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Ok Enough!


By pixi25


Well! I was out having a wander through the garden..the slugs, snails, other things have been attacking most of my pLants (!)
Here are a few pics I took of the wounded ones.
Also some pics of the rose on the secret doorway..Not sure of the name? I love the way it starts off deep peachypink, then opens out lighter and’s one of my best roses.
And Lulu..there’s a pixi in the mirror again! She jsut keeps appearing! lol

Hop Plant



Ground growing rose? Anyone any ideas?

Rick’s Rose

THe sunflowers ..all affected!

Rudbeckia just flowered but looking a bit withered

Heuchera been quite good not many flowers

Agapanthus still growing nicely:)

Nicotiana and Snapdragons down bottom of garden

Close up


Rose over secret door bud..
nice and deep

Opening out slightly now..still pink

Blossoming to light pink

Fully bloomed to almost white

That pixi gets everywhere! ;)

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your poor flowers and plants with them slugs and snails :o( i dont get many thankfully with having hedgehogs and frogs and toads here, all help to keep garden clear, i hate to use pelletts because of the birds.lovely picture of the pixie lol :o))

29 Aug, 2011


You don't think it is that Pixie eating your plants? :o)))

29 Aug, 2011


Lol, maybe she's a sleepwalker Linda :)
I've tried taking my pic in the garden mirror as well Pixi but they keep cracking when I try(??)

29 Aug, 2011


What a meal they've been having wonder you're so fed up with it..You'll have to have a night patrol, catch them in the act...they have a canny knack of hiding in the day... :(((( You have PM Pix
You can buy coated pellets, only tasty for the unwanteds...

29 Aug, 2011


That's not funny Pix, I would either go out at night with a torch to find them or put some beer traps down for them to fall into.... We dont get many here either, I've found the odd snail which goes on a train ride if I catch them.....

29 Aug, 2011


my hosta looks like yours pixi ~ got the same problem here!
a program on tv said to clear all the debris away in spring so basically there is no where for them to hide; also advice was to keep going out to check!!

if you find a solution please let me know.

29 Aug, 2011


I love your rose. My Yellow Rose bush starts off a nice vivid peach, then bright yellow, before turning light yellow as it opens fully.

Roses are so lovely, and the care they need is certainly worth the displays we get.

29 Aug, 2011


That rose is just like one of mine, I love it, unfortunately I don`t know its name either.
My Hosta`s in pots were grand until the last couple of weeks, now they are shredded, I`ve cleared the debris and checked the plants themselves, never found a muncher on either, ironically the one actually in the garden is perfectly alright except its overshadowed by a fern.
You wanna watch that pixi, she`s halfinched your camera..

29 Aug, 2011


Sorry to see the slug damage - shame this happens - a lot of my leaves are yellowing very early - my ligularia now chopped til next spring :)))) The unknown pic looks like cistus - rock rose ?? Does it have a smell especially when wet- my fav scent these are

29 Aug, 2011


You have lots of lovely flowers especially that peach pink rose but I share your despair about the slugs. I have thousands in spit of having frogs too. I have been out today and seen the most enormous, disgusting things. I won't tell you what happened to them but they won't be eating any hostas!

29 Aug, 2011


Ohhh! Cheeky, pretty Pixi! Lol! Maybe it's the Pixi in the mirror who's eating your plants, pet...the Anti-Pixi called Ixip, the plant nibbler! Lol!;0)
Och, but that's awful that they are getting all shredded, Stripes is right, go out at night with a torch and you might find the wee 'sluggers!' and give them a good send off!
I agree with Paul, I think it's a Rock Rose too! Has it got papery wrinkly petals on the flowers like a poppy petal?

