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Acer leaves are going brown and dying


By Raylin

United Kingdom

the leaves on my acer are going brown and dying off, is there anything I can do with it,
thank you

On plant Acer palmatum



It could be wind burn or sun burn. It may help it to move it to a more shady or protected spot in the late Autumn, and wait to see whether it buds in the Spring. They like a slightly acidic soil. I moved mine to a position near a pine tree where pine needles had fallen for a long time and they are doing much better in this position. Water on the leaves followed by sun will also cause the leaves to burn and wither.

6 Sep, 2008


So many people are having problems with Acers this year - including me! It's just another effect of this dreadful weather, I'm sure.

6 Sep, 2008


i pruned my golden acer to early now leaves have gone very dark brown it is a mature tree and would hate to loose it can you help

26 Oct, 2009

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