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How do I get rid of ivy which has totally taken over my garden...... please can you help? thank you



Just ask her to go ;o)

3 Jan, 2014


there isn't an easy way as most sprays will just run off the very waxy leaf surface.
In the past I've done it by pulling it out by hand. the long strands pull back to the rooted sections then its just a case of digging the root stocks out. you will find lots of creepy crawlies in among it and the local birds will keep you company. I have 2 robins that flit about my feet when I do anything like this.
once its cleared, its a case of keeping on top of self sown seedlings and taking them out when ever you see them.
If you clear back to thick woody parts then you can either try and dig that out or resort to stump& root killer. you buy this from the garden centre and it will kill the roots if you apply it according to the instructions.

post Christmas its a good work out :o) remember to warm up your muscles first.

3 Jan, 2014


Its bad news - as the others say, the only way is to pull off the long bits and then dig out the roots. A word of warning - if you load the stems into the car to take to the tip take them straight away - I once left a carful for several days and it was weeks before the stink went!
It can be quite an adventure - we found an old barrow and a rotary clothesline under ours! Good luck, be patient, it will come done eventually. I would clear one area properly rather than all of it a bit for starters as its such a boost when you have enough ground to plant something in!

3 Jan, 2014

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