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Workng weather.


By rohima


After a whole week of cold wet & mserable weather the sun was out today and just warm enough to work comfortably. I managed to pot up most of my over wintered plants ie, geraniums, begonias,fuschias and dhalias.I used up a whole 60Ltr bag of multi purpose plus the same size bag full of my own compost mixed together. I now have to find space on the patio for all the pots (some will go to my daughter) Found a vie weavil crawling on the outer side of one of the plants so after planting i gave them all a good drenching of Bravado vine weavil killer.Had to drag myself out of the garden at 5pm as it was getting cold again.Any other sort of work would leave me tired and worn out but not gardening. If anything it gives me a buzz and works like a tonic. I would love to put some pictures up but sadly as yet i don’t know how to. Will ask my dtr in law or son to give me some lessons soon, then will be able to do so.

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I t seems you worked really hard everything you needed to do
done, there is always more to do, a gardener`s work is never done LOL
I have been out in the garden today...i have planted up 2 containers of bedding
plants, still have quite a few plants to get in before Summer....i have noticed
using quite a lot of compost today, i used 2 large bags, as i still waiting for
my own compost, to use when it is ready...Waiting to see your pics
when you manage to put them on...: ~)))

9 May, 2010


The weather seemed much better today than it's been for a while now.
I hope you learn how to put photos on soon. It will be interesting to see your garden.

9 May, 2010


Just been informed by my son that the camera isn't working and that he is going to buy a new one. As soon as he does.....:~)))

10 May, 2010

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