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Holiday Countdown - Let the preparation commence !


I have 6 days to get ready for my camping holiday.

More importantly I have 6 days to get my garden ready for the 10 days of neglect.

6 days to train my 18 year daughter, Paige, how to water blooms, fruit and veg. what could possible go wrong ?

I have drawn a map, with watering times for each flower bed. I have stuck labels to different watering cans with watering schedules for the pots, including my beloved dahlias. I have explained the perils of slugs and snails and shown her the bright blue pellets that will help her in the battle.

I have told her she may well have some courgettes ready to eat so pick them and enjoy them.

I have warned her that she will not beat the pigeons to the strawberries so not to even fight them.

I have told her that there will be spiders in the shed but that’s where the hosepipe lives so suck it up cupcake, however scared of spiders you may be will be nothing compared to me on the warpath if you have dehydrated the garden :)

The pondlette needs to have the solar pump switched on every morning (please remember) so we can keep the water fresh for the dwarf water lily and the iris.

Its far to much to ask that she dead heads the day lillies, although a shame. I keep looking at all the buds that will spring open, that I will miss seeing, but she got a fit of the giggles when I asked her to send photos !

Most of all I have told her to enjoy being out there. To make sure that she sits down every day and takes it in. its far to beautiful not to absorb it even if just for a minute. even if its not her thing.

I have told her that training to be a wills and probate lawyer, studying whilst working, and generally dealing with everyday dramas entitles her to take a breather every day.

I’ve told her stop and look about otherwise she miss something really special.

Not just in the garden, but in general.

Failing that I have told her to get in the hot tub with a glass of wine and enjoy the sound of the birds and the bees :)

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You never know, your daughter may catch the gardening bug as well! And you are so right, we all need to sit back, stop and look at what is going on around us.

I was sitting in my garden yesterday evening and two green parrots landed on the one tree we have got. The speed with which they stripped a small branch was unbelievable. I was just sat watching in awe, admiring their effieciency!

Enjoy your camping trip.

13 Jul, 2017


Thank you.

I agree - you never know...but I can hazard a guess ! :)

13 Jul, 2017


Good luck any thing like my youngest daughter 30yrs one spider or cobweb that would be it, same with my grandsons 19 and 25. Yet my other two grandsons 14 and 15 Yorkshire lads it would nt bother them if fact they bought me frogs lol from by the stream by me.. Hope you have a good holiday and safe journey to you.

I have a small water lilys no pump just sat in still water in a large wooden container been in there for years so don't worry about if she forgets the pump.

13 Jul, 2017


Have a good holiday,dont worry too much about your garden,you can soon knock it into shape when you get back,and I bet your daughter will look after it brilliantly.

13 Jul, 2017


Mums - we just can't help worrying about what they'll do (or not do!) You've done all y can - now try to forget all about it and have a great holiday - I hope it doesn't rain!

13 Jul, 2017


Me to....but then a little bit overnight wouldn't go a miss (for home) :)

13 Jul, 2017


The others have said it already.
Stop worrying & enjoy your holiday, you'll be able to put right anything easily when you get back.

14 Jul, 2017


This did make me laugh. I left my daughter in charge only for one day yesterday. She looked after the dogs and made cups of tea for the builders, but I still worried lol. Like the others have said, try not to and just enjoy your holiday.

14 Jul, 2017


Ha Ha. Hope you told her she could bring her boyfriend along to advise!! Better still, why can't she throw a party? Now that would bring you home early.

Seriously, it's quite nerve-racking telling someone else what to do whilst one is away. I suspect our Offspring pray for rain!

14 Jul, 2017


No boyfriends and no parties ! Lol

I'd have kitttens lol !

14 Jul, 2017


That's why I never go away in the summer time - too risky :)
I hope your daughter will take heed of your instructions. You never know, she may enjoy it :)

I hope you have a lovely holiday ...

14 Jul, 2017


Wow Lisam - wild green parrots! Where do you live?

Have fun camping New at this; don't worry too much about the weather on your holiday - some of our best camping holidays involved lots of rain....

15 Jul, 2017


Hi Hollyduff, I live in Kent, UK.

18 Jul, 2017

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