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By Louvane

United Kingdom

My Acer leaves were so dry and crisp and the stem was turning colour and looked as if it were going to die that I pruned back the whole tope half that was affected. Prob not a good idea. I am left with a top which is leafless and a bushy bottom half. Do you think it will come back next year.

On plant Acer Palmatum Tree



Hi Louvane - pity you pruned it a bit soon, but never mind! Yes, I am sure it will send out new shoots for you. Just watch out for heavy frosts - they don't like it! Have some fleece available in case. Obviously it won't have the same shape but give it time! I have heard about several other Acers doing strange things this year - including mine, which has lost most of the top leaves already.

6 Sep, 2008


It should come back. I had one which got badly damaged by drought and sun, and in fact a main branch did die. I moved it to a sheltered spot and waited till the next Spring. Then I cut out the dead wood. The rest has made a wonderful recovery and has grown to a new but very pleasing shape.

6 Sep, 2008


Hi guys, I too have an acer beni mako which is dying back, was about to pull it up but with your comments, I will leave it to overwinter to see what happens Bit concerned though, looked like signs of drought, ha ha, what drought?

6 Sep, 2008

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