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Does anyone know what this bird is???? We have looked through our bird books and cannot find it.




Those look to me like juvenile Starlings Boopcoltz. Was the photo taken in the summer? They probably hatched as chicks in the spring. By the autumn they will have grown a much darker, blacker plumage, like you ordinarily see on Starlings. They look like they are having a bit of a scavange for crumbs.

12 Jan, 2010


I agree Jonathan....starlings.....

12 Jan, 2010


I agree too, they are juvenile starlings. they have a dull brown plumage that becomes the bejewelled one in late spring/early summer.

12 Jan, 2010


Yup juvenile starlings... Keep them off tables where food is or they can spread disease.

12 Jan, 2010


Is this photo taken in the UK?

12 Jan, 2010


That looks like a bay in Dorset to me.

12 Jan, 2010


definitely young starlings

2 Feb, 2010


I was looking at the RSPB February 2010 issue.

There is a list of common Birds one being a Starling, it shows
it being black/Dark grey with a yellow beak quite small.

I thought these were Starlings as soon as I see the photo.

Moon Grower told us they were juvenile Starlings. Do they change as they
get older?

I am sure everybody is right, makes you wonder though!!!

Freesiaperson x.

3 Feb, 2010


Sorry Jonathanhales you did describe to us in detail what Starlings look
like as they get older..I must concentrate, feel like a Scatterbrain!!!

Freesiaperson x

3 Feb, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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