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Preparation for increasing the grassed area.


By kate123


Not much time required to undertake this little task yesterday.
Saying that, I sort of stood by the lit chiminea observing, while keeping nice and warm.
The back garden is quite small and the grass has been taken back time and time again to make way for some plants and increasing the little bedded area.
On reflection, after several years, I thought it may look better if the proportion of grass was increased.
So, plants were dug out, by myself, and transplanted elsewhere in the bed and at the back of the garden also.
OH did the prep for turf which hopefully we will be able to lay in March – if no late weather surprises!
Small job, but I hope it’ll look better…

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We were both doing garden tasks, this freezing weather.Your remaining grass looks very lush..I've often changed the grass area in past years.That Chiminea looks very inviting.

19 Jan, 2020


Snap Kate! We started increasing our circular ⭕️ lawn, over the years the plants had changed the shape and were sprawling all over the grass...... so at the end of last year we put some turf down, unfortunately it was awful turf... and the constant rain hasn’t helped and it looks a mess!
our problem is we now have over 50 plants looking for new homes, in already over crowded borders.
I hope you have better luck with yours, we will throw some seed down, and hope for the best!
Loving that Chiminiea, what a good idea!

19 Jan, 2020


Thanks Julia, I think we must be desperate to welcome Spring! Thanks for commenting on the grass, it’s hard work isn’t it! We get GreenThumb every quarter, they must laugh when they come! It must take them minutes to apply the treatment to our little area. The chiminea was great yesterday, kept me warm at least! ☺️

19 Jan, 2020


Hi Dd, I can sympathise. We’ve bought turf at times and it’s never taken..even with watering and seed added to it to help. Then, when it rains too much, it’s a nightmare also, like you say. Not sure what the answer is at times, we try and still, it often doesn’t succeed in taking.
It’s difficult I guess when you’ve a bigger garden and some treasured plants needed a new home, especially when it’s a favourite. I’ll be thinking of you walking around the garden looking for a nice spot or several for your plants. It’s times like these you wish you had a magic wand.
Thanks re. The chiminea, it was very handy yesterday. Warm hands and all that!

19 Jan, 2020


I have just put a blog on here about escaping from the garden jobs and going out for the day instead!
I now feel guilty after seeing what you have been up to but promise to make up for it tomorrow!!

I think the time YOU have put in will look lovely in the spring, it is all very neatly done so far.

19 Jan, 2020


that is certainly a cheery sight and I bet it kept you warm.
The soil prep looks good and you will be able to keep an eye on it for any sneaky weed seeds.

I'm still 'stealing' grass for more/bigger beds.

19 Jan, 2020


Rose, you are allowed days off! Especially in the bitter cold weather, even if there are blue skies above!
Thank you for your kind words!

19 Jan, 2020


It was very cheering and toasty, Eileen! Worked a treat!
OH is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to prep, well any task really. I was being the apprentice!

19 Jan, 2020


Well Kate, it will all be worth it when you can see the finished job! Great idea to take your "central heating" outside. Its been a lovely day today and did you see the wonderful sunset?

19 Jan, 2020


Evening Sue, thank you. Yes, the sunset was pretty lovely to see, the nights are getting a little lighter now, by, oh around 40 minutes here.

19 Jan, 2020


The sky over us was a pale pink colour, as the sun was setting, it looked beautiful.

19 Jan, 2020


You were busy too I see. You had the right idea lighting your chime ea. I went in the greenhouse and sat beside the heater for my tea break. It was bitter today, but I only noticed when I stopped working.

19 Jan, 2020


Another job done ,we never seem satisfied do we there's always something we would like to change .. good luck with it ..

20 Jan, 2020


Thanks Karen and Amy, hopefully it’ll give a different look, even if it’s ever so slight. Agree, we do like to change things - I think sometimes when it’s wintertime, we see things differently and have the time to sit and look out at it all and think, what if I...
You’re right Karen, when I stopped pottering and transplanting, it felt bitterly cold! Good you have the shelter of your greenhouse.

20 Jan, 2020


Good work Kate!
Here is summer so I cut the grass, it grows again, and I cut again, and again... 328square meters of grass, when you finish the front garden the back garden is all grown again.

21 Jan, 2020


I did smile when I saw this, most times its people digging the lawn up to make the beds and borders larger for more plants, I keep wondering whether to reshape part of my back garden but then I look through my spring photo's of years gone by and know I'd miss all the colour in the border, decisions, decisions, lol...

22 Jan, 2020


Gosh Aleyna, I’d love a big, big garden! But, like you’ve said, once you’ve finished addressing one lawn, it’s time to go back and mow the other! Exhausting by the sounds of it!

23 Jan, 2020


Agree with you Lincslass! Too many decisions.
I’d been thinking for a little while if the proportions in the back re. Grass to beds etc ratio didn’t look quite right. I’ll give it a go and see what it looks like in Spring and Summer.

23 Jan, 2020

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