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Can you please identify this climber. It flowers all year round. Hope you can help. Lesley

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It's Abutilon megapotamicum. You must live somewhere warmer for it to flower year round, or you have it in a very sheltered, sunny spot because it usually stops in the winter.

16 Aug, 2014


Bamboo - when we had mild winters (about ten years ago), mine flowered non stop for three years.

16 Aug, 2014


Yes, but because of the way you've planted your garden, Andrew, you know as well as I do you've done a good job in creating micro climates. That said, there's one up in Ealing in a sheltered spot that always seems to be flowering too.

17 Aug, 2014


Thank you. It is actually a someone in the art class. She tells me it flowers continuously and I wanted to know what it is. It is growing in a very sheltered position. How can I take cuttings?

17 Aug, 2014


Semi ripe cuttings around now.

17 Aug, 2014

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