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been a bit under the weather as i had contracted shingles and bloody painful it is too. slowly getting over it. nearly all of the chicken pox blisters have now gone. wish the same could be said of the associated pain.

a year ago we got a rescue dog from originally a dog farm. had her about a year and she is 13 on the 1st august. georgeous aint she

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Very sorry to hear about the shingles, awful .....

Lovely dog though. :0)

24 Jul, 2013


Your dog is gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the shingles. Hope the pain doesn't last too much longer.

24 Jul, 2013


Horrid condition - so painful I hope you feel better soon.

24 Jul, 2013


What a pretty dog. I think Spaniels are very pretty.
I'm sorry you had shingles. It's a very painful thing.

24 Jul, 2013


I hope you soon get over the shingles - I remember how painful it is. Maisie's a lovely dog and I'm sure she must appreciate being rescued.

24 Jul, 2013


I've given a like for the lovely Maisie, she is a lucky little dog now.
Sorry about the shingles its a very nasty condition, thats what did the damage to my eyesight so be careful and take things slowly.....

24 Jul, 2013


Hi Maisie - I had Shingles early last year - the pain was phenomenal but gradually the spasms became less frequent & I can't remember experiencing any for several months now. Apparently in the US you can get a jab which is supposed to prevent you getting it - not thought much of by our doctors though (& not much use when you've already got the wretched thing!).
Anywho, I also wanted to say how beautiful your dog is & how envious I am - she's gorgeous and I bet she's good company.

28 Jul, 2013


You can get the jab here Twiggy, I've had it, though I had to persuade the doc.

28 Jul, 2013


she had a crap upbringing as maisie was used as a breeding bitch on a dog farm. after she had passed her sell by date for beeding was deposited at a rescue centre. a couple had her for 2/3 years and then the owner was killed in a road traffic accident whilst taking her for a walk. back to rescue centre, then we got involved. she is quite deaf, which we knew about when we hasd her and found out shortly after having her that she is blind in one eye and has very poor eyesight in the other.
don't care about any of that as we love her to bits. when i was ill, had 3 really bad days because i could not keep anything down, not even painkillers. must have been vomiting 3/4 times a day so just drank h2o. the only time maise left my bedroom was when angie took her for walkies.
she has her funny ways, and have to keep her on a short lead when our grandson is around as maisie does not like him for some reason. she also has the habit of giving creeping up to people and giving them a little nip on the back of the leg. we have stairgates around the house not only for our grandson, but when necessary to segregate maisie

31 Jul, 2013


sorry about an unenforced absence, but have been busy elsewhere.

last week we took the rather painful decision to have maisie put to sleep. her health had deteriorated during the last month and her quality of life was such that it was unfair to keep her alive.

we only had her for 18 months and because of her deafness and very limited eyesight she was so dependant on me. will always love her to bits and feel like a rat for the decision. love you old girl. dad x

6 Feb, 2014


Not a rat, it is all for the best and a kindness really. You gave her what you could and made the end of her life happy.

6 Feb, 2014


Hi Dave, sorry to hear of Maisie's passing, I know how hard some decisions are as regards our pets but a lot of the time we have to make them as its more cruel to watch them suffer, you gave her a home in which she had love and kindness and which she appreciated as shown by her loyalty to you when you were ill.
Definitely not a rat......

7 Feb, 2014

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