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Heligan, no longer lost...


We first visited Heligan when it had only been open a short while and it was still being referred to as The Lost Gardens of Heligan, it was definitely a work in progress with new discoveries being found all the time, it was magical, as a kid I loved to read and one of my favourite books was called The Secret Garden, Heligan wasn’t a secret garden, it was a whole estate asleep for many years, everything left alone, nature rambling free and wild hiding all its beauty, even the tools remained where the workers had left them whilst they went off to war, (a lot never to return), today its been restored to its former glory…

The potting shed, how neat is that, I’m slipping up somewhere..

The back of the heated wall see the big vents..

Into the fruit and vegetable gardens..

All standing to attention and not a weed in sight…

Heligans equivalent of Worzel Gummidge, looks more like Mr Hudson to me, lol…

Its not magic there are workers here as well..

Homes for bees, i didn’t go too close but actually like everywhere there was a lack of them….

Through into a very secluded formal garden…

i guess that would be a nice shady area for the more genteel ladies to sit and entertain guests, possibly partake of afternoon tea whilst catching up on the gossip…

We had ours in the shade of the trees, of course there were plenty of the feathered kind waiting tp share…

Surprisingly we never saw a single squirrel at any of the places we went to, i thought we would at Heligan but not even a grey one…..Tea and scones were very enjoyable I have to say that hubby kept stopping off in all the shady spots whilst I did the tour, he was feeling ok but quite happy to just sit, admire and wait for me to turn up, mobile phones are good sometimes, lol….

Around the Woodland Walk…., lovely to get out of the sun for a while but not a place to be in the dark as some things are wacky…..

Even the little robin is all a blur but he was singing his little heart out…

Dry beds…

Down into the ravine, when we first visited this area was just being cleared, only a dirt track, the steps and pathways covered in layers of rotting debris fallen tree branches and leaves and the pond widly overgrown…

Across the boardwalk and through the jungle…

Up and out into the open again and a few tenants to while away a few minutes with…

Not that any of them were interested mind….

No shade around here so where have I left hubby this time ???
How good is that !!!!! the shop is on the way out and so close to the carpark….

Derek dearest how much space will there be in the car on the way home ???….

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Lovely blog Lincs! C'mon own up ....did you manage to get everything in the car?????? :-)

15 Jul, 2013


Lincs this is such a lovely interesting blog, I went in the early days too,
I nominated it for goypedia and couldn't find an appropriate category, the best I could do was "all round interest " which really doesn't to heligan, or your story, justice!

15 Jul, 2013


Brilliant Lincs, thanks so much have never seen Heligan before and now I want to go!!! Its beautiful, a little piece of heaven, they have worked hard, haven't they? I reckon that Worzel in the garden looks like Princess Zara, she has featured in the papers this week wearing these clothes!! Lol. I simply love that person poking his nose out of the soil, its wonderful! Thanks Lincs, great blog.

15 Jul, 2013


what a lovely blog Sue, we missed going here when in the area last year, now i wished we had queezed it in somehow, fab photo, so much to see and well maintained :o))

15 Jul, 2013


Sue I don't think my shed will ever be as tidy as the ones in these photos lol ... It's a fascinating place and you've shown some interesting photos of it.
I'm pleased you had a nice holiday :o)

15 Jul, 2013


Gralew i managed to squeeze 8plants, 2pieces of driftwood from Port Isaac and a selection of treasures off the beaches, lol...
Pam there is a way to nominate gardens and places of interest, it comes up as an option when posting photo's but I've tried it and afraid I could not work it out, got the correct place on the map and then got stuck it needs one of our clever teccie members I think...
G'mage you are so right iI could picture Zara in my mind as soon as I read your comment, lol....,wonder if its deliberate..
Going back again next year San as my daughter wants to go...
Hywel I tidy up my sheds every summer then spend autumn and winter messing them up, have to say my idea of tidy and theirs are completely different..

15 Jul, 2013


What a lovely blog, Lincs. I especially like the watery shots and how interestng to see how all has developed over the years. Those 'things' down in the woods would scare the living daylights out of me!! As for the tool shed, I hang my head in shame.

16 Jul, 2013


I love the Bogeyman picture the best...nice photos.

14 Oct, 2013

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