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I inherited phlox plants and never thought too much about them but eventually they multiplied and grew taller and stronger.
At the beginning I really did not mind if deer would eat them but with years gone by I developed liking for them and now discourage deer to munch on them.. They usually show their beauty at this time of the year. Here are few pictures showing them in their prime.

Looking towards the ocean

Phlox head in it’s prime
Sometime the flower heads are too heavy for it’s tall steams.

White Hibiscus in the middle:

Looking from the ocean side

Including hibiscus on the right.

Hibiscus looks better this year. Lots of buds. I have to shake it occasionally to get rid of the spent flowers

Another week and I will start to cut the flowers off. Sometimes, when weather is still nice they develop side flower shoots although they are much weaker.

Soon, this flower bed will be covered with fall crocuses (colchicums) and I have few dahlias in bud and various fall flowering plants to fill few spots here and there. Hopefully sun will still shine and we will be able to enjoy the garden little bit longer.

They grow under the Albizia julibrissin tree

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I think they are a much underated flower. I love them and their simple flower form makes them ideal for insects to feed from.

lovely selection there.

28 Aug, 2022


I can smell them from here. They are one of my favourite flowering plants, I just wish our soil was damper. I envy you the albizia, they are such delicate-looking trees.

28 Aug, 2022


Really lovely collection of phlox, Klahanie. They look very enviable indeed. Great close up of the white one too. Hibiscus looks another pretty companion plant there, wonderful colour. In fact, the display of pinks, mauve and the white look perfect.

28 Aug, 2022


Lovely flowers, Klahanie! I've never grown them but I have seen how they can spread as at the back of the church I attend there is a very narrow border that is totally neglected & totally filled with Phlox! I've noticed how they have crept along this border year after year! They only have room now for a few more years of growth! They will then be out of space to go any further!

29 Aug, 2022


I love phlox, had them in my last garden so when we moved here, planted a few. The scent in wonderful. This year I tried the Chelsea chop on them. Only cutting about half back. Was really pleased with the result. Prolonged their flowering period and gave a more stagger appearance to them.

31 Aug, 2022


I will try that too as my one fault with them is the short flowering period, plus they do tend to spread & get very big clumps. You have a nice selection Klahanie, all looking beautiful at present.

1 Sep, 2022


They look glorious Klahanie (like everything else in your garden!) They remind me of my childhood I don't think I've seen any since - they must be out of fashion. On the wish list now!

3 Sep, 2022

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