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I have a herb pot in my garden containing Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary. The thyme has sadly gone to the garden in the sky.....should I pull it up at the root or just cut it right back in the hope that it might re-grow?



Yes, it may regrow. I find that it doesn't like a wet heavy clay soil.What type have you got? I can't grow them either!! The parsley will eventually flower so make sure that you have some younger plants ready to replace it with. Give the Rosemary a little trim in spring or pick lots to cook with. I also use the individual blue flowers in salads. They give a delicate rosemary flavour and great colour to a salad.

22 Feb, 2010


Ok I don't feel like a total herbie failure in that case! The soil that we've used isn't heavy or clay like at all, however, I think it may have had a fair amount of rain... particularly with all the rain we have had lately!

Thanks for the tips re the rosemary flowers, I would never have thought to use them. Do you grow chillies at all? if so, what is your experience of growing them?

Thanks, GFS

22 Feb, 2010


You mention that you have one pot with both parsley and thyme in it. The parsley in my garden likes quite a rich diet, whilst the thyme likes it dry and rosemary doesnt seem to care - my thyme always died until I put it in an old stone sink with a mixture of grit and garden soil in it. It never gets watered (apart from the endless rain) and now seems happy.

22 Feb, 2010


Here, I regard parsley as an annual, and replace every year. Rosemary and thyme seem to gorw far better in gritty, drier soil (gravel/mediterrranean-type) situations. Your thyme may well send out new leaf growth later, so would wait and see.

GFS - look at the chiili pepper page on Goypedia for lots of info. I have grown chillis for several years now, and wouldn't be without. You need to be sowing seeds now and, with some care, you will still be harvesting chillis next January, if not for a few years, if over-wintered indoors.

22 Feb, 2010


great thanks David, I'll definitely look into that.

25 Feb, 2010

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