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Dahlia problem!!!!
After splitting all Dahlias in the winter I now have a great show but very small blooms. I chopped off all the first buds , to increase the quality of the blooms but I now have a great show of over 100 2/3 inch blooms, what should I be telling my Dahlias to do???



tell them to stop being silly. seriously though wre you expecting large blooms? I seem to remember that you remove smaller buds leaving one larger bud per stem. I think by chopping the first ones off the plant has 'panicked' into thinking no flowers and so has put all its energies into making lots of little ones.

personally I'd just enjoy the display for this year.

26 Jul, 2013


Depends on the variety as to size of bloom. Then size of bloom is determined by the number of laterals ( the flowering stems) you allow to grow on each plant.
To get the laterals you stop the plant by pinching out the growing point when you have at least 4 or 5 pairs of leaves.
From each leaf axil your lateral will develop if you are lucky. So if you get 10 and let them all flower, you will have smaller blooms than if you let 6 flower.
If you only have say 4 laterals develop then you do what is known as a double stop by pinching out the laterals at the 3rd leaf stage. Those then produce plenty of flowering stems to choose from a little later.
This method is used by exhibition growers.

12 Aug, 2013


Scrumygraham,absolute great info, the wife was condenming all my Dahlias as they have only produced these small heads, you have saved their execution. It is only their third year and I am sure they will last longer than that. I have approx 50 corms in large troughs right along our decking all facing due south, ideal condiotions. I am now going to read more of your blogs,many many thanks.

12 Aug, 2013

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