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Lovely day on Southern V. Island


We had a lovely weather lately. After the cold spring, warm temperatures are very welcomed by everybody.
It feels perfect to sit on the deck and see quite a bit of action on the ocean.

Colourful sail boats

Recreation boats

Fishing boats

Even some kind of military boat.

I have this clematis “Piilu” growing on our deck and it is an interesting plant. Sometimes it comes as double and other times as single. Sometimes it blooms in the spring and then also in the fall and other times only in the spring.

This year an additional oddity was that it had couple of dark red flowers. (One of the parent showing off maybe?)

It lives in the pot but I should really plant it in the ground.

Our Albizia is starting to bloom . It is getting to be a much larger tree then I anticipated . It is too happy and enthusiastic in it’s spot and shading all the other smaller plants which I planted there before it.

The phlox (mostly white and pink) just coming to bloom on the edge of my main border escaping the shade of albizia.


Happy summer to everyone.

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Wow Klahanie, you are so fortunate with your view ! Your clematis is very amusing - will keep you on your toes, trying to guess the colour of the next flower!

13 Aug, 2022


Gorgeous blog with those views Klahanie, and I love your Albizia. Happy summer to you too … so glad it has arrived at last! x

14 Aug, 2022


lovely view over the water. must have been a stiff breeze going by the way the sail boats are heeling over.

Pilu is doing what she typically does too. A neighbour has one that does exactly what yours does even down to plain flower.

your phlox look wonderful, mine are withered in the extremes of heat we are having in the UK at the moment.

14 Aug, 2022


Wonderful view from your deck, Klahanie! Good to hear you're having glorious warm weather and lovely sunshine!
Your clematis flowers are so pretty, loving all the colours too. Even though they're all gorgeous colours, even the surprise one, I do like the Piilu.
My nieces, Megan and Hannah left yesterday from Glasgow and flew over to Vancouver yesterday to spend a couple of weeks with family. Its my brother in laws sister they will be staying with. She moved to your 'neck of the woods' around 15 years ago.
Thanks for sharing another beautiful set of photos!

14 Aug, 2022


Looks amazing, I used to have Piilu and mine did the same I was confused by it at the time haha, don't remember having a single colour flower on it though, would be nice to have it again it was a good one :-))

14 Aug, 2022


Thank you, Klahanie. We haven’t heard from them yet, probably catching up on sleep!
Thank you for your information too, it’s very kind.
Yes, I think a lot of people I know from here (Scotland ) have emigrated to Canada in recent years.

14 Aug, 2022


What lovely views you have from your deck, Klahanie! We have the backs of rows of houses for our view! 😂

I'd never heard about a Clematis changing its flowers like you describe! Sounds like a nice Clem anyway!

15 Aug, 2022


Thank you for sharing your lovely views with us. I love the Albizia, such a pretty flower, also like your variable Clem.
I’m glad you have a bit of summer at present& I hope it stays with you for a while yet. Grey skies & thunder here at the moment & I’m hoping for some rain. Last time it rained here was May 31st! My garden is like a brown crisp, except for the Pelargoniums in pots which I have kept watered.

17 Aug, 2022

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