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Bought 3 box balls and some alliums.


By kate123


OH loves his alliums! So, HE picked up the pots to be planted alongside some others in the new border/bed.
I chose 3 box balls to accompany another 2 at the bottom of the bund, far side of the rockery at the side of the steps to ‘nowhere’..sort of behind the log shed.
This area frustrates me and has done for so long. I’m revamping it again…

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Has your OH found his alliums have seeded, Kate? I add some each year as bulbs and had a few tiny, thin seedlings pop up last year. I didn't expect them to make it through the winter but this spring we have rashes of middle-sized babies in many areas of the garden. I am thrilled because I love them too. I've no idea how long they may take to flower. I hope the box ball planting will make you happy with your 'problem' area. It's frustrating when there are areas which defy reorganising. I find it hard to believe that there are any areas in your space which aren't well designed!

14 Mar, 2022


Going to be extremely smart,Kate...Box balls must have been quite pricey?

14 Mar, 2022


great purchases Kate. They are going to be wonderful. Look forward to seeing them in flower.
Ange alliums usually 3-4 years to get to flowering size. I have 100's of A cristophii seedlings.

14 Mar, 2022


Thank you, Ange. I have to admit, I do like the architectural loom of alliums, he has spotted some seedlings funnily enough!!! He'll be happy!!!
Thank you for your lovely comments especially about my 'areas'!!!! Very kind of you. I think it just hasn't worked well and there's a bird feeder above and to the side ..big plodding feet of wood pigeons...grrr...make me so annoyed. Trying to make the area more pigeon feet resistant! 😁
I do hope you have a gorgeous mass of big allium flowers soon!

14 Mar, 2022


Thank you too, Julia! Yes, we'll be planting the box balls along with the standard Holly in that bothersome area- the Holly will be rehomed there as where it is currently, along with some other plants, the new patio will extend into this part of the border. If this makes sense!!! So we'll transplant a few things elsewhere. Hopefully.
The box balls were £14.99 each I think.
We've 2 already on the proposed slope next to the stepped area. I'm thinking undulating mounds...but don't think it'll work. I've a biggish fern in the middle so I think I'll leave it in place. There's a choisya too.

14 Mar, 2022


Thank you, Eileen! I'm pleased you like! I'm just finding it a really difficult area to keep tidy ish. It's the blinking wood pigeons really. Poo and plodding feet!
Plus I think my decision making wasn't great when planting and adding cobbles at the bottom..anyway, I appreciate your feedback and info about alliums! Great to know, I'll tell OH too 👍

14 Mar, 2022

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