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The Wedding


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and coped with the the hot summer we have had. Sorry I haven’t been around. What with the challenge of keeping the garden alive with the hot weather and lack of rain, my on going issues with my neighbour and then getting ready for my daughters wedding, life has been somewhat busy. Also been painting a few rooms to tidy them up in time for the wedding.

Well, the big day was on Tuesdays the 28th and went very well. It took place at Soulton Hall which is even mentioned in the Domesday book.

Sorry photo is a photo snap but I didn’t get to take many photos myself as I had my hands fall of dog leads 😁 and my daughter’s friend kindly let me use some of hers.The Wedding itself was held in a side building but we had full run of the hotel.

Laura wanted me to get ties for the dogs and called them her ushers, but said that being Shepherds they would probably herd everyone into a corner lol. The boys did so well and behaved brilliant.

Yes, you finally get to see what I look like lol.

Signing the register. Laura is the one in the Black jacket with her new wife Charlotte

Just a few photos of the day. I even managed to get Tim in one of them lol.

As I said, sorry, I just didn’t get chance to take many photos so hopefully there will be some really nice ones from the official photographer.

After a lot of nagging from me, the girls decided only a couple of weeks ago that they wanted cupcakes for the wedding and volunteered me. I had no problems with making them but then they decided that they wanted white buttericing and red roses on top of them, but with only just having bought their house they decided i could make them to save some money even though i had never done sugar craft before. After a lot of googling and watching You tube, this is what I managed

Sorry don’t know why last one is sideways.
For their top cake, they decided that they where going to buy a giant readymade cupcake and after looking for a cake topper that represented them, they came up with this as they had said all along that the theme of the day was to hope everyone had a fun and relaxed day. πŸ˜€

Thank you for reading this and I promise that the next blog I do will be of the photos of my garden from this summer. πŸ˜€

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Aw, thanks for doing this Jen. You look NOTHING like I imagined you to look! I had you with very short brown hair, and I gave you a very slight build indeed. So it's lovely to see the real you! I am gobsmacked that you did such a wonderful job of those red roses on the cakes with no can obviously turn your hand to many tasks! Love the cake topper too! Congratulations girls!

30 Aug, 2018


Lovely Jen, we had a wedding last weekend too, all had a fantastic time, congrats both 🍾

30 Aug, 2018


Well, Jen, I am very disappointed with your photograph! I thought you were old like me and instead you are YOUNG! And "with it"! How could I get you so wrong? Guess it was wishful thinking on my part wanting everyone to be decrepit like yours truly!!

Anyway it's a lovely photo,happy couple. and I love your lollipop shoes!

Weddings can leave one exhausted but you all look relaxed. Even the dogs look blasΓ©! Was their drinking water "spiked"? :O)

Long life and happiness to the happy couple.

30 Aug, 2018


Thanks Karen. Funny how we think people should look lol. The roses where a bit of a challenge. Laura arrived one day with a cutter but I didn't like how they turned out so found a clip on You Tube on how to do them free hand making single petals and putting them together. They all looked slightly different but were still better then the cutter πŸ˜€. Took a few hours to do 50 lol. Making yellow butter icing white was also thanks too to You Tube lol.

I loved the cake topper as well. πŸ˜€ the black widow being a red head like Laura and her training to be a gunsmiths with her dad and Charlotte being 6ft 2in and black haired, it was just so right for them. πŸ˜€

30 Aug, 2018


Such a relief that it all went so well! The roses are absolutely brilliant - I bet they were much admired!
Even the dogs look very smart. I found you were a lot younger than I thought too, and wow those shoes - makes me and my compulsory flatties just a wee bit jealous...

And now lets hope you can all relax and recover!

30 Aug, 2018


Oh Eirlys, you do make me laugh lol. You I am sure are very young at heart and I love your sense of humour. The dogs were brilliant, even when we were sat at the top table, they just laid under the table by my feet with just their tails poking out the other side lol. Thank you for your lovely wishes to the girls. I will pass it on to them when they get back from the Lake District. They are having a few days away and plan to go to Canada next year.

30 Aug, 2018


Thank you Daylily. Glad your wedding do went well too. I will pass on to the girls. πŸ˜€

30 Aug, 2018


Thank you Stera. Lol. If it makes you feel any better my feet killed me by the end of the day. Being 5ft 9in I never normally wear heels but thought I should make an effort lol. Thank you about the roses. Was worried about doing them but was so grateful to You Tube lol.

30 Aug, 2018


Well you have the photos to prove you once did it...,

31 Aug, 2018


Sue. Lol.

1 Sep, 2018


That seems a nice place for a wedding, and I'm glad it went well for you all.
Congratulations to them both and I hope they'll be very happy together.
The dogs look brilliant. What a good idea to have them at the wedding, after all they are part of the family :)
Nice to 'meet' you too …
Your cakes look very professional !

1 Sep, 2018


Thank you Hywel. The girls did look at other venues but they either didn't allow dogs or said they could come but had to be in a crate all day :-(. Think if Laura could Have, she would have had Star the cat there as well lol. They are as you say, very much part of our family :-).

1 Sep, 2018


Lovely lovely happy blog everything and everyone looks fabulous !

1 Sep, 2018


Thank you kidsgran

2 Sep, 2018

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