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Nasturtium and flies (not aphids)


By Nicola

North Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

I wonder if anyone can help me - I filled all spare space in my garden with nasturtiums this year. The problem is, the climbing variety is attracting hundreds of what look like bluebottles. I've had to pull up the plants near the house for obvious reasons and I think I'll have to pull up the rest. I've searched on the internet and I can only find mention of blackfly - I do have lots of blackfly on the nasturtiums, but I was expecting this. I certainly wasn't expecting the swarms of big flies though. Has anyone come across this before?



Have you done anything to the soil - like adding manure or something? Nasturtiums don't usually attract big flies, only, as you say, blackfly.

31 Jul, 2008


i added manure about three months ago - do you think that could be it? the thing is, i added manure to much of the garden (well rotted manure) and the natsurtiums are the only ones suffering. the bigger flies appear to be feasting on the blackfly. it's pretty gross to be honest.

31 Jul, 2008


oh, and the ones i pulled up (an entire trellis worth, which is still attached to the trellis at the bottom of the garden because i couldn't face touching it any more - the flies are still buzzing all round it, and it's not in soil anymore.

31 Jul, 2008


Betcha that's the answer! Sorry - I don't know what you can do, it's obviously not the Nasturtiums, it's the manure!

31 Jul, 2008


oh poop! (pun intended)
i don't imagine there's anything i can do, you live and learn i suppose!
thank you for getting back to me, it's much appreciated.

31 Jul, 2008


Hi Nicola.

I have big flies gathering on my nasturtiums to. They are planted in pots in potting compost and have been fly free all summer. As it's the end of the season the plants are now starting to die off.

Inoticed a few days ago that lots of big flies seem to be now living on them (there also seems to be a lot more blackfly on them too!). I have no idea why??


21 Aug, 2009


Hi Sophie

Very strange isn't it? I reduced the number of nasturtiums this year and so far (apart from the usual aphids / blackfly) I haven't had this problem again. I never found out why it happened although I think it could have been something to do with the manure but i manured the whole garden and they were literally swarming for the nasturtiums. Hope you get rid of them!


21 Aug, 2009

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