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Some of my roses in the front garden, especially in awe of rosa ‘Designer Sunset’, it is full of buds and goes on blooming for weeks.

This is the council’s grass verge, when I had the front garden done up last year, I asked the gardeners to leave a good gap so that I can put plants there, since then I also maintain the grass verge for the council. The holes you see in the grass is where I dug out stubborn weeds with a knife, they do not usually grow back this way. I am well pleased with this area. All the roses here are ground cover roses, the aim is for them to spill onto the grass and join up with each other and become one.

Behind the ground cover roses I have planted ornamental grass and polyanthus to get some colour in the winter, they are evergreen.

The front of the house is covered with trellis. All the climbing roses are doing very well, can’t wait to see them reach full height. I may have to wait a couple of years for that I am sure.

Below are, Rosa ‘Dance du Feu’ on the right, on the left is ‘Paul Scarlet’ which I had to cut down to the ground last year when I had the house insulated externally. Look how fast it has grown back already.

Either side of the entrance in the flowerbeds are
chrysanthemums, they have got so big already, got a few more on the left hand side which are even bigger.

In the tall flower pots are petunias, I bought them yesterday. I had dark red dahlias in them last week, I removed them as they were getting sun burnt and not looking pretty. It gets extremely hot in the front all day.

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Lovely garden the roses are certainly thriving for you

3 Jul, 2014


Magnificent! just no other word to use! I love them all :O) the garden is looking fantastic Michaella, all your hard work has paid huge dividends. I can see the smile on your face from here. :O)

3 Jul, 2014


What is your secret of success Michaella? How much will it cost me to share it with you?
With regard to the flowers you grow on the grass verge, does the strip of of land belong to you or the council? I see it in many villages when I travel. Can I do it in my street? There is a grass verge outside my house and never thought of growing anything. It won't look nice anyway if it is only me in a very long street where nobody else bothers to do anything.

3 Jul, 2014


Many thanks Pamg :)))

Barbara....thank you....the smile on my face..what can I say....I feel very very lucky :)))))

Costas, thank you. There is absolutely no secret to
share...seriously, I just plant them, the rest is over to them. I must say, the topsoil which was brought in, must have come from a very good source, majority of the plants in there came from the back garden, they have doubled in the size they were. As well as gaining some beautiful poppies which I love so much.

As to the flower border next to the grass verge, it is mine. Since I started cutting the grass verge, which I asked permission for, the council no longer pass over it when they pass along to cut other verges in the road. I am very happy about that as I am hoping the ground cover roses spill over onto the grass and join up with each other.

3 Jul, 2014


Wow! Michaella, you have really worked wonders out there, and can I just compliment you on your front looks so welcoming. I may have to steal your idea and have something hanging on mine too! The whole entrance looks magnificent!

3 Jul, 2014


Topsoil brought from a good source. This can be a secret for success. It is not that easy to improve your own soil unless you are an expert. I am trying to improve mine by adding a lot of well rotted manure and even adding some bone meal, but the results are not very satisfactory. To buy topsoil for the whole of the garden can be very expensive. I remember Hywel saying that his garden is thriving because of the topsoil brought from elsewhere.

3 Jul, 2014


Go ahead Karen...Dobbies has a good selection of door furniture, I like the rustic look me :)))

Thank you so much Karen...everything have fallen into place just like I imagined it..and without

3 Jul, 2014


Costas we are in the 'Black Soil' county. Been told it is good for growing in.

3 Jul, 2014


...especially Celery if I'm not mistaken.....;)

3 Jul, 2014


You've transformed it Michaela. You are fortunate to have a bed up against the house wall so you can grow things against it.

3 Jul, 2014


Love all your roses especially the Designer Sunset.
A beautiful garden.

17 Jul, 2014


Thank you everyone for your comments.

Steragram, thank you..I have been wanting a bed there since I moved in ten years ago, and I have finally got it. A dream come true for me :)

23 Jul, 2014


You Mums will be so beautiful. I love your entrance garden, and the sprig of red grass ( can't remember its name). I like the grasses one kind, they don't seem to mix very well. Not to mention, and admire, the roses. I am jealous. We are too cold in Vermont.

7 Mar, 2015

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