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It must be nice to have so many daffodils around the house.
Are you sure the calendar photo is of them though :)


Love all your photos of the old buildings Kate. I love to see the old buildings, they have a certain feel of taking one back to the past, and I always wonder what it was like then for people, the way they lived, what they ate and dressed in.


They are cute aren't they Balcs...I just love the name.I can imagine they look just right dotted around tge Church Gardens.

On photo - Rip van Winkle.


David, the sea is definitely still surrounding our island!

Thanks Rose, we had a dry day until 5pm when there was light rain so I carried on weeding a border. I hope you managed to get some gardening done today.

Julia, I think Wednesday is set to be a sunny day, but the following 3 days will see rain again.

Chris, there were so many folk there, one of the cafes has outdoor seating and it was crammed with people. It's a good job we know where the quieter beaches are for our next seaside walk! Hopefully the rain in the Southwest will stop soon.


Thankyou both ... this is in a large pot and has many buds yet to open.


Daffs are so lovely to have &, as ML says, "You can never have too many!" πŸ˜ƒ

I have a few coming up on the balcony as well. Last week the first miniatures started to flower. I'm now waiting for the big ones to flower.


Lovely to see this Daffodil growing & flowering in your garden, ML! I grew them one year on the balcony & when they finished flowering I replanted them in the gardens of my old church. They come up now every year & in fact I think they may be flowering right now. Many of the other Daffs have been flowering for a while now.

On photo - Rip van Winkle.


Lovely seaside scenes Shirley and I am so pleased you had nice weather. Down in the south west we just get wet, wet and more wetness!! I really need the sun to shine down on me now!!
You must have had such a pleasant walk.


That was a surprise photo Karen!


Such a lovely photo. A very pretty colour.


Sbg that is a lovely idea and I am sure your daughter is very happy to have them.

Davey that made me smile!! Their bakery is wonderful too! I saw the advert about Buckfastleigh and would like me to go there sometime!

Meadowland it is a water colour which I bought at a local auction for next to nothing!


Ange, there are so many lovely varieties of this plant and I would love to have more space to get more of them but our house is already full of house plants. My OH claims that no matter how big the house it would always overflow with plants. I think he is right.
Have you posted your "Dart"? I will have to go back and refresh my memories.
Thanks for your comment Ange.


Thank you Balcony.
He/she decided to lend on our BBQ and it is about 4-5 feet from where I was sitting but I was inside and it was outside.


Can't have too many Daffs Chris...look so good with the Catkins too.Is that a water colour or oil?


That is a lovely one Shirley_tulip.


Don't know about the daffs, I find when I go there, I can't resist the steak pies, absolutely full of steak and the pastry is lovely, see they have also opened up a new shop at buckfastleigh


I also cant resist the 3 for 2 but I split them so I get 11/2 bunches and my daughter who lives locally gets the other half.


Thank you both..☺️


What attractive beach huts...just need the sun.


Thank you so much Karen,Balcs and Rose.
Karen,today and tomorrow is going to be dry but the rest of week wet,wet,wet.

On blog - A new walk.


My favourite spring flower!

On photo - More daffodils.


Well done you for getting work done in the garden!
Why did you have to dig up the Choisya?
Such a shame!


It looks a wonderful place to have a walk Julia.

On blog - A new walk.


It must have been lovely to see the sun after all the rain we have had!
Sunny here up to now!
With a bit of luck I will get some gardening done today!
Loved your photos!


We had a flurry but it did not hang about!


I do like these, Klahanie. I have 'Dart' which is not as cheerfully coloured as yours, but it is very reliable and I love it for its leaves.


Thanks, girls. I was hoping to take the photo in the sun but by the time we had walked round to this path it had disappeared again!


I think these were here long before the houses were built, Kate.

On photo - More daffodils.


Thanks David!


Not seen the sea since the year before the lockdowns first began so it was nice to know it's still there & hasn't totally evaporated with the warming climate - yet! 🀣 🀣 🀣


A very nice walk, Julia! πŸ‘

On blog - A new walk.


Lovely to see all your lovely Hellebore pictures, Sheila! πŸ‘ I'd like to grow them on the balcony but the only time I had one it didn't last a year even! Probably because our balcony faces SW & therefore gets all the sun going from about 11am till it sets. During the summer it can get quite hot - too hot to be comfortable sometimes.


A beautiful looking bird, Klahanie! πŸ‘ How lucky you were to be able to get such a great picture of it so close up! πŸ‘


I suspect that most of us fed ducks with bread at least. I seem to remember doing so but I don't really remember if our kids did as well. Perhaps the few years they lived in the UK we may have done so but where we lived in Spain there were no water birds to feed.

We didn't know any better when we were kids - or perhaps even as young parents ourselves! we did what we always used to do when we were kids & probably our parents did the same when they were kids or young parents.


An unusual looking flower, Wylie! I've never seen it before but it's pretty though. πŸ‘

On photo - Ferraria crispa


Some lovely Iris flowers, Janey. πŸ‘


Karen, the flooding in the fields around here is dreadful. I don't think I have ever seen it so bad, yet the retail parks and the new housing estates continue to be built ... madness!


Little by little, that's how I'm gardening at the moment.

On photo - Hellebore


Oh, that's so funny about the Blackbird! Sadly, we rarely have any Blackbirds visit our garden, no doubt because the new neighbour's removed their nesting site which was a huge Bay tree ... :o(


Lovely to see the coast Shirley. We managed 30 minutes tidying in the garden this morning too, and then the blackbird joined in and made a mess … it’s what he does best πŸ™‚.


According to records Klahanie, we have had the wettest February ever in the UK … far more rain than usual which we did notice! Hoping for warmer, drier weather in March.

In our old garden, the little Prunus meme had very pretty pinky-red flowers, but here the flowers are white. No explaining it. I certainly don’t expect fruit - in fact I have no memory of what made me grow it in the first place. Thank you for your comment. x


Lovely collection of hellebore Sheila.
We cannot grow apricot trees here unless they are under the roof. It's too wet here. I tried but it died. By the way, it is my favourite fruit. My friend grows successfully an espaliered peach tree under the overhanging roof of their barn.
Talking about's raining right now.


Lovely sight.


Thank you Kate. I love to watch them "sailing" above the ocean.They love to feed on fish.


How lovely is that. I've just been outside to put some food out for them. At least you are getting going with the gardening. The main thing is don't do too much to start with. I went out and cut the old snowdrop flowers off the plants and cleared around the edges of the lawn as Gerry cut the grass.

On photo - Hellebore


Thank you Shirley, Rose and Lindak. It is very exposed but seems to resist the inclement weather.

On photo - Hebe 'Red Edge'


Very sensible Lindak.


Aw thanks, Karen! I'm definitely going to keep my fingers crossed! I hate to miss any of my 3 classes!
One of my friends does yoga at home too, I bet you feel pretty uplifted afterwards.


Looks and sounds lovely!!! Pity it only lasts a day, Wylie.

On photo - Ferraria crispa