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what would be the best way to sow collected poppy seed? not much success have heard some seeds have to be keep in dark



Hi Rain, I tend to scatter my poppy seeds asap. Because they do self seed I prefer to put the seed where I might like to see them growing. I have just collected some from a seed head which was showing pin head holes at the top under the cap and when shaken they just fell out. That is an annual. You can keep them and sow early next year where you want them to flower. If it is the large flowered poppies you have I found them incredibly easy to root from root cuttings. That can be done while the plant is dormant and you either scrape away the soil from the roots and cut away a few pieces which you then plant on their side in a flat tray. Within weeks new growth will start to show. Alternatively you can dig up the root and cut pieces from it. I have had no luck with sowing their seeds and since finding the root cutting method I don't keep their seed. I hope this helps.

24 Sep, 2012


poppies need light to germinate so dont bury them. scatter some now where you want them and again in early spring.

24 Sep, 2012


thanks but i just reread what i put i meant to put pansy seeds

24 Sep, 2012


Treat them just the same as advised for poppies, Rain.

24 Sep, 2012


You learn something new every day which is why I love GOY. I did not know that the poppy seeds need light to germinate so it was a good mistake to have made Rain. We have both benefitted. I don't cover my seeds but did not think to question the decision.

24 Sep, 2012


the Flanders poppies grew and flowered 6 weeks after the first assault due to the soil being turned by shell fire.
the cursed hairy bittercress is another one that is stimulated into germination by light too.

25 Sep, 2012


Thanks for that Sbg. I learn so much on here. That hairy bittercress is a real menace once it gets in to the garden but at least it is an annual and is easily pulled out - if you have the time - it breeds like rabbits lol.

25 Sep, 2012


Scotsgran, what great info on taking root cuttings! I've been away for a week and what was the first thing I looked at on my laptop? Yes GOY of course. So glad I did!

28 Sep, 2012


Your welcome Merlin. When we used to open the garden the chairman of our gardening group came along to help prepare plants for sale. He showed me how to do the root cuttings when I mentioned that a lot of people admired our big poppies. I agree a fix of goy is great after a holiday.

29 Sep, 2012

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