woman with more than an acre! ;)

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LOL! So be fair, I have had a large G&T. what I meant was....are you crawling in the mud with your tummy in the dirt Dawn? lol! The things I say/type/do sometimes!

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I've been cutting back on the pond banks, then by lunch it was raining yet again. Yes spring is just around the corner and hopefully the ground will be drying out soon. Your plants flower so early taking into account how far north you are.


Yeah they're messy and take some room but sure pack a punch, I quite like shrubs that are wow for a couple of weeks, especially if they follow on from each other.

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Made me laugh Karen but not sure what you mean :-)

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I don't have Forsythia. I don't know why, but I have never liked it. But seeing your buds there....well....just joyous.

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Mine have only been visible for a couple of weeks.


Yes, they seem to be very tough. A long way to go....but on the other hand...the snowdrops are starting to go over a bit, and once that happens...well, we are on the home straight Dawn. This awful weather has made the winter very depressing. I was outside for about 5 hours today and did manage to get some good work done. But the soil is so so heavy. But spring will will. :) x My first clump of daffodils is out now.



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Hello Marjorie...what a terrible shock for you. A sudden death is so terrible for those left behind. Its early days yet for give yourself time. I hope the coming spring does indeed give you a lift. makes me think, it really hear about your sudden loss. We never know what is just around the corner do and blessings to you and your family at this really tough time. xx

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We have a long way to go yet Karen dont we! Thankfully M stellata usually do OK.


She feels just the same as we all do. Poor Trixie. Our Willow (The Labrador) is so funny, she goes out in the rain and comes in and 5 minutes later she is asking to go out again. They live in the moment, you can't explain to them that it is 'still' raining!

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The rain...the rain...the interminable rain. :(

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Hepaticas really are the dearest little flowers. They are so endearing. :)

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super. It reminds me of the anemone I just bought. Anemone multifida 'Rubra' a similar colour.

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These are gorgeous!

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Buds with colour showing!! How fantastic! Truly spring is on the horizon :)

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OH, I do hope so Dawn. I have some buds swelling on my Leonard Messel, which I planted last summer. I am so excited to see the blooms! The frosts are such a problem for them aren't they. I remember my soulangiana in the last garden being frosted and all the flowers going brown. It's so sad when that happens. There's a big white one in the garden of the farm behind us and almost every year they get ruined by the late frosts.


Going commando again Dawn? ;)

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They are poised! No sign of mine yet.


At this time of year I always wish I had more and more of them. But I do have enough...really I do! I moved one of my yellow ones today. The border is so so wet. I don't think they enjoy the very wet soil.


That's so peaceful...the start of a brand new day...lovely :)



Yes very much so.


Ha have a vivid imagination Julia! That will be the day! ;)


It’s a super colour..

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To be honest they don't do well for me but thanks anyway

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They are such pretty colours aren’t they.


No thanks SBG! The only Astilbes I like are Fanal and chinensis pumila. They are both smaller than the other ones which get too big for my garden. Thanks though!

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Such pretty flowers.

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These husbands do come in handy now and again. 👌☺️



Thanks Rose I am well over the bug now. Yes we were very lucky. When I saw the bubble wrap blowing like a kite through the door, I knew we were in trouble. We managed to stabilise the front frame and wedge some sheets of polycarbonate between the frame and the water barrels. It held it until T could sort it out when the wind eased.
It’s great to see the daffodil bulbs popping up in the garden and almost in flower.




I like the pale yellow shade ...

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Sounds good to me Brian!

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Gorgeous one

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Lovely colours and mix there.

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Its lovely that's why I love grasses they bring movement to a garden swaying back and fore I find it theraputic to watch.


Lovely colour I love to see them in gardens some are huge in the gardens around here there are lots at Cow and Calf Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire.

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...and they usually bring a few 'friends' along to finish the job.


Yes, it's perfectly fine. I know those spines will get ya'. I find using kitchen tongs to handle them works really well and a very sharp knife. Give the pups pots of their own and they'll grow on. Or you can create a nice display in using a wide shallow dish and colored sand. Make gift for somebody?


A full tummy then a reward for doing the gardening lol.


Very nice lovely colour.