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Thank you for the house is painted cream and there's loads of them on there but the brick houses don't look like they have them .
No i don't live near rapeseed fields Jimmytheone .


Pollen beetles, no need to worry, just a nuisance


It's can get colder here in Warwickshire where I live than the north Grandad so no chance me even trying.

On photo - fig1 April 2019


Thanks, fingers crossed, if today's weather is a foretaste I'll be knee deep in them

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I think some have done a study on Lunar growing, and it seemed to work, but as usual, not conclusive because it would requires years of study world wide & not just a couple of seasons in one area

I suppose if you were sowing / planting something special a wait of a few days to catch "right" moon could be worthwhile

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Very picturesque.


Lovely plants they look very healthy. Hope you have a good crop this year.

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I assume it depends where you live, down here there are loads but good summers make good figs

On photo - fig1 April 2019


Thank you Paul yes I recall all yours all three of these were £2.49p each on Sale my daughters favourite is the speckled one.

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Whether it's a deficiency or not; I would suggest that you would be better off by planting a little deeper in the ground. They like their heads in the sun and their roots in the shade. As you water regularly in the hot summer months, you will quickly wash away the nutrients. Otherwise the alternative is to feed with slow-release granules.


Sounds like one of the plagues of Egypt. Here in NY, the sparrows would make quick work of them. Hopefully they'll be gone soon.


Sounds like they were feeding their young. Ravens are dedicated parents. I have a pair of mockingbirds scavenging for nesting material. They've been permanent residents for a couple years now. They keep my garden free of slugs and most pests don't stand a chance. They make the most beautiful music.

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very nice I have one very similar

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Do you happen to live near rapeseed fields? At this time of the year they often migrate into the gardens.


Could be a magnesium deficiency, try a tablespoon of Epsom salts dissolved in a gallon of water & make sure the leaves get wet when you water


Thanks for the positive vibe, Karen. It crested at about 3 pm yesterday, but you can see the snow still on the hillside. It was so deep in March that I couldn't get near the trees to tap them. I'm running about clearing ditches and cutting new ones... I just fear I may be wishing for water when the warmth finally arrives. It's still very cold and I found some tulips planted last autumn that have poked their leaves through the snow... Yay!


Nice figs! I gave up on mine.

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😀😉 I knew you were kidding...don’t worry!

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Is this what's called "the dark of the moon"?

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Hi Andy! heat? no... it's been just above zero C. warmest we've had is 15 degrees and then only for one afternoon. The deluge was caused by rain. It's been storming and raining for the last two days. Had to put the car at the end of the driveway just beyond the culvert in case it was washed out like the last one. beginning to appreciate the downside of having water on your property. Lake folk are watching their docks being set up on the lawns...if they're lucky...otherwise they may be at the other end of the lake! It's amazing how powerful and damaging too much water can be.


Note to self- must use more smileys so people know I'm kidding☺

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fab ... how big is the plant as it may take 12 months to settle in



Thanks! I think it's called biodynamic growing Hywel, complete bunk imo. It seems to confuse the Earth's shadow with the moon's gravitational effect but each to their own I guess

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Ugh....yet again the vagaries of the weather have hit you hard Lori. Still...all going to get better from here on....hopefully! X


Oh wow! Now that’s a great moon shot!

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Ah...Posy, you had me there with Hanging baskets! They are actually two standard lollipop Viburnum tinus, and they are in full bloom right now. Thank you very much for the lovely comments!


Hmm...yes, well it pretty much is out all the time..for about five years now, while I’ve stubbornly refused to learn how to operate it! Lol! :)

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I think you must mean the Blackbird, Steragram! Karen thought it was a crow, then realised it wasn't. I should have labelled it, so my fault. I like it too.


Thank you very much for the helpful comments...i have taken the plants out washed the roots and closely inspected them ! Fresh compost put in and replanted .

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They look healthy well done growing figs out doors.😊

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What a pretty area.

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It looks wonderful.

On photo - Mixed front border.


I did nt realise you could grow figs out doors.

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They look great well done.👌

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Yes it is different.

What a shame let's hope spring comes soon for you. I will await to see your grass is it as in grasses or grass seed for your lawn.?

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Your lucky Andy I ve never seen one like it is it hardy does like dry conditions.?


That is handy to know we have wild Hardy orchid s here normally they are protected not allowed to take any. I have just been given one. Shhh lol.


May be a Welsh poppy they grow in the wild

What a shame you don't know what it is it looks like some kind of daisy.

Must be the rain you ve had why it's all over this year.


Your welcome Andy.


How wonderful you seeing an orange tip Hywel that is early too I don't normally see them until July August time.

How awful your Fuchsia has Vone Weevil larvea ou can get this to kill them off.

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I bought some vine weevil killer last year. Maybe it was called something else but that's the name I always think of.
I have over 100 different Fuchsias and nearly 200 cacti and succulents so I must protect them from these dreadful pests.

I only use slug pellets inside my Perspex shelters, which act as green houses for me. I'll use whatever replaces them.

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Sheilabub, I think it will be ok because there is so much top-growth. Thankyou for commenting.
I shall try what SBG suggests and go from there. Thankyou SBG!
I have lost all six of last year's salvia amistad which are wonderful, but this is the second time they have all perished in the winter. I do have some cuttings for this year but I won't have them again. I read in Sarah Raven's catalogue that there is now a frost hardy one that is similar.


Bad news, Provado has been banned, happened a couple of years back

I've got one dribble left with zero chance of replenishing

There may be similar but I've not looked thoroughly or tried them, and IME replacements for older, now banned, chemicals are just not as effective

I'm told there is biological control but never tried that, and too expensive for the few plants VW attacks in my pots

PS, if you are a user, blue slug pellets are about to go the same way, still on sale but will soon vanish from the shelves

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Oh that's good to know I wouldn't expect it to survive here in the midlands but worth a try in a sunny sheltered spot


Hi Gg yes I have got a bit of space learnt that from you with my Tawny I an putting them in the sun :-))


Daylily - for the first few years, I packed straw over the roots to protect them from frost during the winter. Now I don't bother as the top growth seems to do the job, and the roots have got deep enough to survive. It came through the winter of 2010/11 without extra protection when we hit -8C for several nights in a row


Great photo !
I've never heard of that but I do know some people like to sow seeds in relation to the phases of the moon.

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As long as it isn't a copper nail !