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ID please. I grabbed a seed head from the crematorium where Steve's ashes are scattered, and this plant is the result. I thought the seeds I had were Lavender, but my gardening friend says it's not lavender!

Img_0163 Plant Img_0166



Looks more like a wild red Campion, which are lovely anyway. Try searching google for 'red campion seed heads' and see if they look like the ones you planted.

27 Mar, 2020


Many thanks Honey, I will.

Oh dear - not that I’m afraid. I’ll take another pic once it’s flowered.

27 Mar, 2020


Its very early in the year for campion to be flowering. It grows wild in profusion here and no sign of flowers yet. Did you raise it under cover?

27 Mar, 2020


Yes Sue, it’s been in the greenhouse all winter. Now showing signs of being a pink flower. Thanks for joining in 🙂 .

27 Mar, 2020


It looks a bit Campanula-ish!

27 Mar, 2020


Thanks Cammomile but I don’t think so. It’s a maddening mystery . . . where’s Bamboo when you need her?!

27 Mar, 2020


wild Red Campion has a furryish leaf but it does look like a campion of some sort.

28 Mar, 2020

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