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Chopping the Cherry Laurel!


By kate123


Fortunately the rain stopped and the morning looked bright and sunny. Quite warmish too!
So, the plan was to attack the very large laurel tree at one side of our small garden. Prior to the harsh pruning, it had been 12 feet x 7 feet. Sounds ok? Well, in a much bigger garden than ours it’d be quite a lovely, lush tree..
The garden looked horrific with all the leaf drop, large pruned branches which were pretty thick. Looks untidy in a small area.The frustration is when all the leaves and sawdust from chainsawing the branches get in between all the plants – despite tarpaulin! We found two old blackbird nests, one still fairly intact, the other fell apart when we cut one of the branches it was built on.
After two trips to the tip, I got the leaf blower/sucker out and it got a lot up, but, you always revert to hands reaching spots and corners modern equipment can’t.
I managed to tidy up all the leaf and flower drop from the Chilean potato plant too – weather has caused it to blow lilac flowers all over the grass.
Toby popped round to see what was going on, after he checked out the fish pond, he lay down under one of the laurel branch piles..
Luckily we finished before the heavy downpour and thunder, which arrived at teatime.

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Good job completed,Kate..I do like your sunken pool....had a 2 hour window of sunshine here today...
managed to cut the grass and generally tidy up.

15 Jun, 2019


Thanks Julia, it was rewarding. Looks a bit ravaged now, but hopefully it’ll start to grow - not too big though! It’ll be maintained now. It’s our 2nd incarnation of our pond. Previous one was half the size, much smaller. Just hope the lily flowers, it’s a new one.
Pleased you had some sunshine too! You’ll have enjoyed getting out and doing some gardening after a miserable wet week.

15 Jun, 2019


Job well done ! Your garden must be lighter now, and you probably have more room.

16 Jun, 2019


Yet another fantastic pond, there has been some lovely ponds on here recently, with all this rain we have been having you have been lucky to get a dry slot, here in Derbyshire it’s been dreadful, I watched the country file weather forecast last Sunday for this week and I knew I was in for a tough week, but I got togged up and have worked through it, got all my jobs done to keep customers happy, thank goodness I have some decent workwear, laurels they really do get big in a short space of time, but by taking off all those big branches you will have made a big difference, and in next to no time it will grow back with vigour, it’s been dry here for a few hours but as I speak it’s just started again, drat.

16 Jun, 2019


Thanks Hywel, you are so right about having more light in the garden! Plus, as you say, more room too. Makes my little spot look a little bigger! :)

16 Jun, 2019


Thank you Julien, I just wish I had more room for a bigger pond, but, it would infiltrate my planting space and the little bit of lawned area.
I agree, the weather for June especially, has been awful. I’m glad you’ve managed to get your weather proof gear on to carry on with your jobs - especially for your customers.
I can’t believe how much came off the laurel! I bet my neighbours are happy too!
Yes, weather changed here too late on. Absolutely poured down with rain bouncing off the ground.
I feel so sad for the people in Lincolnshire who’ve had the horrendous flooding.

16 Jun, 2019


that looks to be a job worth doing. Toby will have to find somewhere else to hide now you've pruned it down so well.
pond is nice and clear too.

The rain has been horrendous hasn't it. I was at Burton Agnes plant fair yesterday manning the HPS stall and it stayed dry until about 4.30 when the heavens opened. luckily I was just getting in the car.

dread to think how many weed seeds have germinated now .

17 Jun, 2019


Thanks Seaburngirl, yes it was quite therapeutic too, all the chopping, chainsawing and tidying. Toby has been trying to maintain his territory currently. There seems to be a cat war going on!
We’ve just cleaned the filter and replaced the UV lamp, just hope the new lily flowers!
Pleased you managed to enjoy the plant fair before the downpour!

17 Jun, 2019


Well done. Laurel can be so much of a thug if you haven't kept it clipped as a hedge. Looking back on us removing one that used to take up the space around the oil tank and how difficult that was, we had to beg a workman with a mini digger to get the root out! The space taken up by it is now a narrow garden, path and half of the bog garden, so it certainly spread.

18 Jun, 2019


Thanks Honeysuckle, the area looks so much brighter now, especially in a small garden. Think the neighbours will be happy too!
Fortunately, we didn't need a digger, but, it was heading that way!

18 Jun, 2019

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