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New project!


In the front garden there is a big cherry tree with a large border surrounding it, but unfortunately everything is growing in it, brambles popping up everywhere!
The large Anemones have taken over and were literally " marching" into the roses in the gravel area.
As some of you know, I can’t do as much as I used to due to the polymialgia.
We also have a long hedge down the side of the house and have a corner plot. So we got our hedge man to cut the hedge and then he came back to dig this cherry tree border up and hopefully has managed to get everything up!
When I looked at the empty plot which was probably in October, I thought how nice it would be to have lots of bulbs there.
The border has been covered in cut tree branches which the last person who lived here did, so making it very difficult to get into the border.
I will worry about that at a later date! Maybe buy pots of spring bulbs and plant them then!
You can see how far in the Anemones are and pretty as they are, they had to go!

Quite a while after this, the huge grass in the centre of the gravel area was just too big!
So this had to go!
A long time ago I went to an RHS show and saw the Canary Bird weeping standard rose and fell in love with it.
Chatting to my hubby one day about it, he said ..well why don’t you send for it! So I did! And it arrived as a healthy 6 foot bare rooted rose.
Now the gravel area is clear, this is where it is going to go!
I got the ground and hole ready for planting over a couple of days and today managed to plant it!
Yes Steragram..I was being careful! Haha!
I know all you will see is the bare stems, but next Spring it should look amazing and is in between three other roses.

It started as a dream of mine and now it is in our garden!
Roll on the spring!

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Rose, your happiness at the changes made in the front garden just shines through! Well done on the hard graft too . . . :o)

1 Dec, 2021


That was a big job (well done) and the "Canary Bird" weeping rose will look beautiful in that spot.

1 Dec, 2021


Great job, well done Rose! I can hear the excitement in your blog. Your canary bird rose will look beautiful in bloom with the other roses by its sideā€¦

1 Dec, 2021


Haha Rose, very glad to hear you were careful! I see what you mean about the big grass! You did very well to get that out, all things considered. You now have something to get really creative and excited about.

1 Dec, 2021


That's going to be a really special area,Rose..I'll look forward to seeing the Canary bird.

2 Dec, 2021


Oh thank you Shirley! I am excited and something to look forward to in the spring!
Thank you Klahanie. It was a big job but just did a bit at a time!
Thanks Kate ! It doesn't take much for me to get excited! lol
But I never thought I would be able to get this rose! When we lived in Willow Cottage, we used to walk in to town ( when Rick was fit) and see one in a front garden and was always in my mind to get one some day!
Thank you Julia ! I can't wait to see it too!

2 Dec, 2021


A great space to replant to your taste. Canary bird is a pretty rose.

2 Dec, 2021


Well done Rose, you are going to have a wonderful display next year,and now that huge grass has gone etc,you will be able to walk all around it ,without getting attacked by Brambles !
You won't regret doing all the hard work,as it will make it so much easier for you now.Keep us posted as to it's progress,if you decide to add some spring planting or pots in that area .now try and sit back and relax,for a change ! Lol.xx

2 Dec, 2021


When things try to take over it's just as well to get rid of them before they get any worse. I can see how it's going to look lovely in the spring Rose.

2 Dec, 2021


Thank you Ange! Looking forward to that next year!
Thanks Sandra! I also used to get tangled up in that grass!
I had sent for some woodland seeds but haven't got round to doing those yet!
Thanks Hywel! Roll on the spring!

3 Dec, 2021


You are proof Rose that dreams do come true. I am really looking forward to the first flowers on your new rose as I know how much pleasure they will give you.
You did well to get it planted and the whole area will look really lovely in the spring.

3 Dec, 2021


Thanks Chris! I can't wait for the spring now!

4 Dec, 2021

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