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October 31st, Hallowe'en.


By kate123


Hi all, I know a lot of you really don’t like this time of year..
I’m the opposite, I’ve lovely memories of my sister’s birthday…in the days when Hallowe’en was a one day tradition. Not like now, shops full of stuff in summer!!!! The only decorating we did was to have a row of lit pumpkins at our front window.
So, I do understand the disdain for fake webbing etc. being harmful to wildlife.
We are looking at having trick or treaters this early I’ve prepared some treats. We’re quite fortunate to have pleasant small children accompanied by parents here..thankfully.
Anyway. I guess we will agree to disagree perhaps.
Kate 🎃 🧙‍♀️ 🕷

Out front, edited pic.

Yoga class. Candles made by one of our classmates.

Some treat bags for this evening.

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Those treat bags look intriguing Kate...wont be able to knock your door tonight...too far and bad weather arriving.
On the Welsh news last night was a mother and her Autistic little boy who had been receiving some bullying at people's doors. Because he is non verbal he wasn't able to appreciate his treats in words.(eg. saying thankyou etc)His mother thought of a good way to avoid this happening again and suggested children with similar problems should carry blue baskets to identify them.

31 Oct, 2023


Thank you, Julia. I bought the packs from the supermarket yesterday. Scoop included. Little bags and spooky stickers.
Chocolate eyeballs, slimy snakes, teeth, ghoulish jelly sweets and tiny marshmallows inside each one.
Have some other bits as a backup.
It's very sad to hear about the child with autism, people can be so ignorant and not very empathetic, sadly. It's a fantastic idea, the blue baskets! Good idea from his Mum, hopefully this idea will spread countrywide 🤞

31 Oct, 2023


Ooh Kate, looking at those treats, I think I will come knocking on your door ! lol
I agree about the child with autism.
Years ago this wouldn't have happened! The world has changed and not for the better.

31 Oct, 2023


Those little parcels look so inviting and I hope you get lots of little spooky people!!
I have just put our treats out but they will have to come into our porch as it is a horrible, wet evening!! I did buy some tiny gingerbread men lights which from a distance look like tiny pumpkins!!! Well I tried!!

31 Oct, 2023


I'm fan of Hallowe'en too, just not all the commercialism that we've imported! I think this evening is one for spooky stories, (oh, and avoiding the flying broomsticks as well - I speak as an old witch, my black cat stays with me!!)
Love your yoga candles. Some people are so clever.

31 Oct, 2023


Thank you, Rose. It's a little faffy, but, lots coming round so far. Fantastic costumes!
Must agree, people used to be so much more charitable and friendly.

31 Oct, 2023


Thank you, Chris! The little bags are
going down a 'treat'!
Lots of little ones with parents, all primary school age thankfully, no older children taking liberties!
We had terrible heavy rain this morning but, it stopped this afternoon, fortunately for the children!
Your lights sound very pretty, I bet they look just right for autumn as well as Hallowe'en!
Hope you have some spooky callers at your porch too 👻

31 Oct, 2023


I'm with you Ange! Less commercialism and more old fashioned Hallowe'en tradition! One day only too!
My cat is snuggled in front of the log burner.. one happy cat!
A chap who comes to yoga made the candles from peppers, little pumpkins etc..very clever as you say. The lights go down. So very appropriate.

31 Oct, 2023


Lovely of you Kate - we have sweets set up to , no children in our road young enough or mine not old enough.

Wishing you happy night

31 Oct, 2023


Thank you, Paul. You'll soon be out trick or treating with little April!

31 Oct, 2023


I agree about all the Commercialism,Kate,but we do buy little treats for the children,although we haven't many around here.Last year we only had the one Family with three little ones, and it was such a horrendous night,they didn't come at all this year..Looks like our Grandsons might have a few extra packets ,when they come over,,or maybe we should treat ourselves instead..! and why not ?? .Lol.

1 Nov, 2023


It's nice if you have happy memories of Halloween, that's something enjoyable to remember.
And you're keeping up a nice tradition with trick and treat.

However it wasn't celebrated anywhere around these parts when I was little, in fact I only remember hearing of Halloween when I was an addult (ie in the 70s) and I'd never seen a pumpkin until I was an addult. It just wasn't done at all ...

It has become something big now though, and I find all the nonsense about goolies etc quite silly.

Christmas is the same, both it and Halloween have lost their original meanings. I think that is sad.

1 Nov, 2023


Lovely little treat bags Kate, kids do love Halloween, and me, cos I am just sat now munching away on all the sweets that I had left over from last night

1 Nov, 2023


Sandra, I'm sure your little grandchildren will be more than happy with the extra treats 😀
Shame about the little family who come round to yours usually, but, understandable they missed this year if the weather was horrid.
I was up and down like a yo-yo last night! The costumes were pretty impressive though!
Anyway, if you decided to enjoy the treats instead, quite right! I had offered some parents a few sweets last night and they were pleased! They don't always get the chance!

1 Nov, 2023


Hywel, I do agree. It's sad that the traditional feel has's all about the shops selling lots of stuff from August!!! Ridiculous.
Christmas too, it's so annoying. Christmas stuff in shops from early September. It's all about the profit and the shops making more money.
I long for those days of Christmas especially, being at Christmas in December not before, and remember the shops were closed for a week or more...

1 Nov, 2023


Thank you, Davey. They went very quickly! They liked the idea of a surprise, some said!
Luckily, OH brought some more treats home on his way from work!
Hope you enjoyed tucking in too! It's the only chance us adults get at times!!

1 Nov, 2023


Halloween was great when I was a kid but the night before Halloween was my thing and this was called " mischief night". When night came we would go out with buckets of raw eggs and bars of soap to defile car and store windows. By morning everything was a mess. I was a terrible!

1 Nov, 2023


Loosestrife!!! You were very naughty indeed!!! I bet you had heaps of fun, despite the mischief!
We don't realise as youngsters, do we!
It's when we're adults, we look back and cringe..
We used to play a game called 'chap door run'. Knock on doors and run away and hide..most infuriating for our neighbours!

3 Nov, 2023

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