29 Aug, 2011


Thanks all! OMG been out teaching tonight and came back to all these nice replies:))))
I use animal friendly pellets no harm to cats or birds or frogs etc :)
Aye it could be the Pixi or Ixip as Libet put it lolol..shes a cheeky one that! Lol Lil!
Am going out armed with torch once I've replied to a few things in here it will be midnight! haha
Well Sticki I cleared debis in Spring, I ve had beer jars down, pellets..cracked eggshells, even a length of copper pipe down the side of the garden and still they come! So I dont know! :(
Thanks Alex..I love my roses..alot were ruined by the wind and rain we've had most of the summer..but this one is a hardy beggar! :)
yes Hosta was beautiful up until 2 weeks ago! Even had flowers on it! It is sad:(
Rockrose yes Paul! Now I remember the tag! lolol It hasnt flowered at all, I got it in B&Q in the sale wasnt looking very it looks good but no sign of flowers..maybe nest year eh? :)))))))))
Thanks if I find any snails or slugs they get tossed over intot he wilderness next door in fatboys jungle!
lol Libet!!! Aye well it may well be!!! SHe who sleepwalks! hah fi I can remeber right on the tag for the Rockrose It hink the flowers looked liek that..will have to wait another year It think..lets all pray for some SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok I'm off out to hunt now...armed with torch and plastic gloves!!!!!!!! Ew I hate those slimy beggars! xx

29 Aug, 2011


Sprigs of Rosemarry around will stop slugs. The remainder of your plants are lovely and make up for the slugs damage.

29 Aug, 2011


Ooh I will try that 6d!
Well I hunted..but found absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!
Where are they???????????
Am going to get some ROsemary tomorrow!:)

29 Aug, 2011


Pitty about the slug damage. I hope they haven't spoiled too many things for you.
Your rose looks like Handel.
Nice to have a pixie in your garden. I wonder if there's one in mine ? ;o)

30 Aug, 2011


My Chooks would love you ladies and gents, show them a snail, and they go crazy, they love them...Since I gave my clumps of day Lilies away, I don't get a quarter of what I used to...but still enough to do damage to Hostas Dahlias etc...and no matter what we do, they will find a way, of climbing up one plant just to drop onto our precious plants...or even up the wall, sometimes you can follow the trail...ongoing battle grrr...

30 Aug, 2011


It is okay Pixi our cistus not flowered too well either this year - I think it must be a strike or something in the garden - lol

30 Aug, 2011


great blog my arty friend..but gardening is so frustrating isnt it..such diligence required and hard work to keep the pesky things away..

im liking Libet's suggestion Ixip indeed..hahaha..plant nibbler extreme..

30 Aug, 2011


Well I had a look for trails this morning and found nothing but one tiny caterpillar on the illegal plant lol so he got chucked over to the jungle next door. Actually maybe thats why they all come back..Karma eh?
But I intend to go out today and clear all debris and look harder!
Handel is it mr Hywel? I should really keep all the tags..I do have some in the shed..but where oh where lol its in a mess at the moment!
Send your chooks over Sue! I would have some but i think the neighbours might complain! lol I know the snails live up in the tree down the bottom of garden and have lots of pellets there..had beer jars too. Might try that again and the rosemary twigs suggested by 6d.
Well Paul when I bought the Cistus it was very unwell..and I was caring so much for it and was looking pretty healthy few weeks ago..just seems to have been the past fortnight everything has been attacked! The hop plant was being attacked for months! Still haven't found anything. I used to find snails and slugs on the path but now..nothing..weird..yes lol the garden has gone on strike! :)))))))))
Yes Guy it ceratinly needs much hard work to keep the garden free from pesky aye the Ixip is a naughty one! ;)))

30 Aug, 2011


Sheds are always in a mess. I can't even get into mine !

30 Aug, 2011


I'm having that problem just now lol! One day it will get a spring clean..oh good not till next year then! lol

30 Aug, 2011


Mine will get done next year aswell I think :D Don't know what I'll find in there lol

30 Aug, 2011


Muhahaha! There might even be pixies in it! lolol

30 Aug, 2011


LOL ! :D

30 Aug, 2011



30 Aug, 2011


Just put up a blog about my finds!

30 Aug, 2011

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