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Should I weed and feed my lawn this autumn?


As many of you know I am a bit of a lawn nerd.
This summer has been really bad for my lawn as we had so little rain in Scotland. Surprising I know. I was out there watering continuously.
So finally it is looking better but I would normally put down an autumn dressing with moss killer. I then scarify the lawn. The north facing site gets a lot of moss over the winter.
My problem is this — I don’t think my lawn with all the new seeded grass could put up with such aggressive treatment.
I will have moss in the spring but at least it would look good over the winter.
What are you doing?

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Linda, we have a bijou garden as I like to call it..petit jardin makes it sound nicer 😊
We’ve treated the garden a couple of times during the summer, watering it a lot too.
Weed, feed and green.
Just recently, OH overseeded it…I’ve mowed this afternoon, I had too - I can’t bear it too long or with untidy edges.
In the past, we’ve aerated it and applied top dressing usually later in the year/once it’s stopped growing. We may apply top dressing this year again.
I’d avoid harsh treatments and procedures too…have to say, I do love moss! We often have it on the rockery.

28 Sep, 2021


Well you did ask what am I doing? Actually, nothing! Its all nice and green and one will be thick with self sown primroses in the spring - would hate to discourage them! And quite honestly I just don't have the energy any more, alas!

28 Sep, 2021


we are not doing anything except cutting this autumn. it hasn't been a happy lawn since it was treated last spring and scarified.

28 Sep, 2021


We don't bother with ours - the council takes care of it for us! 😂 😂 😂

Not seen any moss in it either in the 20 years we've been looking at it!

29 Sep, 2021


Thanks everyone. I did weed and feed in the spring but normally I would also do it in the autumn too.My grass went brown in places so I racked it and put down seed.
It is finally green so I think I will give it a miss until next spring.
It is very hard work scarify.

29 Sep, 2021


I may not have a lawn of my own but I have scarified lawns in my time, so I know very well the back-breaking work it can be if it is only done by hand!

1 Oct, 2021


I may not have a lawn of my own but I have scarified lawns in my time, so I know very well the back-breaking work it can be if it is only done by hand!

1 Oct, 2021


Your lawn looks nice and green Linda. I don't know anything about lawns. I've always got rid of them wherever I've lived.

I'm planting some bulbs at the moment, and repotting a few pot-bound cacti and houseplants. Can't do anything else because of the builders.

2 Oct, 2021


You can get mechanical scarifiers about the size of a mower and its well worth it if you have a lot of lawn to do. Its amazing what comes off. Its nowhere near as tiring as doing it by hand. (Even so not doing it this year...) You might even be able to hire one from your local hire shop.

4 Oct, 2021

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