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Bluebell (Californian)


By Mouldy

Bluebell (Californian)

Bought 30 from Tesco.
Most are in my containers with a few chucked in the border.
Is it just me, or does this so NOT look like a bluebell?
Pretty, though.

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From the thumbnail pic I thought it was a Clematis ;)

18 Sep, 2013


It is lovely , Mouldy , but not the kind of bluebell that we know .
It's very delicate .

18 Sep, 2013


Blimey, you're right, Scottish!
Well spotted.
I wasn't paying attention, other than to note it didn't look like what I thought a bluebell should look like. Lol.
It's stronger than it looks, Driad & a welcome flush of pastel colour this late in the year.
I'm glad I included them now!

18 Sep, 2013


Well - it's Californian. And it does look like a clematis flower. Sweet!

18 Sep, 2013


Nice, innit? ;-)

18 Sep, 2013


I also thought it was a Clematis flower from the thumbnail of it on my home page! I thought it was awful small for a Clematis though!

Do you have it's botanical name? I've just done a search on the internet for this & the name 'Californian Bluebell' shows a completely different plant from this one! In fact the results are of a plant I grew from seed last year, both on my balcony & down on the allotment.

I'm leaving you a link so you can have a look yourself. You will then understand why I asked if you had it's botanical (Latin) name!

23 Sep, 2013


Hi Balconey and Happy New Year!
Sorry to take so long in getting back to you.
Technical and health probs.
The name I have for this wee beauty is Triteleia Queen Fabiola.
Sadly, few of them appeared, so fingers crossed for this year.

15 Jan, 2014


Happy (Belated) New wishes to you also, Mouldy! :-))

Hope those heath problems are now in the past & best forgotten, mate.

I did a search for the Triteleia & it certainly looks like a nice plant! Does your plant produce groups of flowers on the top as you only showed one flower.

20 Jan, 2014


I've to go for a CTI scan, mate.
Just waiting for the appointment.
Re: the bluebell, also sub-named as a lily, (from the same family as glads), the flowers do appear at the top, but not so densely packed as glads.
The stem branches into between three and five flowers.

An update: I've trawled through the photos & blogs and can't find the blinking plant on any of them.
I'll have to go through my other memory cards, Balconey and find the photos I took, then I'll post one up.

20 Jan, 2014


Is the scan for your back?

I wonder when Google's technology will admit id via photos? I suppose it would be vastly more difficult than word searches!

20 Jan, 2014


Lol. Talk about having a grey moment.
If I had one more brain cell they'd probably bump into one another and start a fire between my ears!
I've been mixed up between the bluebell and the peacock lily.
To correct myself...single stem with just one flower at the top and it sits up, unlike our's or the Spanish ones.
I've searched all my memory cards and can't find any pics of the entire plant.
I must have deleted any I had, but remember they stood about 18 inches tall, although the flower itself is quite small.
The scan is a full body, Balconey...the sort that takes thousands of photos, in slices, so it can produce an accurate picture.
That should be fun. ;-)
As for Google, I expect it's down to cold hard cash, which they're reluctant to spend.
Facial recognition technology has been around for a good 20-30 yrs now, used by government agencies and police all over the globe.
I'd imagine it an easy matter to adapt it.

20 Jan, 2014


Your little bulbs are Tritelia or, Brodea as I know it Mouldy. These bulbs grow like mad here in Cornwall, in fact you can buy bunches of them for next to nothing on the roadsides in the summer, they make a nice cut flower and grow well in the garden. I haven't been back on GoY for a long while, nice to meet you and hope your probs get sorted.

25 Jan, 2014


Hi Pam!
Your were spot on with the first one...they're Tritelia.
As for my probs, these things are sent to test us. ;-)

25 Jan, 2014

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