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Green tomatoes


By rohima


I am not writing about gardening in general. Can any one help me. I want to make green tomatoe chutney but am unable to find any green tomatoes in the shops. I live in Birmingham. I would be very graitfull if any one can tell me where i can get them from. Have tried google but hasn’t been of any help.

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the only thing i can sugest is to grow your own and pick them when big enough,2 or 3 plants should be enough.

14 Aug, 2010


if you have a gardening club locally ( you could try google) someone may help---

14 Aug, 2010


do you know anyone that grows toms,? at the end of the season they might give you some.

14 Aug, 2010


Have tried growing my own but this year didn't have a green house so they didn't do too well. We do have a local gardening club so thats a good thought.Thank you every one for the speedy response and advice.

14 Aug, 2010


Do you have a Farmer's Market? There's two of them here in Huntsville. Are you a part of any group with a bulletin board, like a break room at work, or church?

14 Aug, 2010


You could try planting tomatoes deliberately late - my thoughts go back to the summer of '76 when there was a very long hot summer and salads were the main dish, following which I washed the dishes, waited until the washing-up water was cold, then threw it over the garden. To my surprise I found tomato plants growing amongst the roses later in the year - far too late for the tomatoes to ripen, so made POUNDS of Green Tomato Chutney which lasted for years! :o)

15 Aug, 2010


Just to let you all know that i managed to obtain some green tomatoes from a couple who have an allotment up in Derbyshire. Spent Sunday morning making the chutney. Won't last for years tho, as will be giving some to my two daughters and other relatives. Thats the best part of it really-the sharing.

25 Aug, 2010


try growing some in pots outside next year -- if we have our usuall summer you'll have as many as you need !!!

26 Aug, 2010

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