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Yes Aleyna The polytunnel was in a box and I had to fix the pieces together myself. It was very easy to do.
I asked someone to build the base for me. I am no good at things like that.

I hope you will be able to get some mini greenhouses. They are very handy.


Hi Tt, nice to see you again, Derek.

On photo - Believe in tomorrow


what a lovely selection of plants. thanks for sharing again.


Yes agree with owdboggy, don’t go into the old wood, however if you want to reduce the height a little say two feet, then the secret is to carefully study the top frame work of the branches and go down two feet in the centre leaving some of the top growth to hide the cut, this is then slightly trimmed, and in time the top will fill in, you can speed this up by wiring together some of the top growth, I have done this many times, but takes a little time, another idea would be to look inside if it has got a decent long trunk, then you could if you so wish expose the trunk and create a topiary ball, the effect can look great.


the answer is no for the reasons given by Owdboggy.
you could reduce the height by finding the middle and cutting out the leading twigs but you wont be able to make it slimmer.


And I would wait until spring if you decide to prune as OB suggests as it can encourage new, soft growth which would be burnt off if there are frosts.


Thank you for your kind comments, Sheila and Kate ♥

On photo - Tradescantia


Thank you for your comment, Kate!

On photo - Opuntia


Thank you Kate!
You're so kind ♪

On photo - Hosta etc.


Short answer, no. Unlike deciduous trees, conifers do not have dormant buds on the branches and trunk which would grow when stimulated by pruning. What is brown stays brown. You would need to leave at least 1 inch of growing material when pruning.


Thank you for reply. I was not planning bring mine in during winter. I'll check for instructions about it.


Thank you TT

On photo - Wisteria alba close


It is a fantastic garden, it is manicured, I will agree, but the colours are incredible, (✷‿✷)


Hope everything goes well for you TT.

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Amy you are probably right she looks at me sometimes and you can see worry in her eyes then we have a cuddle.

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Hywel, thank you for sharing your improvements.
I told hubby I want those mini greenhouses :)

If I have understood it properly, this polytunnel is something you bought ready, and instaled in a wood base?


Lovely colours....

On photo - Autumn Leaves


I don't think ours has ever had any flowers.....but I don't object to that..


Noticed ours are about to flower...a good shrub.....


All very enjoyable,did you show any


That's good :)


Good to see you Terra ... look after yourself 🙂.

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Thank you :)


Thanks Linda, I have three chimney pots in all :)


Thanks, I'm glad you were able to identify your fuchsia from my photos.

Link for blog showing new polytunnel …


Fabulous !!!

On photo - Autumn in the Air


Still in flower ..... :o))


Wow what a gorgeous colour ... Autumn has somethings worth waiting for ...

On photo - Autumn in the Air


I'm sure you will miss them Paul I've hung my plants upside down in the garage apparently it will help them to ripen off quicker .. I agree they are very tasty ...


Aleyna this is the link for the blog showing the new polytunnel :-

Thanks Daren, the compost has been ready for a long time but is still in the bin. I will spread it when I get a chance.


Pretty !

On photo - Wisteria alba close


Thanks Aleyna and J.... 2019 has been a demanding year, but I hope to be caught up with urgent tasks by Christmastime !

On photo - Believe in tomorrow


No, its a hardy variety. Doesn’t need bringing in for winter.


It must be the heat there Brian. Mine is still intact. It’sturning a bit golden now, but not dropping yet.

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No truer words, are you?

On photo - Believe in tomorrow


Yes Kate...just one plant though.


Ha ha Bathgate. Hardly ever snows here, even when the whole of the UK is under snow...and that’s rare...we usually have nothing.


Above the Bergenias?

On photo - A touch of autumn


My Cactii are living happily in England.


What a beautiful message! Loved it

On photo - Believe in tomorrow


Looking for the Polytunnel blog (which I didn't find :))), read this blog.
Wow, big colletion, healthy and beautiful.

Thanks for the blog. I finally could identify the one I have. So, I believe the fuchsia we bought is similar to a hardy Chillerton Beauty.


Wonderful work Hywel,

Our raised beds are 70cm high, we put 10cm gravel in the bottom to help drainage, covered it with black soil mixed with compost. We found out that the top becomes very dry under the sun, so we covered it with sawdust to keep moist.

I'll look for the polytunnel blog.


If the compost's ready then spread it when you can. It's a lot down to steady moisture retention & providing an ideal environment for soil fungus to thrive. I've been thinking the ideal would be soil like a forest floor but with sun on it in the growing season


What a pity. Collect the flowers and prepare water of roses, for yourself :)


Karen, why "Hardy", is it a name fr the species?


And yet would you believe we don't often go to see it these days - just love pottering around in the garden, enjoying the trees and the clean air. One of the reasons we bought a house a bit inland was so we would never take the sea for granted but somehow knowing its all there waiting for us seems enough! And I think there are more primroses round our village than just on the coast!

On photo - puffin on Skomer


Have just been out with a bamboo cane and it worked a treat, I will treat the pond later and get some more covering plants but once again thanks for all your advice


How about some photos?
My cacti flower - one Christmas cactus in bud already. I haven't given it a name. Guess you don't have those in California as they are not desert cacti.


My Granddaughter calls them Christmas onions ,is that a Yorkshire thing Kate ?

On photo - Pickled shallots