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all i would like to know is should i prune my fushias soon , as they have almost finished flowering. if i bring them in for the winter should i leave them to dry out or should i water them ?



Hi I think it's better to prune in the spring, when I bring mine in I strip the leaves off and repot the plants.If they are hardy leave them outside with the foliage left on to protect the plant.Hope that makes sense.

17 Oct, 2009


Hi there Shellayla..if you bring your fuchsias inside the house - you should just strip of the leaves and old flowers - I wouldn't prune them hard now - you can do that next season...and then just keep them "ticking over " waterwise - don't over do it or they will try coming back to life too soon! If you have a relatively frost free shed or greenhouse....what I do is to make a trench (or a big box full of old compost would do) and bury the WHOLE plant once stripped of leaves...either in their pots or - if I can be bothered I take them out!! It sounds a bit daft - but it works fine! The get dug up again in Feb or even March up here in Scotland and they have lovely little pink "buds" all along their otherwise bare twigs - all ready to start a new season!! Then I prune them into shape and off we go again!! Good luck!!

17 Oct, 2009

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