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Brinleym it's all your fault.


Brinleym introduced me to the world of “airplants” also known as Tillandsia. Of course as so many plants do on GOY they immediatly went on my wish list.

Now the truth be known…brinleym has an accomplice…Hubby!

I was showing hubby brinleym’s blog and explaining that “airplants” were now on my wish list. Hubby stated “Go ahead and get them, that’s neat.” Now do you think I gave hubby a chance to change his mind? WELL OF COURSE NOT!!

Due to frequenting the local buisnesses that I purchase plants, I already knew they did not carry “airplants.” So online I went searching. I did finally find a US supplier. And promptly ordered 7 (costing $22.00 total)

Caput Medusae (again it’s brinleym’s fault)
Tenufolia Blue
The supplier included Stricta as a bonus :)))

Now impatiently waiting for the plants to arrive the wheels start turning inregards to providing light for them when they arrive. Thus the “Plant shelves” see previous blog.

plants not here yet and its time to leave for Nebraska!!! Roped Daughter into checking the post daily until their arrival with written out detailed instructions on what to do with them when they arrived. Plants arrived mid week of vacation and Daughter appropriately cared for them until my return. :)))

Now since their arrival I have been trying to determine how I want to display them. I know I do not want to attach them as Brinleym had due to the dryness of the air they are in. The care instructions that I received with them states “If you are growing them indoors and the air is dry, you will need to submerge the plant in water for 2-3 hours about every two weeks.” Not easily done if they are attached to their display.

Now I have thought about various possiblities…the supplier had several placed in sea shells. I thought of a decorative candelabra but my search only came up with real expensive possibilities. Attempted to arrange them on a piece of drift wood that I already had but it just didn’t look right.

It has now been 3 weeks since they arrived and I still had not come up with a display.

Today I went to Forest Park Nature Center in search of a possible display piece.

On the trails I looked…

And I looked…

And found this piece with a lot of character.

Now with chosen piece in hand I head back to my vehicle. But I am quickly distracted…

This years offspring of the White Tail Deer…Approximately 6 months old. Apparently old enough to be on its own…Mom was no where to be seen.

But at last I made it back to my vehicle and placed my trophy for the ride home.

Now to determine what stays what goes and how to arrange. It has to fit the shelf…can’t touch the light etc…

This is what I have so far. I need to come up with a base and something that will protect the wall when I mist the plants so it is still a work in progress.

Happy Gardening.

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These are fascinating plants. I've never tried them myself. I remember Brinleym's blog about them and I find them interesting.

9 Aug, 2009


Very nice display you are making there! Like Hywel I've never grown these plants.

The fawn is lovely! :)

12 Aug, 2009

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