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By Aina

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a small vegetable plot at the end of my long garden.
It now is not big enough to accommodate the amount of veg that I need to grow.
I am thinking of extending the plot forwards on one side into the main garden. But at the moment I have an old fence in way and the main problem a load of briars. I have sprayed these twicw now and removed the dead plants. But despite this they keep on returning.
Please can anyon suggest a way of getting rid of them for good as veg and briars don't mix.



If you are spraying with a weedkiller bought from a GC, then you are less likely to kill them. It would be quicker and much cheaper to dig them out, also digging over the soil as you go. From now on, would be a great time to start on them as they are not in such an active mode of growth.

14 Nov, 2010


Definitely digging them out is the way to go if you want to grow veg there afterwards.

14 Nov, 2010


I find that the roots get shorter ever time you dig them out. You get out as much as possible of a massive "crown" of roots. The left-behind bits regrow, but have had to use up some of the root tissue left in the soil to make a new growing point and leaves, so are shorter and more possible to pull out. Just go over the ex-bramble patch every week or two for a few months, pulling out any attempts to grow again from the brambles. Mind you, you'll still have to keep an eye open for bramble seedings, but if you get them when an inch high, they're easy!

14 Nov, 2010


you could cut them right down if your not in a hurry and get that weed barrier membrane and cut out the light to the plant bye covering it completly if you dont have much elbow grease .you will be able to reuse the membrane afterwoulds know doubt and as moon grower so rightly said it allows the soil to do well while killing the weeds / plants you dont want .

14 Nov, 2010


Digging then out a bit at a time may take a while but it's still quicker than spraying. If you just get the main roots out you'll be able to start growing next year. Any further growth can either be pulled out or sprayed. Good for you for growing more veg.

14 Nov, 2010


Just a thought, If you really can't get the roots out, a membrain and raised beds on top of it will get you started and smother the brambles at the same time. Problem is you'll need soil for the raised beds.

14 Nov, 2010


and in time any burried will still come through!
so dig , dig and dig again. no real short cut sorry.

14 Nov, 2010


the membrane will stop it photosynthesizing seaburn

14 Nov, 2010

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