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Would anyone mind checking out my apple tree images?

Currently Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I mistakenly put them on my photos page and not my questions and havent the energy at present to change them over. My poor apple trees are really suffering with a blight they have had since emerging from their seeds this spring seed and would welcome some insights? Do some apples just have 'congenital defects' as my other larger tree (not the eight footer but the other one) seems to have these problems too? THANKS SO MUCH to all you lovely GOY people for your time and trouble!



I'm reluctant to start answering a question by asking another one, but were your seeds from certified virus free stock? If not, it is quite possible that the seeds you planted were carrying Apple Mosaic virus. If so, I'm afraid they will not come to anything worthwhile. I've had a good look at your photos and descriptions and all the symptoms seem to fit.
Some apples do have congenital defects, the most noteworthy being Lord Lambourne, but that's a very deep study.
Its all down to genetics really. Some seeds from the same fruit may have been virus free, and you were just unlucky. Sorry to dispense such cold comfort. It's one of the vagaries of growing fruit from seed.

22 Jun, 2009

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