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Any solution to destructive badgers?


By Dicky_m

Worcestershire (born Nothumberland), United Kingdom Gb

They are making gardening a misery digging for worms and such like. Would not want to harm them - they are protected anyway. Think they come from the nearbye railway embankment, where they have sets.

Thanks for constructive answers to question about DATURA STAMONIUM, seems it can be a nasty piece of work.



You got badgers, i got foxes!! oh how lucky we are...NOT lol

18 Sep, 2009


there is not a lot you can do about brock, except spending time making them uncumfortable when they are in your garden make a noise bang something, do not chase them off or you might get chased yourself, dont set the dog on them ,they 'can'' fight,

19 Sep, 2009

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